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Series of safety articles on gun safety rules, guides to gun safety, etc.

17 Resources
Airsoft Guns - Safety Concerns [8910] ?

Safety concerns are discussed

ATF Firearms Industry [12800] ?

ATF issues firearms licenses and conducts firearms licensee qualification and compliance inspections

Canada: Firearms [25268] ?

Resource materials related to Canadian laws related to firearms

Contractor Lead Exposure During Firing Range Clean-Up [20538] ?

Reducing lead exposures through the use of ventilation equipment and work practice procedures

Fact Sheet on Gun Violence [11926] ?

Firearms facts and gun violence research

Firearm Injury Prevention Programs [22264] ?

A review of the research on the effectiveness of firearm injury prevention programs

Firearms Safety Info [25015] ?

Fact sheet for responsible firearm ownership

Firearms Safety Standard [26838] ?

Example of a firearms safety program

Updated Firing Ranges: The Airborne Lead Hazard [pdf] [14146] ?

Exposure to lead dust and fumes at the firing range can present a potential health risk

Gun Safety Rules [25175] ?

Basic gun safety rules

Updated Gun Safety Rules [12685] ?

The fundamental NRA rules for safe gun handling

Updated Handgun Gun Safety, Operation & Storage [2208] ?

Basic safety rules about the use and storage of handguns

Indoor Firing Ranges Industrial Hygiene Technical Guide [pdf] [23732] ?

Discussion of ventilation design and recommendations for controlling exposure to hazards

Lead Hazards - Reducing Lead at Indoor Firing Ranges [12526] ?

Exposure to lead dust at the firing range puts employees & customers at risk of lead poisoning

Range Safety Manual [pdf] [37755] ?

Text of the manual

State Firearm Laws [15194] ?

A summary of state firearm laws - concealed weapons, background checks, assault weapons, ballistic ID, ammunition regs

Unintentional Firearm Injury [12680] ?

Risks of unintentional firearm-related death and injury to children from a loaded firearm

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