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How to use fall arrest systems. Requirements for fall protection.

23 Resources
Canada: Construction Fall Prevention [17027] ?

Fall prevention requirements in Ontario, Canada

Care of Safety Belts, Harnesses and Lanyards [8367] ?

Basics of fall protective equipment

Fall Arrest System Checklist [pdf] [27184] ?

Safety checklist outline

Fall Protection Articles [24966] ?

Series of articles related to fall protection equipment and procedures

Updated Fall Protection Considerations [38471] ?

The following factors are key considerations to provide maximum fall protection safety

Fall Protection Equipment [18790] ?

A description of various fall protection equipment

Fall Protection for Aerial Work Platforms [3132] ?

Safety fact sheet outlines requirements for fall protection

Fall Protection Guide for Aircraft Maintenance and Inspection [pdf] [38475] ?

Example of a fall protection program - aircraft maintenance, inspection, and other related work

Fall Protection in Construction [16114] ?

Fall exposure management

Fall-Arrest System Checklist [pdf] [30217] ?

To be used at the jobsite

Federal OSHA Fall Protection Regulations [21700] ?

Full text of federal OSHA Fall Protection Regulations

Ontario, Canada: Work at Height Checklist [pdf] [40134] ?

For tasks above 5 feet (1.5m)

Preventing Falls by Design [5973] ?

Outlines the difference in cost factors relating to when fall protection is introduced in a project

Preventing Falls of Workers through Skylights, Roof & Floor Openings [26228] ?

Describes five deaths resulting from falls through skylights and roof and floor openings

Recidivist Risk takers Who Work at Height [25777] ?

The research identifies a range of interventions aimed at reducing risk taking behaviour

Roofing Safety [2543] ?

Learning & Practicing Roofing Safety

Safety in Pole Climbing [28465] ?

Safety guidelines for electricians that includes pole climbing

Safety Netting: OSHA [8006] ?

OSHA code on safety nets

Sample Fall Protection Program [23809] ?

A sample program focused on OSHA compliance

Tower Industry: Learning to Climb Safely [20849] ?

Tower Technician Safety

United Kingdom: Work at Height [31742] ?

UK's requirements

Western Australia: Slips & Falls [13433] ?

Essential information on workplace hazards related to falls from heights

What are Your Options for Fall Protection? [27319] ?

The fall protection plan is a rarely noticed option

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