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Safety meeting outlines, safety talks for food service operations. Kitchen and cafeteria safety checklist. Legal bulletins.

34 Resources
A Guide for Food Service Workers [pdf] [10192] ?

The principles of food safety explained in a brochure

AL-Alabama Restaurant Requirements [11430] ?

Rules for starting a restaurant in the state of Alabama

Cut and Burn Prevention in Restaurants [36049] ?

A safety fact sheet to prevent worker cuts and burns

Electric Meat Slicers Safety Tips [pdf] [40010] ?

Safety advice

FDA Food Establishment Plan Review Guide [pdf] [22106] ?

For food service establishments, retail food stores, and all other food operations

Food Establishment Plan Review Guide [12309] ?

FDA plan review of food service establishments, retail food stores, and all other food operations

Food Handling and Storage [36048] ?

A safety fact sheet to prevent foodborne illness

Food Service Manual [pdf] [25466] ?

Describes policies, procedures and responsibilities for food service support of dining facilities

Food Service Operations and HACCP [pdf] [16150] ?

A manual for the use of HACCP in food service establishments

Food Worker Guidelines [20067] ?

Food establishment food safety guidelines related to workers

General Kitchen Safety [24304] ?

Safety rules for kitchen hazards

Hand Hygiene in Retail & Food Service Establishments [25581] ?

Alcohol-based hand gels may not be used in food establishments

Hot Beverage Safety [36047] ?

Steps to take to reduce the hazard for burns when serving hot beverages

How to Prepare for a Health Inspection [15844] ?

What to do before, during and after the health inspection

Integrated Food Safety Information Delivery System [20068] ?

Advice on creating an effective food establishment food safety program

Kitchen and Cafeteria Safety Checklist [11985] ?

53 question audit for kitchen safety

Kitchen Employee Safety Orientation Checklist [pdf] [26555] ?

Orienting new employees to promote kitchen safety

Kitchen Organization & Safety [pdf] [25587] ?

Kitchen layout, organization and design can affect worker safety (pdf)

Kitchen Safety [40797] ?

Safety fact sheets for kitchens

Kitchen Safety Rules [22407] ?

A list of safety rules for anyone who works in a kitchen

Kitchen Safety Rules [pdf] [11970] ?

Safety bulletin relating to kitchen safety

Pressure Cooker Safety Tips [25937] ?

Safety tips for households

Prevent Foodborne Illness [26657] ?

A discussion of the importance of temperature controls, personal hygiene, washing and sanitizing, food protection

Restaurant Fire Protection Checklist [pdf] [40934] ?

A self-inspection checklist for restaurants

Restaurant Food Safety [27321] ?

What Food Safety Warnings Should You Look For in a Restaurant

Restaurant Loss Control Toolkit [23638] ?

Safety management for the restaurant industry

Restaurant Safety for Teen Workers [24002] ?

Common hazards and potential safety solutions for teen workers and employers in the restaurant industry

Restaurant Safety Training [33514] ?

Training guide and safety tip sheets

Restaurant Worker Personal Hygiene [36046] ?

Safety fact sheet on personal hygiene for restaurant workers

Slips, Trips and Falls in the Restaurant Industry [pdf] [23847] ?

Loss control guide for restaurant safety

Special Events Minimum Food Safety Requirments [5875] ?

Example of a county's requirements when serving foods at special events

United Kingdom: Food / Catering Industry Hazards at Work [12070] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom employers in the food and catering industries

United Kingdom: Safety for Catering and Hospitality [23886] ?

For people working in hotels, restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, pubs and clubs

Using Deep Fat Fryers [pdf] [17017] ?

Fryer safety tip sheet

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Regulations / FDA
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Safety / Food Inspections
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Safety / Food Safety
Guidance on food safety from production to consumption

Safety / Foodborne Illness
Guidelines on preventing foodborne illness

Safety / HACCP
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plans - food safety

Safety / Slips and Falls
Technical safety materials on falls from walking and working surfaces

Safety Mgt / Accidents
Accident investigation programs, job safey analyses, etc.

Safety Mgt / Alerts
Safety and health hazard alerts

Safety Mgt / Audits
Regulatory compliance self-inspections, program audits, self-evaluations

Safety Mgt / Training
Guidance on safety training presentations, training requirements, etc.

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