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Safety program management and loss prevention strategies. Side effects of downsizing and reengineering on safety programs. Sample safety policy statements. Tips on the use of safety incentives. Risk management aids.

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10 Steps for a Better Safety Program [19292] ?

A few simple tips that may help assist you in making your program work more efficiently

10 Ways to Get Into Trouble with OSHA [24753] ?

The best ways for companies to create problems for themselves with OSHA

A Supervisor's Guide to Safety Records [18774] ?

What should be documented

Adolescent and Teenager Safety and Health [5346] ?

Preventing deaths and injuries of adolescent workers

Aviation Safety Manager Functional Area Qualification Standard [pdf] [32316] ?

Establishes common functional area competency requirements for aviation safety managers

Aviation Safety Officer Functional Area Qualification Standard [pdf] [32315] ?

Establishes common functional area competency requirements for aviation safety officers

Business Case for Process Safety [pdf] [27090] ?

The benefits

Business Value of Industrial Hygiene [pdf] [39523] ?

Methods and findings from a 2008 study

Business Value of Industrial Hygiene - Case Studies [39524] ?

Making the business case for the value of industrial hygiene operations

Canadian Incident Analysis Framework [40085] ?

Goal is to create a safer healthcare system

Construction Safety Management Guide [39831] ?

For US DOE construction projects

Continual Improvement of Safety [26507] ?

A series of articles that promotes improving the underlying causes in the system that create the accidents

Core Principles of Hazard Control [22256] ?

The cardinal rules of hazard control

Cost Allocation Methods for WC [pdf] [26824] ?

A cost allocation methodology for workers compensation

Updated Costs of Accidents [20391] ?

A quick way to estimate the annual cost of accidents in your workplace

Creating a Culture of Safety [26829] ?

What it is and how to create it

Employer Guide to Hiring a Safety Professional [pdf] [40517] ?

To manage safety and health risks in your organization

Enterprise Safety Management [35399] ?

A framework for achieving an injury-free workplace

Enterprise Safety Management Framework [35400] ?

A framework for achieving an injury-free workplace

Environmental Management [24964] ?

Series of articles related to workplace environmental performance

ESH Cost Model Development Report [pdf] [13322] ?

Semiconductor industry project to develop a financial model for ESH activities

Hidden Cost of Accidents - Factors to Consider [pdf] [38838] ?

Determine the additional sales needed to pay just the hidden costs of an accident

Hidden Costs of Accidents [16103] ?

Explanation of the iceberg theory

Updated Hidden Costs of an Injury or Incident [25313] ?

Hidden costs of an injury or incident can amount to multiple times the sum of the hard dollar figure

How to Establish a Safety Program [23889] ?

Materials for safety programs

How to Evaluate Safety and Health Changes in the Workplace [27926] ?

Steps for evaluating if the changes made to improve safety in the workplace really worked

Identifying Workplace Hazards [24771] ?

Hazard identification is a process requiring continued review

Updated Incident Rate Calculator [39972] ?

A metric used to compare your company’s safety performance against a national or state average

Inspections and Task Hazard Analysis [23987] ?

The principles of hazard control inspections and task hazard analysis

Lack of Safety Strategy [24766] ?

Is your company paying the high price of Lack of Safety Strategy (L.O.S.S.)?

Liberty Mutual Data on Workplace Safety [20475] ?

An article describes the results of Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index

Loss Control Coordinator Duties [pdf] [26820] ?

A position description for the person whose job is to administer a safety or loss control program

Management of a Health & Safety Program [16729] ?

Series of articles related to safety management and risk management

Management: Back to Basics [24760] ?

The emphasis for safety management should be to implement a holistic, integrated approach

Management: Safety in the Customer-Economy [24763] ?

The Equation for Success

Managing the Safety Message [27124] ?

Is management setting a good example?

Managing Workplace Safety and Health [27952] ?

Tutorial on safety management

Occupational Exposure Assessment [pdf] [26491] ?

Example of a workplace exposure assessment policy

Occupational Safety Functional Area Qualification Standard [pdf] [32314] ?

Establishes common functional area competency requirements for occupational safety personnel

OSHA Complaints [8196] ?

How to file OSHA complaints

Updated OSHA's Recordkeeping Rule: What's First Aid? [pdf] [2727] ?

First aid cases do not need to be reported

Outline of a Model Safety Program [pdf] [26821] ?

Can also be used as a checklist of a model safety program

Protecting Vulnerable Workers [24765] ?

Vulnerable workers young workers, older workers, women and immigrants are at higher risk of injury

Safe Jobs Now [2894] ?

An AFSCME Guide to Health and Safety in the Workplace - 13 chapters

Updated Safety & Health Management Recommended Practices [17434] ?

Guidance information for developing a comprehensive safety and health program

Safety & the Changing Organization of Work [27930] ?

Downsizing, restructuring, dependence on temporary workers have implications for safety and health on the job

Safety Audits - Basics [40095] ?

Types of safety audits

Safety Fundamentals for Supervisors Quiz [23621] ?

Example of a quiz used to test supervisor safety knowledge

Safety Glossary [26994] ?

Safety acronyms/terms commonly used in the USA

Safety Management [24978] ?

A series of articles of interest to safety directors

Safety Management Constraints [27126] ?

Tight budgets have safety managers fighting for resources

Updated Safety Management Insights [37757] ?

Articles and ideas for safety managers

Safety Management Tips and Techniques [26823] ?

For management

Safety Metrics [40521] ?

A discussion on the topic

Updated Sample JHA for Healthcare and Manufacturing [10156] ?

Example of a sample job hazard analysis process

SHARP - Safety & Health Assessment & Research for Prevention [15845] ?

SHARP from the state of Washington develops and analyzes data for injury and illness prevention

Small Business Safety Guidance [33866] ?

Articles outline steps to a safer workplace

Stop Work - Imminent Danger Procedures [pdf] [19405] ?

A policy & process to stop work to mitigate imminent danger to personnel, equipment or environment

The Cost of Safety [24406] ?

How to calculate the costs

Tools for Health & Safety Program Development [24522] ?

Designed for safety managers and safety coordinators

True Cost of Accidents [23884] ?

Guidance on how much additional revenue you need to cover the hidden costs of accidents

Understanding ANSI, ASTM, FM, NFPA, SEI and UL [3142] ?

Fact sheet gives brief overview, addresses and phone numbers of each standards organization

Updated Whistleblower - Oregon [3463] ?

This training program covers the whistleblower rights covered in the Oregon S​afe Employment Act

Women's Safety & Health Issues at Work [1818] ?

Fact sheet on the hazards faced by working women

Women's Safety and Health Issues at Work [15610] ?

The occupational safety and health needs of working women

Women's Work-Related Safety and Health Issues [14869] ?

Advice about women in the workplace and the hazards they face

Workplace Safety Job Descriptions [26554] ?

Sample job descriptions for a workplace safety coordinator and for a safety committee

Zero Accidents Does Not Equal Safety Excellence [35591] ?

Zero accidents does not mean perfect safety

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Role of management in ergonomics, cost of injuries, cost/benefits, etc.

Health / Wellness Programs
Workplace health promotion and wellness programs

Human Resources / Policies
Ready-to-use sample letters, contracts, forms, policies, checklists

Legal / Litigation
Legal case mgt, use of computer-generated evidence, attorney-client priviledge

Managed Care / Library
Managed care overviews, studies, and technical resources

Medicine / First Aid
Full text of first aid manuals and handouts

Medicine / Occupational Medicine
Large number of reference materials on occupational medicine

OSHA / Software
OSHA software to download

Risk Mgt / Management
Concepts, issues, principles, and theories of risk management

Safety Mgt / Statistics
Large variety of reports and datasets on workplace safety

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