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Trenching safety tutorial, trenching and excavation safety checklists, trenching and shoring procedures, tunnels and shafts in rocks

27 Resources
Canada - Excavation Safety Checklist [pdf] [20640] ?

A checklist for excavation safety inspections

Common Ground One-Call Systems and Damage Prevention Best Practices Study Report [25079] ?

Results of best practices study of one call centers to locate underground utilities before you dig

Dig Safely [20667] ?

Numbers and links are provided to assist in locating underground utilities

Excavation Best Practices [25080] ?

Damage Prevention Best Practices

Excavation Checklist [12386] ?

Yes/no competent person checklist

Excavation Entrance Permit Checklist [pdf] [40357] ?

A safety checklist for inspection of excavation hazards

Excavation Procedures for Underground Facilities [38623] ?

Damage prevention guidelines

Excavation Safety Planning [pdf] [38624] ?

Safety rules, policies and procedures

Excavation Safety Program Guide [pdf] [25949] ?

Guidance on trenching and excavation safety

Excavation Safety Requirements [pdf] [25948] ?

Outlines OSHA safety requirements related to trenching and excavation

Excavation Soil Mechanics [40358] ?

A video for evaluating soil types at excavation sites

Excavation Specs [18853] ?

Construction specs manual with sections related to excavation

Excavation, Trenching and Shoring Safety [26366] ?

Guide to OSHA requirements - contains 10 chapters

Forming & Shoring Safety Rules [17884] ?

Recommendations for inspecting used welded tubular frame shoring equipment

Preventing Deaths & Injuries from Excavation Cave-Ins [997] ?

Background and guidelines on work practices for excavation jobsites

Preventing Injuries When Working with Hydraulic Excavators and Backhoe Loaders [24853] ?

Take the following steps while working with excavators or backhoe loaders

Safety Orientation - Excavation Workers [35968] ?

Steps to safer digging - video

Updated Trench Excavation Safety Rules [18778] ?

The overall concept of excavation safety

Trench Rescue - Operating Guidelines [pdf] [14573] ?

What trench rescuers need to know

Trenching & Excavation Competent Person Checklist [30214] ?

To evaluate the competent person within the scope of the excavation and trenching standard

Trenching & Excavation Operations Checklists [30215] ?

Guidelines and sample checklists

Trenching & Excavation Safety Guidelines [20668] ?

Guidance on trenching and excavation safety requirements

Updated Trenching and Excavation Safety [25610] ?

Construction Safety Consensus Guidelines

Updated Trenching and Shoring Procedures [pdf] [2293] ?

Example of a trenching and shoring safety policy

Tunnels and Shafts in Rock [pdf] [6452] ?

Engineering design for tunnels and shafts

WY-Wyoming OSHA Excavation Guidelines [37085] ?

A summary of general excavation OSHA requirements

WY-Wyoming OSHA Excavation Worksheet [pdf] [37084] ?

Designed to meet OSHA requirements

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