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Play area inspection and maintenance program. Large number of documents, handbooks, checklists, etc. on playground and sports safety.

63 Resources
ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Play Areas [3915] ?

Resources that address accessibility requirements for play areas

ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Playgrounds [22388] ?

Document on the accessibility requirements for playgrounds

ASTM Committee F08.63 on Playground Surfacing Systems [23854] ?

Activities of the subcommittee that creates ASTM standards on playground surfacing systems

Backyard Swingset Safety Tips [11981] ?

Outlines swingset equipment choices and other considerations

CA-California Playground Safety Regulations [19574] ?

Requirements of California public playground regulations

Checklist for Soft Playground Safety [12669] ?

Soft Contained Play Equipment Safety Checklist

Child Care Safety for Parents and Child Care Providers [pdf] [12671] ?

A child care safety checklist

Child Development Center Play Area Inspection and Maintenance Program [pdf] [2628] ?

Child play area inspection & maintenance program from US Army Corps of Engineers - pdf format

Children's Play Areas [14726] ?

Safety requirements for child play areas/playgrounds

CPSC: Toy Safety [2911] ?

Consumer Product Safety Commission safety information related to toy safety

Equipment Maintenance Guidelines for Playgrounds [19566] ?

Safety measures that should be checked on a regular basis

Updated Fall-Absorbing Surfaces for Playgrounds [23855] ?

Playground Surfacing Materials

How Safe is Your Playground Equipment [6165] ?

Planning and Assembling a Safe Playground

Updated ID-Idaho Playgrounds, Sports, Fields and Parks [pdf] [24812] ?

Text of the rules in Idaho

IPEMA Certfied Public Play Equipment [10562] ?

Certifies a manufacturer's certification of conformance to the ASTM F1487-95

IPEMA Certified Playground Equipment [23489] ?

Database of manufacturers of IPEMA certified playground equipment

Keeping Playgrounds Safe [18329] ?

Advice on how to reduce the risk of injuries on playgrounds

National Playground Safety Inspector Certification [10573] ?

Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) Certification

Play Equipment Safety [39854] ?

Safety advice

Play It Safe [23810] ?

Playground equipment safety precautions

Playground Accessibility [25230] ?

Accessibility guidelines for playgrounds under the Americans with Disabilities Act

Playground Checklist [11745] ?

Checklist can be used to evaluate the general safety of your local playground

Playground Injuries [22387] ?

Typical playground injuries

Playground Injuries [5715] ?

Fact sheets provides statistics and injury prevention advice about playground injuries

Playground Injury [12679] ?

Playground safety fact sheet

Playground Injury Prevention Guide [27622] ?

Guidelines for playground design and maintenance - includes a safety checklist

Playground Inspections [17606] ?

Worksheets, forms, checklists, etc. for playground inspections

Playground Recreation Injuries [12517] ?

Legal rights of the injured child

Playground Risk Evaluation [36711] ?

A scoring system with each yes response receiving one point

Playground Safety [12668] ?

Advice regarding playground equipment safety

Playground Safety & Accessibility [12798] ?

Information related to project planning for playgrounds

Playground Safety for Vacation Resorts [12518] ?

What resort owners need to know

Playground Safety Guidelines [22620] ?

Guidance for creating safe playgrounds

Playground Safety Info [25014] ?

Fact sheet for planning and supervising playground safety

Playground Safety Injuries [24570] ?

How children are injured

Playground Safety Injury Facts [13149] ?

Injury facts from the CDC

Playground Safety Tips [27623] ?

To keep having fun without getting hurt, here are some important rules to remember

Playground Safety Update [25301] ?

Covers topics such as pressure treated wood playgrounds, inflatables, winter use of playgrounds

Playground Supervision of Students & Liability [19564] ?

A discussion of playground supervision liability

Playground Surfacing Materials [29132] ?

The surface under playground equipment can be a major factor in determining the injury-causing potential of a fall

Playgrounds and Helmets Don't Mix [17988] ?

The potential for strangulation by a helmet strap on playground equipment

Playgrounds, the Place Kids Get Hurt [25812] ?

Crucial elements in playground safety

Playing it Safe [12672] ?

Results of a 1998 nationwide safety survey of public playgrounds in the USA

Public Playground Equipment Checklist [29130] ?

Injury free safety tips and checklist

Public Playground Safety Handbook [pdf] [10540] ?

CPSC playground equipment safety information in the form of guidelines

Public Playground Safety Materials [10541] ?

Includes a checklist for playground safety inspections

Recreational & Sports Safety Publications [2048] ?

CPSC documents, handbooks, checklists, etc. on playground and sports safety

Safety at Your Playground [pdf] [19563] ?

Guidelines for establishing long-term goals and procedures for the playground safety program

Sample Safety Checklist for Active Play Areas [19571] ?

Checklist for safety equipment and location hazards

School Playground Safety [29136] ?

Tips to help to avoid accidents and injuries on school playgrounds

School Playground Safety Guidelines [pdf] [11980] ?

Guidance for school playgrounds

Site Work: Playground Equipment [pdf] [4870] ?

Construction specs for playground equipment

Site Work: Playground Surfacing [pdf] [4869] ?

Construction specs for playground surfacing

Surfacing Under Playground Equipment [19562] ?

Advice about surfacing used under playground equipment

Surfacing Under the Playground Equipment [29134] ?

What to look for

The National Program of Playground Safety [5058] ?

Statistics, playground safety information, answers to common questions and more

Trampoline Injuries [18842] ?

Basic advice concerning trampoline safety

Trampoline Safety Alert [10543] ?

CPSC safety alert related to trampolines

Trampoline Safety Articls [28868] ?

Trampoline safety tips

Trampoline Safety Tips [8902] ?

Safety advice regarding trampoline use

Which Helmet for Which Activity [pdf] [10575] ?

Which helmet to use for which activity

Yards for Kids [21949] ?

Tips for Great-Looking, Pesticide-Free Yards

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