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Safety materials related to the handling, storage and transportation of compressed gas cylinders, pressure vessels, etc. Pressure hoses.

35 Resources
Air Gun Safety [14363] ?

Guidance on using compressed air safely in the workplace

Cleaning with Compressed Air [8364] ?

Discussion of the hazards of using compressed air for cleaning

Compressed Gas & Equipment [17011] ?

Tips on injury prevention

Updated Compressed Gas Cylinder Guidelines [23316] ?

Necessary safety precautions, personal protective equipment and emergency response procedures

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Training Outline [pdf] [3328] ?

Guidelines for moving, storing, and use of compressed gas cylinders

Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage and Handling [3101] ?

Outlines gas cylinder storage and handling safety guidelines

Compressed Gas Cylinders [2243] ?

Principles for the safe storage, use, and transportation of compressed gas cylinders

Compressed Gas Cylinders Policy [pdf] [35166] ?

Handling, storage receipt and use

Compressed Gas Cylinders Safety [pdf] [3346] ?

Guidelines on how to properly handle compressed gas cylinders

Compressed Gas Safety [18470] ?

Example of a policy for safe use of toxic compressed gases

Updated Compressed Gas Safety [11611] ?

Safety related to the use, storage and transportation of gas cylinders

Compressed Gas Safety Checklist [22360] ?

Covers requirements which must be followed for the use of all compressed gases

Compressed Gas Systems Safety [19417] ?

Section of a safety manual related to gas pressure system safety

Filling and Maintenance of Liquid Nitrogen Tanks [40724] ?

Safety and health hazard prevention training video

Gas Cylinder Safety [16870] ?

Safe operating procedures for gas cylinders

Gas Cylinder Safety [24526] ?

Basic guidelines and rules to help ensure the safe handling and storage of compressed gas cylinders

Gas Cylinder Safety Guidelines [pdf] [28497] ?

Contains information on the proper storage, handling, use and disposal of compressed and liquified gas cylinders

Helium MSDS [11348] ?

Safety precautions

Helium Safety - Balloons [24158] ?

Hazards from Inhaling Helium From A Balloon

LP-GAs Container Helpful Hints [16380] ?

Basic safety hints for LP-gas containers - safe filling, gas regulators, etc.

Nitrous Oxide Safety [pdf] [24157] ?

Creating an Oxygen-Deficient Atmosphere

OPD Overfill Protection Device [14253] ?

OPD requirements in propane cylinders

Pressure Vessel Safety [3750] ?

Chapter of a safety manual

Updated Pressurized Cylinder Hazards [pdf] [32033] ?

Potential dangers of a pressurized cylinder

Products Transported in Pipelines [24527] ?

A listing of products that are transported through pipeline and their uses, properties and hazards

Propane BBQ Safety [12257] ?

Safety tips when using propane barbecues

Propane Consumer Info [15550] ?

Propane safety tips for your home, farm, fleet, etc.

Propane Floor Burnisher Equipment [pdf] [3238] ?

Operator manual safety advice for users of propane-fired equipment

Propane Safety [11424] ?

Tips for safe use and operation of propane-fueled equipment

Propane Safety Tips for Your Home [17324] ?

Advice for homeowners who use propane

Updated Propane Safety Training [25361] ?

Basics of propane safety

Propane Tank Fires [16565] ?

Fire Fighting Hazards During Propane Tank Fires

Protecting Your Property From Earthquakes: Propane Tanks and Gas Cylinders [11012] ?

Anchor and Brace Propane Tanks and Gas Cylinders

Toxic and Hazardous Gas Classifications [18471] ?

Chart includes PEL values as established by OSHA and more

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EPA requirements for above ground and below ground storage tanks

Property / Boilers
Boiler and pressure vessel safety materials

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Power washing materials

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Bulletins, guidance on safety in welding

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