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Advantages and Disadvantages of Automating with Industrial Robots [27053] ?

How to choose the right industrial robot

Aerial Lift Truck Safety Procedures [27284] ?

Operating Instructions for Aerial Devices

Automatic Door Safety Check [27102] ?

Important safety tips for you to keep in mind

Automotive Lift Safety [pdf] [36053] ?

Safety tips

Updated Averting Water Hammer [26421] ?

How to avert such incidents

Backhoe Safety [16944] ?

How to use a backhoe safely

Backup Alarms [pdf] [37590] ?

Benefits of using a Broadband backup alarm versus a tonal alarm

Band Saw Safety Procedures [pdf] [27286] ?

For operators of band saws

Caterpillar Equipment Safety Checklists [35743] ?

Safety & Maintenance Inspection Checklists, Start-up & Shut Down Procedures Checklists

Caterpillar Equipment Safety Videos [35742] ?

Videos to help you conduct thorough walk around inspections on your equipment and more

Chippers and Shredders [16942] ?

Following these safety rules will help ensure operator safety & protect the chipper from damage

Construction Equipment Safety Tips [37005] ?

The top ten safety tips when using construction equipment

Daily Inspection Report: Front End Wheel Loader [28991] ?

Sample checklist and form

Electrical Safety - Housing Inspectors [25608] ?

What to look for

Updated Equipment Care Resources [40935] ?

Understand your equipment and how to care for it to prevent breakdown losses

Garage Door Injuries [22204] ?

Preventative steps you can take

General Shop Safety [26448] ?

Hazards associated with shop work require special safety considerations

Heavy Equipment Safety [16106] ?

These are generally accepted rules

Hedge Trimmers [16943] ?

A variety of safety features are available on commercial-use hedge trimmers

Updated Hoisting and Rigging Fundamentals [pdf] [27263] ?

Safety advice for those working with this type of equipment

How to Use Jacks Safely [26791] ?

Advice for the safe use of floor jacks

Hydraulic Excavators and Backhoe Loaders Injury Prevention [26224] ?

Preventing Injuries When Working with Hydraulic Excavators and Backhoe Loaders

Machine Shop Safety [18360] ?

Safe work practices

Updated Machine Shop Safety [pdf] [40350] ?

Safety guidance for machine shop workers

Machine Shop Safety Program [pdf] [26449] ?

Covers general shop safety

Machine Shop Safety Rules [pdf] [26459] ?

Sample safety rules for machine shop workers

Machinery Hazards [6713] ?

Most machinery has pinch points, wrap points, cut points or crush points

Machinery Hazards - Risk Assessment [pdf] [40356] ?

Physical hazards of machinery and equipment

Mower Safety Begins with the Operator [25626] ?

General mower safety guidelines

MSHA - Diesel Equipment Inventory [9783] ?

View the diesel inventory of any mine here

MSHA Equipment Approval and Certification [11130] ?

Support materials

MSHA Fire Suppression and Fire Protection Advisor [12371] ?

Understand MSHA's fire protection and suppression requirements for underground coal mines

Portable Generator Safety [27820] ?

Tips for safely operating a portable generator

Portable Generator Safety [pdf] [27678] ?

Safety tips to follow when using portable generators

Preventing Backovers [40468] ?

How to prevent vehicle backover incidents

Preventing the Injury of Workers by Robots [13975] ?

Describes guidelines for worker safety

Radial Arm Saw Safety Procedures [pdf] [27287] ?

For operators of radial arm saws

Recommended Exposure Limits for Mineral Oil Mist [40355] ?


Renting Lawn and Grounds Equipment Safely [36999] ?

Rental shops bear a large responsibility for making sure their lawn and grounds equipment is operated safely

Safely Converting Skid Steers into Land Clearing Machines [37003] ?

Equip your skid steer and compact track loaders to safely tackle land clearing tasks

Safety Inspection Report: Bucket Truck (Cherry Picker) [28986] ?

Sample checklist and form

Shop Safety [22534] ?

Fact sheet outlines safety hazards and controls for equipment repair shops

Snowthrower Safety [pdf] [14341] ?

Snowblowers are safe if used properly

Table Saw Safety Procedures [pdf] [27285] ?

For operators of table saws

Updated Trailer Safety Checklist [pdf] [25607] ?

Don't take chances-check all of these inspection items

UK: Woodworking Industry Safety Work Practices [27055] ?

The minimum required safety practices relating to woodworking machinery

UK: Woodworking Machinery Safety [27054] ?

The minimum required safety standards relating to woodworking machinery

Understanding the Dangers of Hydraulic Systems First Hand [37000] ?

Injection injuries demand immediate treatment

Utility Cart Guidelines and Procedures [26566] ?

Sample safety rules and procedures for operating golf carts and utility carts

Western Australia: Plant and Machinery [13435] ?

Essential information on hazards arising from the operation or use of plant and machinery

Wheelbarrow Safety [28992] ?

Inspection and handling tips

Wood Chippers [16564] ?

Injury Associated with Working Near or Operating Wood Chippers

Woodworking Machinery Checklist [3169] ?

Safety checklist to for safety hazards and controls in the use of woodworking machinery

Woodworking Machines [8363] ?

Safety tips on the use of woodworking equipment

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