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DOE, EPA, NIOSH & OSHA safety & health databases. Safety & health documents from the State of NewJersey. Archives of safety educational materials. Technical safety standards and resources. Documents, research studies, reports and data on highway safety.

17 Resources
Australia OHS Guidance Material [18597] ?

Guidance documents from national OHS entities in Australia

CAL-OSHA Publications [15076] ?

Fact Sheets and Tailgate Topics and Other Documents

CDC Topics [22521] ?

CDC guidelines for the prevention and control of disease, injuries, and disabilities

Construction Occupational Safety & Health [15660] ?

Training materials, checklists, lessons learned and much more on construction safety

DOE Information Bridge [447] ?

Access to DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information databases

Naval Safety and Health Technical Information Center [2784] ?

Collection of safety and occupational health related plans, reports, guides & technical reference

NIOSH A to Z [16561] ?

NIOSH studies and recommendations regarding worker hazards

NIOSH Criteria Documents [996] ?

Documents that provide the basis for OSHA & MSHA standards

NIOSH Current Intelligence Bulletins [9259] ?

NIOSH evaluations on new & emerging information on occupational hazards

NIOSH Databases [200] ?

A variety of safety and health databases available from NIOSH

NIOSH Publications [4436] ?

Index to various NIOSH safety and health subjects

NIOSH Topic Index [14856] ?

Alphabetical listing of topics available on the NIOSH site

Updated NIOSHTIC-2 [23916] ?

The NIOSH Resource Database

Occupational Health & Safety Magazine Archives [14877] ?

Use search engine to find articles

OSHA Alphabetic Site Index [593] ?

OSHA technical information, standards, training, publications, etc.

Technical Medical Technical Guides and Fact Sheets [5896] ?

Hundreds of fact sheets, technical bulletins and guides related to occupational health

United Kingdom: Hazards at Work [9718] ?

Extensive series of safety fact sheets, guidelines, bulletins related to occupational work hazards

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Chemicals / Databases
Online access to an extensive number of databases on chemicals

Chemicals / MSDS
Databases of Material Safety Data Sheets

Environment / Databases
Over 40 EPA environmental databases

OSHA / Manuals
Full text of OSHA technical manuals

Safety Mgt / Bulletins
Safety bulletins & tool box talks for workplace, home, personal & off-the-job

Safety Mgt / Safety Programs
Full text of over 30 workplace safety and health programs & manuals

Safety Mgt / Statistics
Large variety of reports and datasets on workplace safety

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