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GCat: Safety
MCat: Safety
Cat: Material Handling

Information on material handling, conveyors, bucket brigades, pallets, pallet standards, conveyor systems, automatic guided vehicle systems, containers, storage systems.

5 Resources
Bucket Brigade Assembly Lines [10278] ?

Tutorial on organizing a flow line so that the line balances itself

Cargo Specialists Handbook [14094] ?

Covers safe cargo handling at sea, in air and on land via rail and motor transport

CEMA: Conveyor Safety Program [11867] ?

A recommended common industry practice & guidelines for any conveyor system

European Pallet Standards [10279] ?

Information on EU pallet standards, including footprint size

Pallet Racking Safety [pdf] [16516] ?

The basics

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Real-life ergonomics studies conducted by universities, consulting firms, etc

Ergonomics / References
Full text of a design guide, an ergonomics manual, lecture notes and more

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Safety / Cranes-Hoists
Crane and hoist safety program materials

Safety / Equipment
Safety materials on industrial robots, woodworking machinery, machine shops, etc

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