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Answers to common food safety questions. Summaries, symptoms, mode of transmission and controls for common foodborne illnesses. Food poisoning. Guide on safe food handling policies for employees. Safety and quality issues of interest to the foodservice industry. Food allergies.

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Adverse Reactions to Food, Food Allergy and Food Sensitivities [7590] ?

Document on the nature and scope of food allergy and sensitivity and foods

Causes of Foodborne Disease [7402] ?

Discusses the risk management of foodborne disease in retail food operations

Common Food Allergens [14335] ?

Information on common allergens for consumers and food service personnel

Economics of Foodborne Disease [14506] ?

Include medical costs, productivity losses from missed work, and premature deaths

Estimates of Foodborne Illness in the United States [3381] ?

Fact sheets and statistics

Factors Affecting the Growth of Microorganisms in Foods [1127] ?

Factors affecting growth of pathogens in foods

Fish FAQ [2620] ?

Fascinating facts about fish, shellfish, etc., including answers to food safety questions

Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis Network [2148] ?

A leader in food allergy and anaphylaxis awareness and the issues surrounding this disease

Food Handling Practices - Special Events [2125] ?

Safe food handling guidelines for food events

Updated Food Poisoning [2191] ?

The bacteria and viruses most frequently associated with food poisoning cases in the United States

Updated Food Safety Information Center [6586] ?

Information about foodborne illness prevention

Food-Related Diseases [4248] ?

Articles on foodborne and diarrheal diseases

Foodborne Illness [2147] ?

Food safety guidance from the US FDA

Foodborne Illness & Risk Factor Reduction [2185] ?

How to prevent foodborne illness

Foodborne Illness Hazard Control in Non-Regulated Group Feeding [7570] ?

Provides guidelines to churches, volunteer groups and others who may feed groups

Foodborne, Bacterial, and Mycotic Disease List [2149] ?

Fact sheets on preventing foodborne illness from e-coli and more

FoodNet - Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network [4246] ?

Active surveillance for foodborne diseases and related epidemiologic studies designed to help public health officials

Listeriosis: Preventing Foodborne Illness [2150] ?

Facts on how to prevent foodborne illness from listeriosis

Methyl Mercury in Fish [10174] ?

Advice regarding mercury in fish and shellfish

Parasites - Foodborne Diseases [17255] ?

Fact sheets and guides on food illness prevention

Preventing Foodborne Illness [31942] ?

What you can personally do to reduce your chances of contracting a foodborne illness

Salmonella Infection [2151] ?

From alfalfa sprouts, shell eggs, etc

The Bad Bug Book [11629] ?

Basic facts regarding foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins

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Medicine / Disease-Infectious
Clinical resources on the medical treatment of infectious disease

Safety / Food Inspections
FDA inspection guides and manuals for specific food industries

Safety / Food Safety
Guidance on food safety from production to consumption

Safety / Restaurants
Safety talks and information for restaurants and food operations

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