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Office safety training materials - programs, checklists, handouts, safety talks, etc.

24 Resources
Anchor Tall Bookcases and File Cabinets [pdf] [17323] ?

Keep these points in mind when you anchor large pieces of furniture

General Office Safety Program [pdf] [20679] ?

Basic rules of office safety

General Office Safety Prorgram [pdf] [26456] ?

Safety rules for office workers

Health & Safety in the Office [pdf] [9506] ?

A guide to office safety and health

Office Emergency Procedures Checklist [pdf] [22405] ?

What to do in case of emergency

Office Safety Analysis [18951] ?

Office general safe work practices

Office Safety and Health Guide [pdf] [25410] ?

Provides guidance on the elements of safe office work

Office Safety Briefing [27260] ?

Safety tips and rules for the office

Office Safety Checklist [pdf] [25064] ?

An example checklist for office safety

Updated Office Safety Checklist [22361] ?

Identifying the dangers and correcting the problems can help ensure a safe work environment

Office Safety Fact Sheet [pdf] [2762] ?

Basics of an office safety program

Office Safety Guidance [4997] ?

How to control office safety hazards

Updated Office Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [27272] ?

Includes questions relating to general office safety, ergonomics, fire prevention, and electrical safety

Office Safety Inspection Checklist [pdf] [16750] ?

For use by office personnel

Office Safety Practices [22292] ?

General office safety

Updated Office Safety Safe Working Practices [18788] ?

The hazards and dangers which are commonly found in offices

Office Safety Tips [18787] ?

Tips to help avoid office accidents

Office Safety Work Practices [pdf] [27243] ?

Outlines office safety hazards and injury prevention strategies

Updated Safe Office Checklist [pdf] [36301] ?

Includes photos of some common office hazards

Sample Self-certification Safety Checklist For Home-based Telecommuters [420] ?

Sample checklist to be completed and signed by telecommuting employees

Security of the Mail [29152] ?

US Postal Service guidance for commercial mailers

Self-Certification Safety Checklist for Home-Based Telecommuters [18280] ?

Checklist is designed to assess the overall safety of the home office of a telecommuter

Suggestions for Preventing Office Injuries [14526] ?

Tips to prevent certain types of common office injuries

Workstation Design & Inspection Guidelines [18281] ?

Guide on the hazards of an office work environment

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