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Sports nutrition. Standards for athletic equipment. Helmets. Baseball. Soccer. Statistics. Hiking trail design. ATVs. Sledding. Skateboarding. Snowmobiles. Weight lifting, Trampolines.

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Access to Outdoor Trails [25234] ?

An accessible trail is a trail that is accessible to and usable by people with disabilities

Accessibility Guidelines for Recreation Facilities [25235] ?

Guidance for boating, fishing, golf, swimming pools and more

Accessibility Guidelines for Sports Facilities [25229] ?

This guide is intended to help designers and operators in using the accessibility guidelines for sports facilities

Accessible Stadiums - Key Features [25240] ?

Highlights key accessibility requirements of the ADA that apply to new

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety - Youngsters [pdf] [8009] ?

Suggestions for parents - ATV injury preventive actions

Alternative Vehicles on Campus [pdf] [22308] ?

Example of university's policy for the us of off-road vehicles on campus

Anabolic Steroid Abuse [2372] ?

Research reports and bulletins based on the findings of recent studies on the use of anabolic steroids in the US

Asthma: Actions for the Physical Education Instructor and Coach [11370] ?

Provides advice for classroom teachers, coaches, etc. on how to handle asthma attacks

Updated Athletic Risk Management Manual [pdf] [16939] ?

For high school athletic programs

ATV Safety [pdf] [38455] ?

ATV riding and safety tips

ATV Safety Institute [26619] ?

National program of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety education and awareness

ATV Safety Tips [15969] ?

Guidelines regarding operating ATVs

Backcountry Environmental Health Guide [37768] ?

A reference manual related to water purification, solid wastes, general wastewater and more

Bicycling & Genital Numbness in Males [22295] ?

Learn how biking may cause groin numbness

Bleacher & Grandstand Safety [19591] ?

Outlines code requirements

Bleacher Inspections [19621] ?

The following guidelines form the basis for safe bleacher use and operation

Bleacher Retrofitting Guidelines [24318] ?

Guidelines for bleacher inspection and maintenance

Bleacher Safety Guidelines [pdf] [38835] ?

How to evaluate bleacher systems

Boating and Fishing Accessibility [25232] ?

ADA accessibility guidelines for boating and fishing facilities

Camping in the Great Outdoors [19460] ?

Camping safety advice

Camping Safety [18492] ?

Series of safety tips for campers including first aid kit advice

Certified Athletic Trainer [19593] ?

Adding a certified athletic trainer on staff will help in injury prevention and treatment

Cheerleading Safety Guidelines [22392] ?

Full text of sample safety rules and policies for cheerleading

Collegiate Athletic Injuries [31032] ?

Trends and prevention

Concussions [11617] ?

Symptoms, causes, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, prevention

Crowd Management Procedures [pdf] [19592] ?

The following are some crowd control procedures for police officers

Updated Emergency Action Plan - Dept of Athletics [pdf] [9649] ?

Example of a university's plan

Updated Emergency Procedures During Thunder & Lightning Storms [15204] ?

Full text of a safety operating procedure for outdoor recreational facilities

Golf Accessibility [25231] ?

ADA accessibility guidelines for access to golf facilities - info for course operators

Guide on Prevention of Children's Sports Injuries [28869] ?

Covers the most common sports-related injuries in children

Guide to Cheerleading Safety [25130] ?

A series of guides for cheerleaders, administrators and coaches

Updated Gymnastics: How to Avoid Injury [7872] ?

Explains common gymnastics injuries and how to avoid them

Hazing in Sports [39212] ?

Advice in handling hazing incidents

Helmet Safety Standards [1419] ?

Nonprofit organization dedicated to research, education and development of helmet standards

Hiking and Camping Safety Tips [28870] ?

Focus is on security

Hiking Safety Info [25016] ?

Consumer safety fact sheet

Ice Skating Safety [11982] ?

Tips on how to know when the ice is safe enough for ice skating

In-Line Skating Safety Info [25009] ?

Safety fact sheet for consumers

Kids and Sports Injuries [525] ?

Causes of sports injuries and how to prevent them

Locker Room Safety Checklist [pdf] [15954] ?

Practices for locker room safety

MN-Minnesota Bleacher Safety Act [24809] ?

Requirements of the act

Mouthguards in Athletics [18650] ?

Protect teeth from trauma in sports activities by wearing a mouth guard

National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association [39210] ?

Equipment reconditioners association whose members are licensed by NOCSAE to recertify helmets

National Center for Sports Safety [12686] ?

Dedicated to reducing the number & severity of injuries youth sustain in sports & fitness activities

NCAA Drug Testing Program [22647] ?

Information concerning the NCAA's drug testing program

NCAA Sports Concussions [40345] ?

NCAA role in ensuring that athletes are properly protected from and treated for concussions

NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook [pdf] [40346] ?

Guidelines for sports medicine policies

NCCSI - Sports Injury Reports [39209] ?

National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research collects death and permanent disability sports injury data

NOCSAE Standards - Athletic Equipment [39208] ?

NOCSAE develops performance standards for helmets and protective equipment used in a variety of sports

Updated Nutritional Guidelines for the Athlete [10154] ?

Proper nutrition for optimal performance

Off-Road Vehicle Safety Guidelines [pdf] [22002] ?

A policy in use at a major university

Outdoor Developed Areas - Accessibility [25236] ?

Assistance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas (e,g., picnic and camping areas)

Outdoor Recreation Safety [26267] ?

Hiking and camping safety materials

Paintball: Playing Safely [21716] ?

Paintgun safety, playing safely, etc.

Updated Physical Education Rules [19596] ?

For student safety

Planning of Outdoor Sports Facilities [pdf] [14725] ?

Technical resources for building outdoor recreation facilities

Prevent Sports Injuries [3616] ?

Series of brochures & fact sheets on how to prevent orthopedic sports injuries

Protecting the Eye in Sports [14352] ?

Eye safety in sports

Recreation Safety Materials [32149] ?

Includes a series of recreation safety checklists

Recreation Site Inspection Checklist [pdf] [36424] ?

Safety and sanitation guidelines

Updated Running Shoes [17062] ?

Finding the right shoe for you

Updated Safe Kids Fact Sheets [12683] ?

Information on child-related injuries and deaths due to sports, bicycles, and more

Skate Park & Roller Hockey Rink Rules and Regulations [25121] ?

Sample rules and regulations

Skate Park Management [25260] ?

A series of articles on skatepark management

Skating as Transportation [19595] ?

This paper is about street skating, also known as inline skating for transportation

Ski / Snowboard Rules of the Slope [19600] ?

Safett advice

Ski Safety News [12239] ?

Newsletter on ski accidents and ski law

Skiing Impact Injuries [27752] ?

Analyzing ski area insurance claims

Sledding Safety Tips [25020] ?

Consider the following commonsense precautions when children will be sledding

Snowmobile Safety [23830] ?

Safety tips

Snowmobile Safety Tips [832] ?

Fact sheet related to snowmobile safety

Snowmobiling Hazards [8905] ?

Official policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Soccer Related Injuries Guide [12688] ?

Understanding common soccer injuries

Sport Rocketry Safety Codes [24530] ?

Model Rocket Safety Code, High Power Rocket Safety Code , Radio Control Rocket Glider Safety Code

Updated Sport-Related Concussion [pdf] [9643] ?

Concussion is the most common head injury that occurs during sport participation

Sports Concussions [22265] ?

Assessment and Management of Concussion in Sports

Sports Eye Injuries [pdf] [6151] ?

Estimated injuries listed by sport

Sports Injury Prevention [14485] ?

Safety fact sheets and guides on sports

Sports Injury Prevention Fact Sheets [19602] ?

Designed to reduce injuries and promote safe participation in sport

Sports Injury Prevention Posters [10036] ?

A series of sports and recreation injury prevention posters

Sports Safety [24238] ?

Covers snowmobiles, trampoline use, sports eye safety, the great outdoors

Sports-related Head Injuries [40343] ?

Sports/recreational activities contributing to the highest number of estimated head injuries treated in U.S. hospital ER

Sports-related Neck Injuries [40344] ?

Sports/recreational activities contributing to the highest number of estimated neck injuries treated in U.S. hospital ER

Standards for Athletic Equipment [1761] ?

Safety organization that provides NOCSAE Standards for sports equipment

Thunderstorm Safety and Outdoor Events [25281] ?

The following key points are noted within the NCAA's guideline

Tips for Snowmobiling Safety [12868] ?

Advice on snowmobile safety

Tips To Prevent Soccer Injuries [22266] ?

Prevent Injuries in Young Soccer Players

Trail Surfaces [pdf] [25239] ?

Surface is a critical component of an accessible trail

Water Skiing / Boating Safety [19598] ?

Practice water and boat safety when water skiing

Water Skiing Safety [19597] ?

How to Retrieve a Downed / Fallen Skier

Winter Sports Injury Prevention: Hockey [10557] ?

Safety tips when you play ice hockey

Youth Sports Safety [12687] ?

What you need to know about kids and sports injuries

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