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Daily headlines and weekly news articles of interest to safety and health professionals.

7 Resources
ASTM International News Releases [11422] ?

American Society for Testing & Material's latest news on ASTM standards

Ergonomics Today [7937] ?

News stories focus on ergonomics

ISEA News [11420] ?

Industrial Safety Equipment Association latest news on ANSI standards

ISHN: Workplace Safety and Health Editorial Comments [693] ?

For safety and health professionals

NFPA Press Room [11421] ?

National Fire Protection Association's latest news on NFPA standards

NIOSH eNews [27684] ?

The monthly newsletter of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

OSHA News [10452] ?

Timely descriptions of significant developments at OSHA

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Disasters / Alerts
National Weather Service warnings, seismic events and more

Disasters / FEMA Updates
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) alerts, news releases, etc.

Environment / EPA Updates
What's new at EPA divisions and offices

Health / DHHS Updates
What's new at the US Department of Health & Human Services and its agencies

Organizations / Safety
Associations, non-profits, institutes concerned with workplace safety

OSHA / OSHA Updates
OSHA pages for what's new, federal register notices, news releases, etc.

Publications / Safety
Periodicals and publications related to occupational safety

Safety Mgt / Alerts
Safety and health hazard alerts

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