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Regulations and procedures to take when selecting protective eyewear. Contact lenses and chemicals. Emergency eyewash handbook.

23 Resources
ANSI Z87.1 Standard for Eye and Face Protection [pdf] [24759] ?

Q&A describes the significant provisions of the standard

ANSI Z87.1 Tests Safety Glasses [24303] ?

Summary of ANSI Industrial Impact Standards

Army Vision Conservation [pdf] [14353] ?

Technical guidance for workers to protect vision

Updated Choosing Protective Eyewear [3123] ?

Fact sheet outlining regulations and procedures to take when selecting protective eyewear

Contact Lens Use in a Chemical Environment [27693] ?

Safety guidelines for contact lens wearers working in chemical environments

Emergency Eye Wash and Shower Units [36303] ?

A safety fact sheet

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment Requirements [pdf] [36723] ?

Fact sheet on ANSI Standard Z358.1 2009

Emergency Eyewash Equipment [pdf] [25366] ?

To address this exposure, make sure you address the following

Emergency Eyewash Maintenance [27094] ?

Some tips for making sure that your systems are ready for use at all times

Emergency Eyewash/Showers [27298] ?

Drench showers and eyewash units provide a proven first response for eye and skin contact to hazardous chemicals

Emergency Eyewashes and Showers [6640] ?

Guidance on selection, use and maintenance of eyewash & shower equipment

Emergency Showers and Eyewashes [27095] ?

Advice on equipment selection, installation and maintenance

Eye & Face Protection [24965] ?

Series of articles on PPE related to eye and face protection

Eye and Face Protection Program [27096] ?

Choose the right personal protective equipment

Eye Injuries at Work [28963] ?

Work-related eye injury prevention document

Eye Safety [6149] ?

Articles on home, sports and work eye safety

Eyewash Station Requirements [pdf] [40575] ?

Example of a written program at a major university

Eyewash Units & Showers for Chemical Splash Accidents [27104] ?

Drench showers and eyewash units provide a proven first response for eye and skin contact to hazardous chemicals

Face Shield Protection [27101] ?

Suitable face protectors must be provided where there is a potential for injury to the face

Updated Goggle Selection and Use in the Workplace [31954] ?

What type of protection is needed for potential eye hazards

Plumbed Eyewash Station Functional Check Procedures [pdf] [40574] ?

SOP for how to check the function of a plumbed eyewash station - includes do and don't photos

Workplace Eye Injuries [27097] ?

10 ways to prevent eye injuries at work

Workplace Eye Safety [pdf] [5978] ?

Ways to prevent eye injuries at work - workplace eye safety quiz

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