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Full text of boating safety courses. Safe boating tips. Tide prediction. Coast Guard Navigation Center. Beaufort wind force scale.

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ABS Marine & Offshore Ship Safety Rules [27440] ?

Rules, for the design, construction and operational maintenance of ships and other marine structures

ABS Technical Papers [20752] ?

Technical papers from the American Board of Shipping

Aids to Navigation [26620] ?

Lighthouses, buoys, and beacons known collectively as aids to navigation or ATON

Aids to Navigation - Road Signs of the Waterway [6722] ?

A quick guide to navigation systems — buoys, beacons, and markers

Analysis of Watercraft Insurance Claims [27753] ?

Case studies that are instructive as to what can be expected when analyzing watercraft mishaps

AWO Responsible Carrier Program & Audit Checklists [20743] ?

Tools by which companies and auditors verify their compliance with the RCP

Boatbuilder's Handbook [13520] ?

For manufacturers of recreational boats who must comply with the applicable regulations

Boating Accident Report [10053] ?

US Coast Guard data on boating accidents

Boating and Sailing Safety [19459] ?

Information that can help you stay safe on the water

Boating and Water Safety Publications [14090] ?

General boating safety, ice safety, cold water dangers, etc

Boating Basics Safety Course [2607] ?

Full text of online course on boating safety approved by NASBLA

Boating Safety Basics [22238] ?

Enjoying the water safely

Boating Safety Circulars [13082] ?

Source of information on boating safety topics

Boating Safety Regulations [2614] ?

US Coast Guard information

Boating Under the Influence [4851] ?

Boating under the influence (BUI) of alcohol is illegal in the USA

Canada - Nonresident Recreation Boating Rules [25267] ?

Understanding boating and marine safety regulations in Canada

Canada: Pre-Departure Marine Safety Inspection Checklist [5499] ?

Used by the Canadian government

Choosing a Life Preserver [20567] ?

A life preserver, also called a personal flotation device

Coast Guard Navigation Center [26623] ?

GPS, Loran and more

Commercial Fishing Morbidity and Mortality [40752] ?

Results of a NIOSH study

Equasis [17095] ?

International database of quality and safety-related information on the world’s merchant ships

Exposure to Mercury Vapor During the Use of Mercury Carburetor Synchronizers [16570] ?

Many motorcycle and marine mechanics work in garages without effective ventilation systems

Fishing Vessel Safety Program [20748] ?

The US Coast Guard program

Immersion Suit Care & Inspection [20757] ?

12 page brochure

Loss Prevention Guidance Risk Alerts - Commercial Vessels [32662] ?

A series of articles on commercial vessel safety

Marine Crewman's Handbook [14089] ?

Full text of a field manual for marine crewmen

Marine Life Safety and Fire Safety [10045] ?

Guidance on lifejackets, lifeboats, fire extinguishing systems, fire detection systems, etc.

Marine Loss Prevention [32664] ?

A series of resources on commercial vessel safety and security including cargo hazard alerts

Marine Safety Center Technical Articles [10701] ?

Commercial vessel systems safety designs

Marine Safety Information Bulletins [11897] ?

Safety hazards in the maritime industry

MARS - Marine Accident Reporting Scheme [20746] ?

Lessons learned accidents and near-misses in the marine industry

Model Acts for Safe Boating [26630] ?

Sample regulations for safe boat operation, personal safety and more

NASBLA Policy Positions [26631] ?

On topics such as boating safety issues, education issues and more

National Association of Marine Surveyors [26633] ?

NAMS members survey new and used vessels to determine condition and value

National Safe Boating Council [26621] ?

Mission is to enhance the safety of the recreational boating experience through education and outreach

Nautical Flags [6609] ?

Flag etiquette, international maritime signal flags, weather pennants and their meanings

Naval Vessel Protection Zones [25461] ?

Guidelines established by the U.S. Coast Guard to provide for the safety and security of U.S. naval vessels

North American Safe Boating Campaign [26625] ?

Boating safety tips, fact sheets, statistics, choosing the right life jacket, survivor stories and more

North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners' Association [13251] ?

Vessel Safety Program - dedicated to safety education and training for fishermen and other mariners

NOS Mapfinder [2609] ?

Coastal photography, nautical charts, coastal survey maps, environmental sensitivity index maps, etc

NTSB Marine Accident Reports [7968] ?

National Transportation Safety Board marine accident reports

OSHA Marine Cargo Gear Certification [pdf] [40566] ?

Gear Certification in the maritime industry (shipyard employment, marine terminals and longshoring operations)

Paddlesport Safety Guidelines [22306] ?

Rules of the Road for Paddlers

PFD's - Personal Flotation Devices [18791] ?

There are five types of PFD's approved by the Coast Guard

Pricing: Marine Consumer Prices [16083] ?

Database provides values for new and used boats, outboard motors, boat trailers, etc.

Recreational Boating Accident Statistics [356] ?

Information on recreational boating accidents in the USA

Reference Guide to State Boating Laws [26627] ?

Recreational boating safety public law in the 50 states

Rope Knots [26634] ?

How to tie several nautical knots

Safe Boating Tips [2608] ?

Series of safety tips for recreational boaters in the United States

Safe Lighting Practices in the Shipyard Industry [pdf] [40567] ?

Table outlines minimum OSHA requirements

Safety and Health Injury Prevention Sheets (SHIPS) [22992] ?

The shipyard community and OSHA have jointly developed Safety and Health Injury Prevention Sheets (SHIPS)

Ship's Gear and Equipment [14087] ?

Safe operation of ship's gear and rigging procedures

Shipshape Loss Prevention Posters [32663] ?

A series of posters for commercial vessel safety

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors [26632] ?

An International Society Dedicated to the Advancement of the Profession of Marine Surveying

Technical Papers on Maritime Safety [11898] ?

Series of safety articles on maritime safety, including fire at sea

Tides and Currents: USA Coast [2621] ?

US coastal water levels, meteorological observations, and current observations

US Coast Guard Civil Engineering Manual [pdf] [25473] ?

Coast Guard Naval Engineering policies and procedures

US Coast Guard Navigation Rules [11895] ?

View and search for various Federal Navigation Regulations by subject or location

US Maritime Loss Prevention [32661] ?

A series of articles for the industry

US Transportation Maritime Databases [22169] ?

17 databases related to maritime statistics - safety, pollution, commodities, etc.

USCG Marine Safety Manuals [11896] ?

US Coast Guard recommended occupational safety and health program

USCG Office of Safety and Environmental Health [14272] ?

US Coast Guard safety division for their personnel

USCG Passenger Vessel Safety Program [20749] ?

US Coast Guard requirements

Vessel Safety Check [26628] ?

What to look for - US Coast Guard

Vessel Safety Check (VSC) [pdf] [29073] ?

Checklist to be completed by a US Coast Guard approved Vessel Examiner

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