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GCat: Safety
MCat: Safety Mgt
Cat: Clip Art

Environmental health and safety clip art, graphics, posters and photographs that may be downloaded.

12 Resources
Disaster Photo Library [14381] ?

Photographs of disaster sites

Fleet Safety Photo Library [14833] ?

Contains photos of bicyclists, skaters, motorists and pedestrians

Mine Safety Clip Art [2063] ?

Download clip art related to workplace safety and to mine safety


For use on many different types of equipment that minors under 18 years of age are prohibited from operating

Safety Graphics Clip Art [4289] ?

Over 400 files containing environmental health and safety clip art that may be downloaded

Safety Hazard Photos [27934] ?

Photos of safety hazards

Safety Pictures [5026] ?

Download safety and mining safety images

Safety Posters [28003] ?

Aviation, traffic and ground safety posters

USP Pictograms [24143] ?

US Pharmacopeia graphic images relate medication instructions

Waste Prevention Clip Art [16356] ?

Recycling symbols and much more

Wildland Fire Photos [22415] ?

Includes woodland fires, firefighting crews, equipment, air tankers and more

Updated Work Zone Safety Poster [3950] ?

Order the poster

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Reference / Graphics
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Safety / Signs
Safety sign requirements

Safety Mgt / Posters
Download safety and health posters

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