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Safety committee development as a component of a corporate safety program.

40 Resources
Best Practice Safety Committees [18775] ?

Provides guidance for safety committees

Canada: Certification of Joint Health and Safety Committe Members [18947] ?

Certification program standards for joint health and safety committee (JHSC) members

Canada: Health & Safety Committees [8349] ?

Articles on Joint Health & Safety Committees in Canada

Canada: Health & Safety Committees [16998] ?

Find out more about creating effective committees

Create an Effective Safety Committee [pdf] [33859] ?

Tips for safety committees and safety teams

CT-Connecticut Employer Safety and Health Committee [pdf] [29992] ?

Explains state employer requirements regarding the implementation of workplace safety committees

CT-Connecticut: Establishing Safety & Health Committees [pdf] [11454] ?

Requirements related to safety and health commmittees for covered employers

Guidelines for Developing an Effective Health and Safety Committee [16728] ?

Tips for an effective safety and health committee

Guidelines for Developing an Effective Health and Safety Committee [pdf] [3755] ?

Guidelines in use by a state agency

How to Get Employees Involved in the Safety Program [23056] ?

Practical steps to help build participation and support by employees and supervisors alike

Updated Joint Labor/Management Health and Safety Committees [pdf] [6634] ?

Guidelines for structural & operational methods for effective joint committees & program checklist

MN-Minnesota OSHA: Labor-Management Safety Committee Program [15507] ?

Joint labor-management safety and health committee requirements

MN-Minnesota Safety Committees [17838] ?

Guidance for employers on safety committees and their requirements in the State of Minnesota

MT-Montana Safety Committee Requirements [15310] ?

Montana Safety & Health Bureau safety committee requirements

MT-Montana Safety Committees [20150] ?

Safety committees required for all employers with more than five employees

NE-Nebraska Workplace Safety Committee Requirements [19950] ?

Employers are required to establish and maintain at least one safety committee in the workplace

NH-New Hampshire Joint Loss Management Committee [22507] ?

Requirements for employers with more than 5 employees

NH-New Hampshire Joint Loss Management Committees [17239] ?

All employers in the state of New Hampshire with 5 or more employees must form a JLMC

NH-New Hampshire Safety Programs and Joint Loss Management Committees [27529] ?

Text of the legislation, laws and regulations

NV-Nevada Safety Committee Requirements [pdf] [29341] ?

Employers with 25 or more workers must have a safety committe in addition to a safety program

Ontario, Canada: Joint Health & Safety Committees [18946] ?

Guidance for Joint Health and Safety Committees & Representatives in the Workplace

Updated OR-Oregon OSHA Safety Committee Operations [3464] ?

Online tutorial for workplace safety committees

Updated OR-Oregon Safety Committee Requirements [23672] ?

A guide to safety committees and safety meetings

Updated OR-Oregon Workplace Safety Committees [15485] ?

State requirements for safety committees

PA-Pennsylvania Workplace Safety Committees [pdf] [15342] ?

How to reduce WC premiums in the State of Pennsylvania by implementing safety committees

Re-Energizing an Effective Safety Committee [35854] ?

Tips to create an effective safety committee

Safety & Health Committee Basics [23017] ?

Fact sheet describes safety committee basics such as how to form one

Updated Safety & Health Committee Manual [pdf] [11938] ?

Full text of a safety committee manual used by the National Institutes of Health

Safety Committee Agenda and Minutes [pdf] [21591] ?

Key components

Safety Committee Duties [26185] ?

Advice for creating an effective safety committee

Updated Safety Committee Guidance [31766] ?

A packet of materials to help employers establish a safety committee

Safety Coordinator Duties [pdf] [39527] ?

Example of the duties and responsibilites of safety coordinators

Safety Management Committee Effectiveness [15579] ?

How to Get the Most Out of Your Safety and Health Committee Meetings

Sample Loss Control Committee Policies [35910] ?

Includes other loss control policies

Sample Safety Committee Duties [pdf] [22187] ?

Outlines the functions of a safety committee

Starting a Safety & Health Committee [23797] ?

Advice for making your safety and health committee more effective

WA-Washington Safety Committees and Safety Meetings [23144] ?

Outlines the rules in the State of Washington and provides support materials

Workplace Safety Committee Functions [26553] ?

Also provides sample safety committee checklist, sample safety coordinator job description

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