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Welding hazard control bulletins, fact sheets, guidance, resources.

31 Resources
Arc Welding Safety [5383] ?

Safety materials on arc welding safety

Fire Prevention When Welding [27076] ?

The following recommendations provide additional guidance for improving fire prevention practices when welding

Fire Watch Procedures [pdf] [35837] ?

Example of procedures to take when conducting a fire watch

Gas Welding Safety Tips [pdf] [36018] ?

A safety fact sheet on the subject

General Requirements for Welding Safety [26188] ?

Covers arc welding and cutting plus oxygen fuel gas welding and cutting

Hot Work Fire Prevention [20509] ?

When hot work is being done, the following actions should be taken

Hot Work Fire Safety Program [26380] ?

An example of a program designed to control hot work fire hazards

Hot Work Guidelines [25360] ?

Description of procedures to reduce the risk of fire when using torch equipment

Hot Work In and Around Tanks [39922] ?

Key lessons in effective hazard assessment and use of combustible gas montoring to save lives

Hot Work Permit Tips [pdf] [3334] ?

Requirements for safe practices

Hot Work Program [pdf] [27281] ?

Safety procedure for welding, cutting and hot work operations

Hot Work Safety Policy [502] ?

Sample safety policy for cutting and welding

Hot Work Safety Requirements [pdf] [36010] ?

Includes a sample hot work permit policy and a safety checklist

Hot Work Welding and Cutting Safety Policy [19360] ?

Example of a policy in use at a major univeristy

Introduction to Welding [28460] ?

Welding information on gas and arc welding, soldering, brazing, etc - view online

Occupational Manganism [pdf] [27831] ?

Management of workplace magnesium Mn-related illnesses

OSHA Health Guidelines for Welding Fumes [11931] ?

Pertinent information about welding fumes for workers, employers, physicians, etc.

Polyurethane Foam & Fire Safety Guidance [pdf] [26652] ?

Working with Polyurethane Foam Products During New Construction, Retrofit and Repair

Protecting Against Extreme Welding Hazards [24786] ?

Welders need to understand the dangers and follow proper safety practices

Safety Requirements for Welding Operations [pdf] [26034] ?

For welding, cutting and brazing

Welding Blankets - Asbestos [27083] ?

Continue to be manufactured in China - contaminate ships

Welding Gases Fact Sheet [pdf] [40453] ?

Hexavalent Chromium: Controlling Hazardous Fume and Gases during Welding Fact Sheet

Welding Glossary [pdf] [18998] ?

Definitions of welding terms

Welding Hazards Fact Sheet [pdf] [2312] ?

Covers health and safety hazards of welding

Welding Health and Safety Guide [pdf] [31755] ?

Provides a general understanding of welding and cutting processes as well as hazards and controls

Welding Manual [pdf] [18997] ?

Welding Theory and Application - includes welding safety

Welding Safety and Health Fact Sheets [11902] ?

Safety and health fact sheets relating to welding

Updated Welding Safety Rules [pdf] [5388] ?

General welding safety rules

Welding, Cutting & Brazing Safety Checklist [pdf] [25924] ?

For general industry and construction

Welding, Torching and Brazing Safety [5392] ?

General rules for welding

Western Australia: Hazards from Welding [26419] ?

Welding safety information from Western Australia

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