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Food safety publications. Food labeling. Food poisoning. Food irradiaiton. Produce. Milk safety. Seafood safety. Consumer fact sheets related to produce food safety. Retail food protection. Online course for understanding food laws and regulations in the USA.

80 Resources
A Consumer's Guide to Food Safety Risks [18283] ?

Backgrounder on the topic

AHRI Standards [18564] ?

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute standards

Basic Elements of a Sanitation Program for Food Safety [35979] ?

Basic elements of a sanitation program for food processing and food handling

Biosecurity & Food Safety [2089] ?

Selected readings on the subject

CA-California Food Safety Inspection Guidelines for Food Processors [17363] ?

Series of documents related to California food safety inspection guidelines for food processors

Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label [40943] ?

FDA requirements for nutrition labels per 2016 final rule changes

CODEX International Food Standards [6079] ?

Food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme

Commercial Food Safety [35975] ?

A series of topics related to equipment cleaning, sanitation, food safety hazards for growers and more

Consumer Food Preparation and Safety Guidelines [39760] ?

Focus is on refrigerated and frozen foods

Critical Temperatures for Food Service [39534] ?

Charts of food safety temperatures

Egg Safety [7361] ?

Food safety guidelines from the American Egg Board

Employee Food Hazard Control in Retail Operations [7406] ?

Outlines the employee hazards and controls to prevent foodborne illness in retail food operations

Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing for Food Safety [35978] ?

Basic elements of equipment cleaning and sanitizing in food processing and handling operations

FDA Retail Food Protection [22108] ?

FDA retail food protection reference materials

Fish - Environmentally Safe [37766] ?

Fish that can be safely eaten at least once per week

Fish Consumption Advisories [37763] ?

Technical and scientific fish advisory information

Fish Consumption Advisories - USA [37764] ?

When contaminant levels are unsafe, consumption advisories recommend that people limit or avoid eating certain species

Food Equipment - Sanitary Design [35980] ?

General aspects of sanitary construction and design of food equipment

Food Irradiation [22060] ?

Answers about the safety of food irradiation

Food Irradiation - Basics [4239] ?

Food irradiation is the process of exposing food to ionizing radiation to destroy microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, etc

Food Irradiation - Labeling [39816] ?

History, Background and Status of Labeling of Irradiated Foods

Food Irradiation and Consumers [11630] ?

A fact sheet

Food Irradiation and Food Safety [1624] ?

Information and news on food irradiation

Food Irradiation and Packaging - FDA [39790] ?

FDA requirements

Food Irradiation Fact Sheet [pdf] [39815] ?

For consumers

Food Irradiation Facts [39813] ?

A basic fact sheet

Food Irradiation Information [14336] ?

Answers to common questions on food irradiation

Food Irradiation Part 179 Irradiation of Food [39814] ?

CFR regulations related to food irradiation

Food Labeling [4238] ?

FDA information on food labeling requirements

Food Marketing to Children and Adolescents [1497] ?

FTC guidance document

Food Processing Facilities - Sanitary Design [pdf] [35981] ?

General aspects of sanitary construction and design of food processing and handling facilities

Food Safety [6083] ?

Series of articles on the causes, control and prevention of foodborne illness

Food Safety - US Navy [pdf] [23947] ?

On food safety standards and sanitation of food service

Updated Food Safety and Processing [6080] ?

Food safety from the farm to the consumer's plate

Updated Food Safety Education [11638] ?

Resources & online materials for food safety training from the US federal government

Food Safety for Small Plants [2146] ?

Requirements for small and very small federal- and state-inspected establishment owners

Food Safety in a Power Outage [829] ?

Guidelines on whether to refreeze, refrigerate or discard various foods

Food Safety in the Kitchen [16021] ?

Guidance from the USDA

Food Safety Lessons [6092] ?

Four lessons on food safety for consumers

Food Safety Project [14333] ?

Food safety lessons, HACCP & food law, consumer control points

Food Safety Recall Manual [pdf] [35976] ?

A manual for planning and conducting a food product recall

Food Service Guide [14502] ?

Recommendations for food service areas

Food Service Safety Checklist [pdf] [36436] ?

A safety self inspection checklist

Food Service Sanitation Manual [pdf] [10277] ?

Text of a manual

General Information on Starting a Restaurant Business in Alabama [pdf] [15651] ?

Rules for Food Establishment Sanitation

Updated Genetically Modified Foods [7942] ?

Are GM foods safe?

GlobalGap Food Safety Standards [35977] ?

A private sector body that sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the globe

Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables [12753] ?

Guide is intended to assist the produce industry in enhancing the safety of produce

Guide to Restaurant Safety [pdf] [5046] ?

Guidance for California restaurants

Handling Produce Safely [39536] ?

Recommended practices

Harmful Algae [2617] ?

Exposure to humans is through the consumption of contaminated seafood products

Health Concerns with Food Pesticide Residues [pdf] [33868] ?

Tips for reducing exposures to pesticide residue on produce

Health Concerns with Food Uses of Plastics [pdf] [33867] ?

Some plastic chemicals can leach into food and drinks and possibly impact human health

Healthy Fish Guide [37762] ?

Includes fish advisories

How Food Preservation Works [5470] ?

Tutorial on the different forms of food preservation

ID-Idaho Food Safety Manual [25464] ?

Includes the Idaho Food Code

IL-Illinois Food Temperature Requirements [pdf] [39535] ?

Temperature requirements for potentially hazardous foods in retail food establishments

Updated Keep Food Safe [11636] ?

Information for consumers related to food safety

Meat & Poultry Safety [7264] ?

Articles on meat safety

Menu & Vending Machines Labeling Requirements [16053] ?

Guidance for restaurants and other retail establishments selling away-from-home foods

Mercury Concentrations in Fish [37765] ?

Mercury levels in commercial fish and shellfish

Milk Safety References [1259] ?

FDA food safety reference materials related to milk

National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods [23624] ?

Reports on microbiological performance standards for various foods

Pesticides and Food [12755] ?

EPA documents on pesticide residue in foods

Updated Preventing Pest Infestations [11861] ?

Tips on preventing pest control problems.

Refrigeration and Food Safety [17828] ?

Storage Times for Refrigerated Foods

Updated Reporting Illnesses and Product Complaints [11633] ?

Information on whom to contact in the US federal government for food safety issues

Retail Food Operations Hazards & Controls [7377] ?

Document provides the hazard analysis and controls needed in retail food operations

Retail Food Protection [4247] ?

Guidance for the food service industry

Safe Food Handling Education Campaign [18571] ?

Safe food handling education materials

Seafood Industry Safety References [2642] ?

FDA Guidance, Compliance & Regulatory Information

Seafood Information and Resources [4242] ?

FDA sources of information related to seafood safety

Seafood Network Information Center [10172] ?

Seafood HACCP, food labeling, sanitation, consumer seafood information and more

Temporary Food Service Operations [pdf] [35831] ?

Example of health and safety guidelines for temporary food service

Training Aids for Food Safety [15649] ?

The following training aids are designed to support training in food safety

USDA Labeling and Label Approval [11833] ?

Develops policies on food labeling, food additives, and product identity standards

WY-Wyoming Mobile Food Unit Requirements [pdf] [10264] ?

State requirements related to mobile food units and pushcarts

WY-Wyoming Temporary Food Stand Requirements [pdf] [10193] ?

State requirements related to temporary food stands

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Chemicals / Pesticides
Information on controlling the hazards of pesticides

Health / Nutrition
Food guide pyramid, nutrition guides, dietary guidelines, weight control & more

Medicine / Disease-Infectious
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of infectious disease

Regulations / FDA
Full text of 21 CFR Food & Drug regulations - FDA Food Code, etc.

Safety / Food Inspections
FDA inspection guides and manuals for specific food industries

Safety / Foodborne Illness
Guidelines on preventing foodborne illness

Safety / HACCP
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plans - food safety

Safety / Restaurants
Safety talks and information for restaurants and food operations

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