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Safety bulletins on slips and falls. Technical information on the control of hazards from walking and working surfaces. Safety checklists.

45 Resources
Avoiding Slips, Trips, and Falls [27105] ?

Guidelines to prevent workplace slips, trips and falls in the workplace

Costs of Fall Injuries Among Older Adults [3554] ?

The Costs of Fall-Related Injuries for those over the age of 65

Determining the Coefficient of Friction [11543] ?

Science lesson includes a table of coefficients of friction

Fall Prevention for People with Disabilities and Older Adults [23606] ?

What a person can do to keep from falling in their home

Falls Among Older Adults [2070] ?

An overview of the problem

Falls Due to Slips and Trips [8361] ?

Advice on slip, trip and fall prevention

Falls from Farm Tractors and Equipment [12522] ?

Falls are the most common accidents in agriculture

Updated Falls in Nursing Homes [3940] ?

What can be done to prevent falls in nursing homes

Floor Care Safety [25869] ?

Floor care maintenance to prevent slips and fall accidents

Floor Maintenance Safety [25872] ?

Preventing slips and falls by proper maintenance of floors

Floor Slip Resistance Testing of Interior Tile [20719] ?

A discussion of standards for measuring coefficient of friction (or resistance to slip incidents) of flooring surfaces

Investigating Slips and Falls [pdf] [11539] ?

A training instructor guidance document

Matting System Design [26785] ?

In high-traffic areas, matting systems should be designed to eliminate potential hazards

National Floor Safety Institute [11547] ?

Consumer oriented product certification program - NFSI Certified

Older Adults - Slips, Trips and Falls [36714] ?

Tips for preventing serious falls

Updated Pedestrian Falling Accidents in Transit Terminals [25068] ?

Results of a study by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls [25128] ?

Many situations can cause a slip, trip or fall. Here are some of them

Preventing Falls Among Older Adults [pdf] [16724] ?

One of every three adults 65 years or older falls each year in the USA

Preventing Falls Among Older Adults [3555] ?

Fact sheets provide statistics and advice on how to reduce the risk of falling in older adults

Preventing Falls by the Elderly [23600] ?

Basics of fall prevention, etc

Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents [pdf] [35712] ?

Includes a sample checklist primarily applicable for the office environment

Preventing Slips & Falls [23793] ?

Prevention through effective floor care

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls at Work [23581] ?

Safety information for fall prevention

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls in the Home [pdf] [23602] ?

Advice to prevent falls in the home

Preventing Workplace Injuries from Slips, Trips, and Falls [35987] ?

The following recommendations are provided for your consideration

Prevention of Falls in Older Persons [28799] ?

AGS/BGS Clinical Practice Guideline

Safe Winter Walking Tips [23318] ?

Advice for pedestrians

Safety Footwear Guide [36712] ?

Guidance on shoes to help prevent slips, trips and falls

Slip Resistant Standards [pdf] [14015] ?

A listing of national and international standards

Slip-and-Fall Floor Accidents [26781] ?

Proper products could prevent some of these accidents

Slip-Resistance Test Disagreements [26780] ?

Consumer Specialty Products Association challenges National Floor Safety Institute's test

Slippery Kitchen Floor Safety [26783] ?

Case study outlines a three-pronged approach to solve slippery floor conditions in a restaurant kitchen

Updated Slips, Trips & Falls [pdf] [32034] ?

Prevention of employees falling in the workplace

Slips, Trips and Fall Prevention [36056] ?

A business safety fact sheet

Slips, Trips and Falls [pdf] [26425] ?

Preventing injuries involving walking-working surfaces

Slips, Trips and Falls Brochure [pdf] [23116] ?

A safety brochure

Slips, Trips, Falls Accident Control [29003] ?

Guidelines to prevent workplace slips, trips and falls

Stairways and Walkways Risk Control Program [pdf] [38852] ?

Purpose is to reduce fall hazards

Troubleshooting: Stair Treads and Slopes [18795] ?

Building code requirements for concrete stair surfaces

United Kingdom - Slips, Trips and Falls [36713] ?

Guidance on the prevention of slips, trips and falls in the workplace

United Kingdom: Preventing Slips and Trips in the Workplace [9452] ?

Safety module on increasing safety awareness in the area of slips and falls

Vehicle Fall Prevention [39245] ?

Avoiding falls from workplace vehicles

Walk-Off Matting [26784] ?

When strategically placed and properly maintained, there is probably no better tool for fall prevention

Walking and Working Surfaces Safety SOPs [27063] ?

Covers barricades, exits, walkways, guardrails and more

Workplace Slips, Trips and Falls [31764] ?

Make sure your employees follow these preventative techniques

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