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Resource materials related to needlestick injury prevention, safety statistics, state laws, federal legislation, safety devices, safety training, etc.

20 Resources
CA-California Reusable Sharps Containers [16580] ?

Information on the topic from the State of CA

Canada: Needlestick Injuries [8338] ?

Health Canada statistics on HIV transmission via needlesticks & recommended guidelines

Collected Abstracts on Needlestick Safety [14740] ?

Sharp object injury costs and more

EPINet Software [14743] ?

Download the software here

Guide to Sharps Safety [20868] ?

How safety equipment and other measures can prevent needlesticks

How to Dispose of Sharps [18472] ?

Example of policies on how to handle sharps and piercing objects

MAUDE - Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience [14754] ?

When an event involving needlesticks and blood exposure is reportable to FDA's CDRH

Needle Safety Performance Standard [36005] ?

For the design, evaluation, and selection of medical devices

Needlestick Safety and Prevention Law Resources [14741] ?

Online tutorial for health care workers

Needlestick Safety Feature Device Evaluation [14734] ?

Design criteria for evaluation of several medical devices

Preventing Needlestick Injuries in Health Care Settings [14739] ?

NIOSH Alert - provides an historical background of the problem

Preventing Needlesticks and Sharps Injuries [24826] ?

Available engineering controls and work practices to prevent exposure to blood and other body fluids

Safer Needle Devices: Protecting Health Care Workers [7938] ?

Technical assistance in understanding the role of safer needle devices

Sample Sharps Policy and Procedure [36004] ?

Needlestick/sharps injury and disposal of sharps procedures

Selecting, Evaluating, and Using Sharps Disposal Containers [3287] ?

Presents a comprehensive framework for selecting sharps disposal containers

Sharps - Evaluation of Safety Devices [14747] ?

Lesson learned in safer medical device implementation in health care facilities

Sharps Injury Prevention Program [pdf] [36001] ?

Workbook for Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Sharps Injury Prevention Program

Sharps Safety Toolkit [36003] ?

To prevent and reduce the incidence of sharps injuries

Sharps Safety Workbook [7940] ?

For designing, implementing and evaluating a sharps injury prevention program

Training for Development of Innovative Control Technologies Project [14746] ?

Preventing exposure to blood through better design and evaluation of medical devices and equipment

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