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Accident investigation program guidelines. Accident analysis tools, methods for determining causes & contributing factors of major accidents, techniques for identifying unsafe conditions and procedures. Online tutorial. Workbook for conducting accident investigations. Full text of accident investigation programs. OSHA 200 recordkeeping.

45 Resources
11 Steps to an Effective Accident Investigation Interview [pdf] [24145] ?

Materials to assist with accident investigation procedures

A Guide to Accident Investigation [8335] ?

Steps involved in investigating an accident

Accident Analysis [26172] ?

Suggestions on how to analyze accident trends

Accident Investigation - Basics [pdf] [38839] ?

Document for training purposes

Accident Investigation Guide [16109] ?

Offers advice on how to conduct accident investigations

Accident Investigation Procedures [pdf] [27115] ?

The investigator uses most of the following investigative procedures

Updated Accident Investigation Procedures [3204] ?

Online tutorial on accident investigation

Accident Investigation Process [pdf] [15581] ?

Uses the scientific method research technique

Accident Investigation Program [5084] ?

Example of an accident investigation chapter from a safety program

Accident Investigation Report [15580] ?

A sample form

Accident Investigation Reporting and Record Keeping [pdf] [33171] ?

Military manual to investigate, report, keep records on accidental death, injury occupational illness & property damage

Accident Preparation and Response Tutorial [25282] ?

How to respond to workplace related accidents

Accident Response [21984] ?

What to say and do at the accident scene

Accident Tree Analysis [pdf] [1031] ?

A form using an accident tree for analysis

CA-California OSHA Accident Investigation [5036] ?

Policies and procedures used by Cal/OSHA

Car Crash Force Calculations [13415] ?

How to calculate car crash forces

Conducting an Accident Investigation [24408] ?

An incident investigation is a systematic effort to determine the answer to six key questions

EPA/OSHA Joint Chemical Accident Investigation Report [20723] ?

The memorandum of understanding between EPA and OSHA

Evidence Evaluation Matrix Analysis [26815] ?

How to use a matrix to prove and substantiate the findings of an accident investigation

Eyewitnesses and Other Sources of Accident Data [24409] ?

Looks at the “who” and the “what” of the accident investigation

Fault Tree Analysis [pdf] [25953] ?

Explains the basics of Fault Tree Analysis

Incident Investigation [24407] ?

The incident investigation is one tool to assess failure on construction projects

Incident Investigation Basics [23670] ?

Includes a sample WC accident investigation report form

Incident Investigation: Rethinking the Chain of Events Analogy [24770] ?

The logic behind the chain may be its weakest link

Investigating Accidents [13384] ?

How to find out what really happened - training outline

Investigation of Incidents, Accidents and Injuries [pdf] [19409] ?

Examples of standard operating procedures for investigating and reporting accidents & incidents

Job Hazard Analysis FAQ [8334] ?

Basics of job hazard analysis process with sample forms

Job Hazard Analysis Form Completion Method [16104] ?

Uses a sample completed job hazard analysis form to explain the principles

Job Safety Analysis & Task Training [pdf] [25940] ?

Guidance document

Job Safety Analysis Process [31038] ?

Explanation of the steps to be taken with a sample worksheet for reference

JSA: Job Safety Analysis Procedures [pdf] [25939] ?

How to conduct a job safety analysis

Learning from Safety Failure [18784] ?

10 point prompt list

MORT: Management Oversight & Risk Tree [1029] ?

MORT User's Manual and Chart

Operational Risk Management Steps [pdf] [26290] ?

Risk assessment decision-making process manual

OSHA Standards on Incident Investigation [22423] ?

OSHA materials on accident investigation standards

Policies and Procedures for Investigating and Reporting Accidents [11248] ?

Example of a sample policy statement regarding accident investigation and reporting

Root Cause Accident Analysis [18772] ?

Forms and checklists to assist with analysis

Solving Accident Investigation Problems [24780] ?

Improve your accident investigation program

Supervising Accident Repeaters [18783] ?

Sample guidance

Supervisor's Accident Report [pdf] [26819] ?

A sample form

The Problem with Accident Investigations [26508] ?

To understand accidents at work we should view them from a systems perspective

Theory: Accident Causation Model [39246] ?

Better known as the Swiss cheese model - how human error in all levels of the organization may lead to accidents

US Army Accident Investigation & Reporting [pdf] [16783] ?

Instructions in collecting accident data, analyzing and processing accident data

Workplace Accident and Injury Reports [pdf] [39857] ?

Example of an accident investigation program related to injuries in the workplace

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