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Safety tips for consumers related to the use of fireworks. Information about state and federal law requirements in the USA related to the use of fireworks. Glossary of fireworks terms. Tips for safety in public fireworks displays.

11 Resources
Consumer Fireworks Safety Tips [17477] ?

Follow these safety tips

Fireworks Federal Regulations and Standards [17479] ?

Safety information for consumers

Fireworks Safety [10572] ?

Tips for public fireworks displays

Fireworks Safety [25876] ?

Series of safety materials related to fireworks safety

Fireworks Safety Info [25017] ?

Consumer safety fact sheet

Fireworks Safety Quiz [17488] ?

10 true/false questions with answers

Fireworks Safety Regulations [17478] ?

CPSC safety requirements

Fireworks State Laws [10577] ?

Directory of state laws related to fireworks

Glossary of Firework Terms [17489] ?

Includes pictures and definitions

Journal of Pyrotechnics [17476] ?

Issues of the Journal of Pyrotechnics [ISSN 1082-3999] appear twice a year

Official Fireworks Safety Guidelines [17468] ?

These Guidelines were adopted by the Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc. (PGI)

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