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Board of Certified Safety Professionals. Board of Hazard Control Management. Calendars of North American and international seminars, conferences, symposiums and training sessions on occupational safety and health.

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Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals [32846] ?

Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) designation - provides details regarding certification

AIHce Conference & Exposition [11432] ?

AIHce details

ASNT Certification [19283] ?

American Society for Nondestructive Testing certification information

ASSE Professional Develpment [757] ?

Education events that satisfy the criteria and guidelines established by the IACET

ASSE Seminars & Symposiums [2270] ?

ASSE sponsored seminars and symposiums for the occupational safety and health profession

BCSP - Board of Certified Safety Professionals - Recertification [14805] ?

Re-certification for CSP, ASP, etc

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering: CHSC Designation [16920] ?

Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) designation for Canadian safety professionals

CEM Certified Emergency Manager Program [36440] ?

CEM and AEM certification through the International Association of Emergency Managers

Certified Environmental, Safety and Health Training Board of Certification [32850] ?

Issues the Certified Environmental, Safety & Health Trainer (CET) designation to qualified EHS professionals

Updated Certified Professional Safety and Health Auditor [32847] ?

For environmental health and safety compliance auditors

Certified Utility Safety Professional Certification [13311] ?

CUSP - Certification for safety professionals employed by utilities

Updated CPEA - Certified Professional Environmental Auditor [32849] ?

For environmental compliance auditors

CSP, ASP and Specialty Certifications [15687] ?

Certified Safety Professional requirements

ERCs - Education and Research Centers for Occupational Safety and Health [32815] ?

NIOSH supports academic degree programs and research training opportunities

Fire Officer Certificate Program [36441] ?

From the MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute

Industrial Hygiene and Safety Seminars [5911] ?

List of seminars sorted by date

Institute of Hazardous Materials Management [36557] ?

Certifies the management of hazardous materials - CHMM, CHNP, HMMT

ISHM Certifications [4411] ?

Certification requirements - CSHM, ASHM, CSMP

Master of Science in Occupational Safety [2564] ?

East Carolina University School of Industry and Technology Occupational Safety Graduate Program

NASP Certification Programs [25905] ?

NASP offers professional safety certifications and topical safety certifications

National Safety Council Safety Training Programs [36438] ?

Advanced Safety Certificate, Certificate in Principles of Safety, Certificate in OSHA Compliance, etc

National Safety Council Training [2271] ?

National Safety Council sponsored seminars and courses and OSH Safety Training Institute

NEHA Credentialing & Certification [13261] ?

National Environmental Health Association - 8 nationally recognized credentials

NIOSH Training Programs [12702] ?

NIOSH supports a number of short-term training programs for professionals

Safety Conferences, Training Sessions [5748] ?

Worldwide calendar of occupational safety and health conferences

Safety Meetings, Conferences and Symposia [2183] ?

Information on occupational safety and health conferences in the US and worldwide

Safety Training Seminars [14876] ?

Calendar of training seminars in the USA

Upcoming Events - Safety & Health Conferences [13459] ?

Listing of seminars and conferences on safety & health in the USA

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Disasters / Education
Certification bodies, seminars & conferences for professionals

Disasters / Evacuations
Guidelines on emergency evacuation programs, fire drills, etc.

Disasters / Training
Training materials on the topic of emergency and disaster preparedness

Environment / Training
Online EPA training modules, RCRA, Superfund, EPCRA

Ergonomics / Education
Ergonomics related training sessions and tutorials

Industrial Hygiene / Education
Seminars, certification requirements and continuing education resources

Medicine / Education
Seminars, online CME's, etc. for medical professionals - doctors, nurses

Property / Education
Conferences, courses related to fire safety, facilities management, etc.

Safety Mgt / Training
Guidance on safety training presentations, training requirements, etc.

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