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Full text of self-inspection checklists for general industry and construction. Series of safety checklists for physical hazards, equipment, etc. Sample yes/no workplace safety checklists.

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ADA Checklist for New Lodging Facilities [25242] ?

Hotels, motels, inns and other places of lodging must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

ADA Checklist for Polling Places [25241] ?

Evaluating the Physical Accessibility of Polling Places

Annual Inspections [pdf] [14717] ?

Annual workplace self-inspection checklist and guidance

Australia: Workplace Safety Checklists [22539] ?

A series of workplace safety inspection checklists

Auto Service Shop Checklist [pdf] [36050] ?

To protect customers and property

Automotive Services Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [18877] ?

Download a general safety checklist for automotive services

Build a Safety Plan Checklist [559] ?

A checklist designed for small business when creating a safety plan

Checklist for Abrasive Wheel Equipment Grinders [22278] ?

Checklist for compliance with major elements of 29 CFR 1910.215

Checklist for Safe PTO Operation [pdf] [20561] ?

Includes strategies for PTO safety

Checklist for Sharps Injury Prevention [pdf] [25381] ?

Intended to help your facility comply with OSHA standards related to bloodborne pathogens (pdf)

Chemical Safety Checklists - Laboratories [27877] ?

Use these forms to document periodic lab inspections for safety purposes

Child Care Centers - Health and Safety Checklist [pdf] [22369] ?

Safety checklist for day care centers

Childcare Health and Safety Checklist [pdf] [36390] ?

A 7 page checklist

Children's Safety Checklist [16225] ?

What you should teach your child regarding their personal safety

Updated Church Self-Inspection Checklist [22346] ?

For a church occupancy

Conduct of Operations, Self-Assessment Checklist [19411] ?

Environmental safety and health operational checklist

Construction Checklist for Jobsite Self Inspection [25046] ?

A series of questions that persons working in construction should answer during a self-inspection

Construction Safety Checklists [17446] ?

A series of construction site safety checklists

Core Workplace Health and Safety Audit [pdf] [18959] ?

Example of a workplace safety program audit program

Demolition and Renovation Environmental Safety Checklist [pdf] [35735] ?

For environmental safety at demolition sites

Updated Diving Safety Checklist [421] ?

An equipment and safety checklist

Excavation/Trenching Operations Checklist [25132] ?

Part of a best practices guide

Updated Facility Safety Security Audit Form [pdf] [35642] ?

A facility safety audit and security checklist

Farm and Ranch Safety Audit [pdf] [25952] ?

7 page safety checklist for farm safety

Fire Safety Checklist [pdf] [9720] ?

A self-evaluation checklist for fire prevention

First Aid Checklist [26243] ?

Checklist for a comprehensive first aid kit

Framing Emphasis Safety Checklist [26067] ?

Jobsite inspection form for wood framing safety (pdf)

Furnace Safety Checklist [pdf] [23820] ?

Checklist for furnace inspection

Updated Garage / Shop Safety Checklist [pdf] [18952] ?

A repair garage / shop safety inspection checklist form

General Industry Checklist [pdf] [12384] ?

Yes/no type premises inspection

General Industry Self Inspection Checklist [25047] ?

Useful to assist in determining minimum requirements for safe and healthful workplace condition

General Industry Self-Inspection Checklist [pdf] [25945] ?

A 20 page checklist that covers general industry safety

General Monthly Safety Inspection Report [pdf] [25601] ?

A safety and health checklist for general business

General Office Inspection Checklist [pdf] [36388] ?

Includes a section on earthquakes

General Safety Checklist [pdf] [4808] ?

Full text of a sample general safety inspection checklist

Guidelines for Hazard Abatement [5607] ?

Checklist for public areas, parks, playgrounds

Hazardous Waste Inspection Checklists [29059] ?

Santa Clara, California designed forms

Health and Safety Compliance Checklist [pdf] [39992] ?

A sample inspection checklist

Health Services Inspection Checklists [pdf] [29020] ?

Checklists of potential safety hazards in medical facilities

Highway Work Zone Checklist [pdf] [24750] ?

Use this checklist to analyze highway work zone safety

Home Fall Prevention Checklist [21814] ?

Checklist for analyzing and correcting fall hazards in the home

Home Safety Checklist [23985] ?

This checklist is designed to make your home environment safer by preventing accidents and injuries

Home Safety Checklist for Seniors [24803] ?

Check the following throughout your home

Household Safety Checklists [36387] ?

A series of six safety inspection checklists for the home

Housekeeping Checklist [18958] ?

Do's and don't for workplace housekeeping

Industrial Shop Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [36433] ?

A safety self inspection checklist

Job Site Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [20632] ?

A sample form assists with job site safety inspections

Job Site Safety Planning Checklist [pdf] [20631] ?

Assists with planning for job site safety

Jobsite Safety Inspection Checklist [26670] ?

For construction industry job sites

Jobsite Safety Reference Checklist [pdf] [26174] ?

3 page form for conducting job site safety inspections

Lab and Shop Inspection Checklist [pdf] [36389] ?

A 26 question checklist

Lab Safety Inspection Program [4519] ?

General precautions

Updated Ladder Inspection Checklist [pdf] [26669] ?

General safety checklist for all types of ladders

Ladder Inspection Checklist [pdf] [23312] ?

The following are guidelines for the safe use of ladders

Ladder Self-Inspection Guide [pdf] [26068] ?

Checklist for ladder safety requirements

Updated Leased Property Safety Assessment [pdf] [35644] ?

An evaluation checklist for safety assessment of leased property

Loss Prevention Checklists [29369] ?

A series of workplace safety checklists

Manufacturing Facility Safety Analysis [18956] ?

Manufacturing safety checklist

Migrant Housing Inspection Checklist [17465] ?

Yes/no checklist available in English and Spanish

Municipal Maintenance Yard Inspection Checklist [pdf] [18786] ?

Checklist to inspect job yards

New Employee Safety Orientation - Checklist Guide [pdf] [16799] ?

Designed to guide supervisors in providing thorough employee safety orientation

New Employee Safety Orientation FAQ [10152] ?

An example of a process for determining what job activities require safety and health training

New Hire Safety Orientation Checklist [pdf] [20127] ?

As a minimum, the employee orientation should include the following items

NV-Nevada CAPP Element Audit Checklists [16843] ?

For Nevada's Chemical Accident Prevention Program (CAPP) - Program Guidance

Occupational Safety and Health Checklists [32148] ?

A series of safety checklists

Office Safety Analysis [18955] ?

Office safety checklist

Office Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [26099] ?

Form designed to be used monthly

Updated Older Consumer Home Safety Checklist [pdf] [27696] ?

Home safety checklist for older consumers

OSHA Checklists for General Industry, Fire Service, Construction [2156] ?

South Carolina OSHA's checklists for determining compliance with OSHA standards

OSHA Construction Checklist [pdf] [23136] ?

A guide that does not necessarily cover all OSHA construction standards

OSHA Construction Safety Checklist [pdf] [27183] ?

Sample job site inspection form to ascertain compliance with OSHA requirements

OSHA General Industry Checklist [pdf] [39901] ?

Useful for OSHA standards compliance for general industry

OSHA Regulation Checklist for Dental and Medical Clinics [pdf] [39362] ?

A list of OSHA workplace safety requirements

Outdoor Recreational Safety Checklist [25276] ?

For hiking and camping

Parent's Traffic Safety Checklist [25002] ?

Relates to bike safety, pedestrian safety, car seat safety and more

Public Assembly Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [36425] ?

A life safety checklist for theaters and other public assembly occupancies

Risk Mapping to Create a Self-Inspection Checklist [11986] ?

Guidance with sample checklists

Safety & Loss Control Checklists [4384] ?

Fire extinguisher checklist, food preparation area checklist, hazard checklist, etc.

Safety Checklists [19609] ?

Series of safety checklists for schools and for business

Safety Checklists [25126] ?

Modify these documents to meet site-specific hazards

Safety Guidelines for the Home Work Space [9145] ?

Sample safety checklist for home-based telecommuters

Safety Hazard Checklists [17369] ?

A variety in English and Spanish

Safety Inspection Checklists [16999] ?

A series for general industry

Safety Inspection Checklists [27144] ?

A series of safety premises inspections checklists for the workplace

Safety Inspection Checklists [27278] ?

Office Safety Checklist, Laboratory Safety Checklist, Shop Safety Checklist

Safety Inspection Checklists [40796] ?

A variety of safety inspection checklists

Safety Inspection Checklists [35630] ?

A series of checklists for food services, lab safety, offices, classrooms, plant operations, shop and studio areas

Safety Inspection Checklists [27544] ?

Safety inspection checklists on carpentry, HVAC, welding, automotive and more

Safety Program Audit Checklist [pdf] [23109] ?

Checklist for making sure you have compliance with workplace safety program components

Safety Self-Inspection [pdf] [35755] ?

Items to consider for self-inspection

Safety Self-Inspection Checklists [20624] ?

A series of self-inspection checklists

Safety Self-Inspection Checklists [15578] ?

Several sample checklists

Sample Checklist for Purchasing Used Vehicles [22043] ?

Use this checklist when purchasing a used vehicle

Sample Checklists: Health & Safety Programs [8336] ?

Guides and checklists for health and safety programs

Sample Machine Safety Inspection Checklist [27536] ?

Sample Employer Self-inspection Checklist Safeguards

Sample Telework Safety Checklist [13401] ?

The following checklist is designed to assess the overall safety of the home worksite

Updated Sample Workplace Safety Checklists [9685] ?

For workplace safety site and program inspections

Updated Scaffold Safety Checklist [pdf] [24926] ?

Basic checklist for scaffold safety

Scaffolding Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [35800] ?

An example checklist

School Safety Checklists [26565] ?

A series of safety checklists for schools

Updated School Safety Checklists [24811] ?

A series of checklists including one for guidelines for retrofitting bleachers

School Safety Guide Checklist [pdf] [22621] ?

Designed for schools in the State of Washington

School Safety Manual Checklists [6653] ?

A manual of self-inspection checklists for school safety

Self Inspection Checklists [pdf] [38841] ?

For property, premises liability, workers compensation, auto, etc

Self-Inspection Checklists [pdf] [3431] ?

Series of self-inspection checklists for general industry

Self-Inspection Safety Checklist for Exterior of Facilities [pdf] [31982] ?

For worship centers, schools and related facilities

Step Safety [23812] ?

Checklist on stair step safety

Tablesaw Safety Tips [26446] ?

Safety advice

Temporary Power Checklist [13382] ?

True / false statements comprise the checklist

Ten Environmental Hazards You Can Live Without [21124] ?

10 practical steps to improve the quality of indoor environment

Tractor/PTO Safety Guidance [16835] ?

Tractor/Power Take Off (PTO) training guidance

United Kingdom: Vehicle Safety in the Workplace [20352] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom employers on managing vehicle safety at the workplace

Violence in the Workplace Checklist [21703] ?

Approx 21 question checklist

Walk Around Checklist for Managers [pdf] [8610] ?

Covers office and common areas, lab safety, shop safety

Updated Warehouse Safety Checklists [18953] ?

A series of safety checklists for warehouses

Warehouse Workplace Inspection Form [26558] ?

Example of a form

Winter Driving Best Practices Checklist [pdf] [31753] ?

A checklist for truck drivers to use on a series of topics

Work Area Safety Checklist [pdf] [25923] ?

Worksite safety inspection checklist

Worker Safety Checklist [40926] ?

A workplace safety inspection checklist

Workplace Housekeeping Checklist [18957] ?

Use the following checklist as a general workplace guide

Workplace Safety Surveys [24901] ?

A series of safety inspection checklists to control a variety of safety hazards

Worksite Inspection Checklist - General [39530] ?

A safety program and physical inspection checklist

Updated Worksite/Jobsite Safety Audit [pdf] [35643] ?

General job site safety checklist

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