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Guide to revisions in scaffolding standards, safety meeting outlines, documents related to construction safety. Underground gas main explosions. Jobsite safety handbook. Safety requirements for Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) and Explosives. Safety meeting outlines. PPE in construction. OSHA Fatal Facts related to construction.

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Assessment, Cleanup, and Repair of Structures Safety Hazards [30184] ?

Recommendations to control safety hazards related to storm cleanup activities

Basic Contractor Safety [18926] ?

Job site safety requirements and responsibilities for contractors

Bridge Lead Removal and General Site Safety [12576] ?

Safety program for working on bridges containing lead-coated surfaces

Building Construction Manual [28464] ?

View operational manual online

CA-California Roofing Fall Safety Requirements [pdf] [35725] ?

Summarizes Section 1730 of Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations

CA-California Roofing Safety General Requirements [pdf] [35726] ?

Summarizes Section 1724 of Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations

Canada - Owner's Guide to Contractor Health and Safety [pdf] [18400] ?

Document provide advice on construction safety topics for Alberta, Canada

Canada: Construction Health and Safety Manual [18975] ?

Templates and guidance

Updated Canada: Safe Construction Work Practices [22067] ?

Safe work practice documents for the construction industry

Center to Protect Workers Rights [2951] ?

Publications, hazard alerts, & industry data related to construction worker safety

Construction - OSHA Scaffolding [26332] ?

OSHA safety and health information relevant to scaffolding

Construction Checklist for Self-Inspection [12578] ?

Job site self-inspection checklist

Construction Environmental Health and Safety Standard [17002] ?

Example of a contractor/subcontractor safety assessment program

Construction Equipment Dangers [pdf] [26790] ?

Handout for employees

Construction Fatalities in the USA [23334] ?

Fatality investigation reports of incidents where construction work activities resulted in the deaths of workers

Construction Job Tasks and Occupational Diseases [14112] ?

Chart links diseases and construction job tasks

Construction Jobsite Loss Control Survey [26060] ?

Checklist of safety items that should be observed at construction job sites

Construction Loss Control Bulletins [25374] ?

Bi-monthly newsletter that provides contractors with updates regarding safety, regulatory and technical issues

Construction Project Safety Standards [26061] ?

55 page document created by a school district for any school repair or construction projects

Construction Safety & Health [23332] ?

Technical resources and databases related to construction safety and health

Construction Safety & Health Management [24961] ?

Series of articles on construction safety management

Construction Safety and Risk Management [35584] ?

A series of documents related to contractor safety and risk management practices

Construction Safety Fact Sheets [40798] ?

Useful for construction industry safety programs

Construction Safety for the Home Building Industry [2793] ?

Guidance on building a model safety program for home building

Construction Safety in the USA [23333] ?

This work includes many hazardous tasks and conditions

Construction Safety Manual [pdf] [25167] ?

Example of a construction manual in use by an airport authority

Construction Safety Pre-Operational Planning [30140] ?

The goal of preplanning is to reduce hazards, which will minimize disruption, increase efficiency, and lower costs

Updated Construction Safety Research [649] ?

Construction industry job site safety studies

Construction Site Safety Management [18769] ?

Use pre-job safety planning to help control job site safety hazards

Construction-related Hazard Alerts [20494] ?

Can be used for training for workers employing real-life safety situations

Contractor EHS Manual [pdf] [40515] ?

A university's requirements for construction, service and maintenance contractors who service their facilities

Contractor Safety Guide [pdf] [22280] ?

Sample safety guide for contractors performing work on your premises (pdf)

Contractor Safety Program [pdf] [18364] ?

Example of a plan for non-employees/contractors working on your premises

Contractor Safety Requirements [pdf] [40868] ?

Example of a construction safety manual

Contractor Safety Responsibilities [22587] ?

Designed by a university to control contractor safety on their campus

Contractors: Environmental Responsibilities [pdf] [35832] ?

Example of a policy of environmental requirements at construction sites

Daily Pre-Job Safety Briefing Form [pdf] [20616] ?

Includes a job/hazard assessment section

Debris Reduction, Recycling, and Disposal [30188] ?

Applies to safety hazards to debris collection and removal crews

Debris Removal Safety Hazards [30187] ?

Apply to debris collection and removal crews operating dredging, lifting, separating, sweeping, and hauling equipment

Demolition & Structural Instability [25780] ?

Health and safety in refurbishment involving demolition and structural instability

Demolition Specs [pdf] [18851] ?

Specs manual related to site demolition

Electrician Construction Manual [28463] ?

7 chapters plus appendices - operational manual - view online

Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Health [15661] ?

Training materials, checklists, lessons learned and much more on construction safety

Eliminating Construction Equipment Failures [35404] ?

Following are some examples of the little things to look at, and areas to explore when preplanning the work

EM 385: Your Guide to Safety on DoD Construction Projects [24779] ?

How US Dept of Defense construction safety requirements differ from OSHA

Engineering Control Guidelines for Hot Mix Asphalt Pavers [981] ?

Guidelines for engineering controls to reduce highway asphalt fumes at the source

Fall Protection for the Construction Industry [pdf] [25951] ?

Guide to assist in understanding how fall protection applies to the construction industry

Falls from Roofs - Training Materials [39224] ?

Each fact sheet includes photos to assist in safety training to avoid falls from roofs

Fell a Tree with the Open-Notch-and-Bore Method [16946] ?

Advice on how to safely fell a tree

Floodwater Removal and Levee Repair - Safety Hazards [30190] ?

Hazards that apply to inspectors, engineers/hydrologists, mechanics, and construction response and recovery workers

Framing Contractor Injury and Illness Prevention Program [pdf] [35803] ?

Example of a safety manual for a framing contractor

High Voltage Overhead Lines [1604] ?

Safe Work Practices as required in the State of California

Job Site Safety Checklist [27302] ?

A job start-up safety checklist outline

Job Site Safety Foreman Safety [38628] ?

A bulletin describing safety responsibilities of construction foremen and supervisors

Job Site Safety Handbook [pdf] [3547] ?

Handbook of minimum safe work practices and rules for general construction

Jobsite Foreman's Role in Safety [30164] ?

The foreman is a grossly underutilized resource when it comes to managing safety effectively on the construction site

Jobsite Safety Handbook [pdf] [2542] ?

Example of a general contractor safety handbook

Landscape Materials: Obeying the Rules of Safe Dumping and Hauling [5063] ?

Eliminate problems in hauling landscape materials by proper loading and securing

Manhole Safety Hazards [pdf] [39274] ?

A safety presentation

Manual: Earthmoving Operations [pdf] [19033] ?

Technical field manual for earthmoving equipment operations - limited safety materials (pdf)

Manual: Paving and Surfacing Operations [19035] ?

Technical field manual for paving operations - limited safety materials

Masonry Safety Tips [20669] ?

Safety fact sheet for masonry hazards

MSHA Part 46 Sand, Gravel, And Crushed Stone On-the-job Training Modules [16593] ?

Instruction Guide designed to supplement existing health and safety training programs

Myths of Construction Safety [21965] ?

This article provides a list of general safety myths

NE-Nebraska Road Construction Manual [24983] ?

Includes safety requirements within the manual such as lighting, signs and traffic control

New Employee Orientation for Construction Workers [35588] ?

Example of elements for conducting a new construction employee safety orientation

NIOSH Publications on Construction [10532] ?

Articles, safety bulletins, etc. related to the construction industry

NM-New Mexico Sample Written Safety Programs [40206] ?

Fall protection for construction, hazard communication, confined spaces, respiratory, trenching and excavation

Owner's Responsibility to Construction Safety [pdf] [39375] ?

Role of the owner in jobsite safety

Petroleum Contractor Safety Program [pdf] [40130] ?

Designed for new construction, demolition, clean-up of underground and above ground storage tank systems

Plan Ahead for Demolition Site Safety [35733] ?

A look at key elements of an effective demolition safety program

Power Line Hazard Awareness [27691] ?

Awareness, Planning are Critical for Preventing Deaths

PPE for the Construction Industry [3133] ?

Fact sheet outlines OSHA requirements for personal protective equipment in construction

Preventing Electrocutions When Working Near Overhead Power Lines [3734] ?

Describes guidelines for worker safety during work with scaffolds near overhead power lines

Preventing Injuries and Deaths from Metal-Reinforced Hydraulic Hoses [1903] ?

Controls for use of metal-reinforced hydraulic hoses or aerial bucket trucks near power lines

Preventing Lead Poisoning in Construction Workers [18476] ?

Workers are potentially exposed to lead during work on bridges or other structures such as tanks

Pump Jack - FAQ [26333] ?

What it is and the applicable OSHA codes

Removal of Floodwaters from Structures Safety Hazards [30185] ?

Includes hazards incurred during initial entry into previously flooded areas

Removing and Salvaging Vehicles Post Disaster [30203] ?

Jobsite hazards related to removing flooded vehicles after a storm

Removing Human and Animal Remains Post Disaster [30204] ?

Jobsite hazards related to removing animal and bodily remains after a natural disaster

Residential Wood Framing Jobsite Safety Requirements [pdf] [26069] ?

Safety audit for the residential wood framing industry

Restoring Communications Systems [30197] ?

Jobsite hazards related to restoring downed phone/cable lines

Restoring Water and Sewer Services [30198] ?

Jobsite hazards related to restoring water and sewer services after a storm

Road Construction Safety and Health Program [39374] ?

Example of a safety program designed for an interchange road construction project

Roadside Safety [5062] ?

Outlines proper safety precautions to avoid the risk of accidents for roadside crews

Roof Inspection and Assessment Work Hazards [pdf] [38474] ?

Hazard awareness training for those involved in conducting roof investigation, assessment and inspection work

Roof Inspection, Tarping, and Repair Safety Hazards [30183] ?

Recommendations to control safety hazards related to roofing activities

Updated Roof Labor Safety Hazards [24906] ?

Safety procedures for working on the roof

Safety and Health on Bridge Repair, Renovation, and Demolition Projects [12577] ?

A guideline that addresses the specific safety and health concerns and issues affecting contractors

Safety and Health Program for Construction Projects [pdf] [32317] ?

A processes and procedure manual

Safety Considerations in the Construction Industry [17440] ?

Reducing accidents from falls, electrical, struck by, and caught in on construction sites

Safety for Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste and Explosives [6461] ?

Safety requirements for Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) and Explosives

Safety Guide for Project Managers [pdf] [20633] ?

A safety handbook for job site project managers

Safety Requirements for Contractors on the St Lawrence Seaway [pdf] [27251] ?

Contractors working on the locks, canals and channels are required to follow these safety requirements

Sample Accident Prevention Program - Construction (Spanish) [doc] [22590] ?

Download a sample construction safety program

Sample Construction Accident Prevention Program [doc] [35420] ?

A sample template to assist construction businesses in developing a safety program

Sample Construction Employee Safety Manual [doc] [35421] ?

A sample template

Sample Construction Safety Policies - Canada [18981] ?

A company safety program should include the following policies

Sample Contractor Safety Program [pdf] [39371] ?

For construction related trades

Scaffold Safety [16102] ?

Rules that are generally accepted practices with scaffolds

Scaffolding eTool [8433] ?

OSHA electronic Compliance Assistance Tool that provides scaffolding guidance information

Scaffolding: OSHA's Revised Standard 40 CFR 1926.451 [3100] ?

Fact sheet outlining requirements of OSHA's construction standard for scaffolding

Scaffolds - SAIA Codes of Safe Practices [18720] ?

Guidelines were created to promote safety in the erecting, dismantling and use of equipment

Sewer Construction Project: Use of Explosives [16569] ?

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Death After the Use of Explosives in a Sewer Construction Project

Silicosis Among Masons [17441] ?

Safe practices that should be used by masons to reduce exposure to silicosis

Sludge Removal Safety Hazards [30189] ?

Applies to crews responsible for removing sand and sludge that occur after floods

Solar Construction Safety Manual [pdf] [35583] ?

A safety manual for the construction industry specific to solar projects

Steelworker Manual [28461] ?

12 chapters plus appendices - view operational manual online

Temporary Housing Facilities After Disasters [30208] ?

Jobsite hazards related to siting and establishing temporary housing facilities after a disaster

The Construction Chart Book [11788] ?

The US Construction Industry and Its Workers online book

The More We Learn, the More Things Stay the Same [11787] ?

Notes on a Pioneer in Occupational Safety and Health

Tilt-Up Concrete Safety Program Guidance [37006] ?

The key for a safety program in a Tilt-Up firm is a site-specific safety plan

Unified Facilities Guide Specifications [14886] ?

Construction specs manual - 48 sections

United Kingdom: Construction Industry Hazards at Work [15674] ?

Construction information sheets

University Construction Standard [17003] ?

Contractor safety guidelines

Use of Pneumatic Nail Guns [3447] ?

Safe operating procedures for the use of pneumatic nail guns

Video - Skylight Fall Hazard [40448] ?

5 minute video to prevent deaths from skylight falls

Weatherization Crew Safety [4453] ?

Safety and health hazards encountered at weatherization construction projects

Western Australia: Construction Safety [10289] ?

Materials for safety and health in the construction industry

Western Australia: Working Safely in Hot Conditions [10298] ?

Western Australia requirements for workplace safety

Worker Health Chartbook [11917] ?

Data from many different sources on the nature and prevalence of work-related injuries, illnesses

Working Safely on the Roof [35862] ?

Describes safety anchors and harnesses that can prevent a fall from the roof

Workplace Housekeeping - Checklist for Construction Sites [8331] ?

An example of a workplace housekeeping checklist for construction sites

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Best practices for minimizing delay & enhancing safety in highway construction

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