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Glove selection charts. Guidelines on glove selection.

14 Resources
Chemical Glove Selection [5400] ?

The type of chemical being used is the key factor for choosing of what material the glove should be made

Chemical Protective Gloves [3139] ?

Fact sheet provides guidelines on glove selection for chemicals

Cut Resistant Gloves [31927] ?

Tips for selection and use

Glove Chemical Hand Protection [18458] ?

These recommendations are based on laboratory tests

Glove Selection [16656] ?

Advice on how to determine the best glove to wear for the hazards involved in laboratory work

Glove Selection Chart [18459] ?

In relation to chemicals handled

Updated Glove Selection Guide [18456] ?

Provides advantages and disadvantages for specific glove types

Glove Use in Labs [917] ?

Factors to consider when choosing gloves

Hand Protection [24968] ?

Series of articles related to the use of gloves to protect hands in the workplace

Hand Protection Training [pdf] [26021] ?

Identifies common hand hazards with appropriate hand protection for the hazards identified (pdf)

Hand Washing & Glove Use for Food Workers [26426] ?

New York state law requirements

Updated NIOSH Recommendations for Chemical Protective Clothing Database [14337] ?

Provides CPC recommendations for the chemicals listed in the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Protecting Hands from Chemical Exposure [pdf] [25930] ?

Discusses the importance of proper hand protection while at work

Selecting the Correct Glove Size [31957] ?

How to get a proper fit

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