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Child drowning prevention. Pool safety rules. Guidelines on pool and spa water chemistry and maintenance. Safety tips. Cryptosporidiosis.

63 Resources
Accessible Swimming Pools and Spas [25228] ?

Guidance on ADA guidelines

Aquatics Safety [15197] ?

Articles related to water lifesaving and rescue operations & aquatic facility safety

Aquatics Safety Policy [15209] ?

Boy Scouts of America safety policy related to swimming and aquatics

Beach Accessibility for the Disabled [25227] ?

Proposed Access Guidelines for Beaches

Beach Water Cleanliness [25258] ?

A guide to water quality at America's beaches

Beaches: Avoiding Spinal Injuries [21560] ?

Avoiding spinal injuries when swimming

Child Drowning Prevention [2052] ?

Guidance on child drowning prevention in pools, hot tubs, and whirlpools

Updated Chlorine Disinfection - Swimming [37772] ?

Timetable for killing common illness-causing germs, etc

Commercial Diving Operations - Safety Notices [30201] ?

Safety notices for commercial divers

Disinfection of Pools and Hot Tubs [37770] ?

Cleaning Up Body Fluid Spills on Pool Surfaces, Vomit and Blood Contamination in Pools, etc

Diving and Diver-Support Operations [30200] ?

Emphasis is on post-disaster work hazards for divers who make assessments and repairs under water

Diving Board Safety [10126] ?

A web-based resource center dedicated to diving board safety

Diving Manual [19038] ?

Technical field manual for diving operations

Diving Safe Practices Manual [pdf] [1109] ?

Example of policies for a safe diving program

Diving Safety Manual [24523] ?

Includes the standards for scientific diving certification from the American Academy of Underwater Sciences

Updated Diving Safety Manual [pdf] [22286] ?

A written manual

Drowning in Infants, Children, and Adolescents [8915] ?

Accident prevention recommendations to prevent drowning in children

Fecal Accidents in Pools [37769] ?

Responding to Fecal Accidents in Disinfected Swimming Venues

Fecal Incident Recommendations [pdf] [37771] ?

What to do when you find poop in the pool

Foundation for Aquatic Injury Prevention [22179] ?

Dedicated to reducing the number of diving injuries, drownings and near drownings

Healthy Swimming [4576] ?

Disinfection and operation guidelines for aquatic facilities and consumers

Healthy Swimming Topics [37773] ?

Related to proventing recreational water illness

Home Pool Safety [15557] ?

Advice for homeowners

Updated Hot Tubs - Health and Safety Tips [20566] ?

Health risks associated with hot tubs

Updated Hot Tubs: Maintaining Safe Water Quality [24315] ?

The most important part of safe pool water chemistry is keeping the proper level of disinfectant in the water

KY-Kentucky Public Swimming & Bathing Facilities [13534] ?

Laws related to public bathing facilities

Lifeguard Library [21558] ?

Research works and papers on lifeguarding

Lifeguard Manual [16588] ?

Full text of a sample lifeguard manual

Lifeguard Skills for Pool Owners [40859] ?

Pool safety rules and methods of supervising swimmers

Minimum Recommended Lifeguard Equipment Standards [21556] ?

Recommendations regarding minimum equipment standards for lifeguards at open water beaches

Updated NOAA Diving Program [22412] ?

Dive planning, diver duties, etc.

P&SS Act [pdf] [36961] ?

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act)

Pool & Spa Entrapment [pdf] [14477] ?

Guidelines in order to prevent accidental entrapment

Pool and Spa Tips and Information [5743] ?

Guidelines on pool and spa water chemistry and maintenance and safety tips

Pool Germs [15955] ?

Information on recreational water illnesses (RWIs)

Pool Management [25257] ?

Covers Pool Management, Lifeguards, Shallow Water Blackout education and Signage

Pool Safety [17933] ?

Tips to child proof your swimming pool

Pool Safety [9201] ?

11 safety rules related to pool safety

Pool Safety Information [19462] ?

Safety advice for pool owners

Pool Safety Products [40860] ?

An overview about pool safety equipment

Pool Treatment 101 [1580] ?

Introduction To Chlorine Sanitizing

Pools: Spinal Injury Prevention [pdf] [18043] ?

Advice on prevention of spinal injuries in the aquatic environment

Recommendations for Public Pools [pdf] [10547] ?

Recommended Standards for Swimming Pool Design and Operation

Recreational Water Illness [15210] ?

Information for those who operate pools, waterparks, etc

Rip Currents [21559] ?

Rip current survival

Scuba Diving Emergencies [pdf] [26858] ?

What to do

Scubing Diving Dive Tables Explained [11891] ?

Aids in mastering Dive Tables

State Pool and Spa Codes [36966] ?

Links to state laws related to swimming pools and spas

Swim Club Risk Management [39376] ?

Insurance and risk management issues relatged to swim clubs

Swimming Pool and Spa Safety [16014] ?

CPSC requirements for swimming pool safety

Swimming Pool Pest Management [24867] ?

A Training Guide for Commercial Pesticide Applicators & Swimming Pool Operators

Swimming Pool Safety [16224] ?

Advice from the US CPSC including pool rules

Swimming Pools & Bathing Places Safety [pdf] [23948] ?

Reflects the swimming pool and spa safety and water quality recommendations of NSPSI

Swimming Pools and Bathing Places [11556] ?

Control of Health Hazards in Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities

Swimming Programs for Infants and Toddlers [8912] ?

Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics for safe infant swimming programs

Swimming Safely in Lakes, Rivers and Streams [pdf] [16589] ?

Safety advice for swimmers

Swimming Safety Tips [21555] ?

Top 10 safety tips when near the water

Underwater Swimming Techniques [14443] ?

Avoid the danger of underwater fainting

United Kingdom: Diving Operations [20346] ?

Safety information sheets cover the hazards of diving at work

WI-Wisconsin Public Swimming Pools [10182] ?

Design and construction requirements for swimming pools in the State of WI

WY-Wyoming Public Swimming Pool Rules [10191] ?

Full text of the rules

Yo-Yo Diving and the Risk of Decompression Illness [25774] ?

Recommendations from a research report conducted in the United Kingdom

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