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Safety in the arts, arts and crafts safety, theater safety, entertainment industry safety, art hazards, perfoming art safety. Student Theater Operations Manual.

21 Resources
Updated ACMI Certified Product List [36034] ?

A database of the Art & Creative Materials Institute's approved products

Art Hazards [9339] ?

State of California guidelines for safe use of art and craft materials

Art Health and Safety Manual [36032] ?

Includes safety policies for specific art studios - ceramics, jewelry, metal, printmaking, photography, fiber arts, etc

Art Materials - Safety [pdf] [2049] ?

A safety guide from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Art Materials Safety Requirements for Manufacturers [36031] ?

CPSC guidance for manufacturers of art materials

Art Safety Training Guidance [24317] ?

Safety materials in use at a major university

Art Studio Safety [24517] ?

Art studio specific safety information

Art Studio Safety Guide [36029] ?

A safety guide for art studios

Art Studio Safety Policy [25150] ?

A list of safety precautions and safety rules for art studios

Art Supply Safety [36038] ?

Safety precautions

Body Art - Tattoo Industry Safety and Health [33195] ?

Exposures to blood in the body art industry can be reduced by the measures discussed here

Keeping Artists Safe [36036] ?

Hazards of Arts and Crafts Materials

Updated Labeling of the Hazardous Art Materials Act - LHAMA [36033] ?

An explanation of what the act requires

Law Requires Review & Labeling of Art Materials Including Children's Art [10555] ?

Overview of Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (Public Law 100-695)

Motion Picture Safety Bulletins [39863] ?

Safety guidelines for the motion picture industry in British Columbia

Performing Arts Safety Bulletins [39862] ?

Safety guidelines for the motion picture industry in British Columbia

Safety in the Art Studio [36422] ?

Safety advice

Safety in the Arts [pdf] [35830] ?

An environmental safety and health guidance document

Stage and Theater Safety Checklist [pdf] [19608] ?

Theater and stage safety checklist with yes/no questions

Tattoos, Temporary Tattoos and Henna Products [33196] ?

The safety of inks used in tattoos and permanent makeup and the pigments

Theater Safety Guidance [24316] ?

Safety materials for theater operations in use at a major university

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