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Full text of fork truck safety program and operator training. Forklift safety guide and inspection checklists. Procedures for the safe operation of lift trucks. Preventing tipover.

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CA-California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Sections 3649 3668 Industrial Trucks [22356] ?

State requirements regarding forklifts and industrial trucks

CAL-OSHA Operating Rules for Industrial Trucks [pdf] [39528] ?

Text of General Industry Safety Order 3664 - California

CAL-OSHA Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training [14182] ?

Effective July 15, 2000 - full text of the CAL-OSHA requirements for forklift training

Canada: Guideline for the Safe Operation and Maintenance of Powered Lift Trucks [17018] ?

Requirements in Ontario, Canada for safe forklift operations

Chocking of Tractor Trailer While Being Boarded by Forklifts [26026] ?

Chocking of Tractor Trailers under the Powered Industrial Truck Standard

Daily Checklists for Powered Industrial Trucks [11187] ?

Checklists for specific types of industrial trucks

Forklift & Pedestrian Safety Articles [11541] ?

Discusses the patterns of forklift accidents and how to prevent

Forklift and Powered Industrial Truck Safety [22283] ?

Forklift safety program that includes pallet safety

Forklift Battery Charging Station Safety [14368] ?

Fact sheet provides safety advice regarding charging forklift batteries

Updated Forklift Battery Hazards [pdf] [25353] ?

Use extreme caution when charging batteries

Forklift Operation & Safety Training [12724] ?

Online tutorial on forklift safety

Forklift Operator Training [3162] ?

Fact sheet provides guidance

Forklift Safety & Maintenance [28964] ?

Includes forklift maintenance and forklift safety materials

Forklift Safety Checklist [pdf] [35801] ?

Example of a forklift operator's daily safety inspection check-off list

Forklift Safety Guidance [6714] ?

Safe operation tips

Forklift Safety Guide [pdf] [40351] ?

Administrator's manual

Forklift Safety Program [pdf] [23322] ?

Text of a safety program for forklifts includes forklift safety forms

Forklift Trucks [8359] ?

Forklift safety including a daily checklist

Forklifts and other Powered Industrial Trucks Training Presentation [16341] ?

Online training presentation for forklift safety

Industrial Truck Association [10273] ?

Members are manufacturers of forklifts, tow tractors, rough terrain vehicles, hand-pallet trucks

Industrial Truck Operating Rules [pdf] [27288] ?

32 rules for operators of forklifts

Industrial Truck Safety Policy [pdf] [23905] ?

Text of a sample program

Industrial Trucks Safety [doc] [3446] ?

Safety bulletin that describes safety guidelines for lift trucks

MI-Michigan Powered Industrial Truck Publications [23129] ?

Assistance with meeting the requirements of the MIOSHA Powered Industrial Trucks standard

Powered Industrial Truck Safety [pdf] [25927] ?

Safety requirements relating to fire protection, design, maintenance and the use of powered industrial trucks

Powered Industrial Truck Safety [7860] ?

Chapter in a safety and health manual

Powered Industrial Trucks Operator Training FAQ [17947] ?

Answers to common questions related to forklift training requirements

Preventing Injuries and Deaths of Workers Who Operate or Work Near Forklifts [17492] ?

Lessons learned - case studies about accidents related to forklifts

Rules of the Road for Forklift Safety [pdf] [11353] ?

A list of safety rules for forklift operators

Safe Operation of Forklifts [22517] ?

Operating and maintaining a forklift truck safely

Safety Reminders About Forklifts [21593] ?

Advice regarding forklift safety

Training Outline for Powered Industrial Truck Operators [pdf] [39893] ?

A comprehensive training outline

UK: Lift Trucks [27056] ?

Gives guidance on technical and legal requirements in the United Kingdom

Western Australia: Forklift Safety Requirements [21537] ?

Guidance offers tips on forklift safety

Western Australia: Forklifts & Loading Docks [10283] ?

Western Australia resources on the requirements of standards related to forklift accident prevention at loading docks

Western Australia: Forklifts Frequently Asked Questions [10284] ?

Forklift standards for Western Australia

WY-Wyoming OSHA Forklift Safety [37083] ?

Toolbox talks on forklift safety - includes safety rules

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