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Fact sheets, guidelines, information relating to safe animal handling, infectious diseases affecting humans, etc.

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Air Transporting Live Animals [8444] ?

US government requirements for transporting animals by air

American Meat Institute Recommended Handling and Stunning Practices [26714] ?

Critical Control Points (CCPs) of Humane Slaughter and Handling with Audit Forms

Animal Behavior During Handling and Transport [26715] ?

Recommended Basic Livestock Handling Principles and Trucking Practices

Animal Care Program [30252] ?

Policies for the care, health and well-being of animals used for research

Animal Handling Safety [14845] ?

Safely Working With and Around Farm/Ranch Animals

Animal Handling Safety Considerations [14846] ?

Preventing injury and illness due to livestock handling

Animal Research Health and Safety Program [21047] ?

Controlling your exposure to hazards while conducting studies involving animals

Animals - Zoonotic Diseases [17254] ?

Diseases spread from animals to people

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center [18018] ?

What to do for a poisoned animal

Avoid Hitting Deer [22227] ?

How to avoid an unplanned meeting with a deer, moose or elk when driving

Barking Dogs - Model Anti-Barking Law [37589] ?

Guidance for administrators to create an abatement program for controlling chronic barking

Bear Safety [18928] ?

Protection against potential bear encounters in the wild

BSE & Carcass Removal [14855] ?

Precautions to take to prevent diseases from cattle known to affect man

Canada: Dog Bite Prevention [3975] ?

Advice to lessen the risk of dog bite injuries

Cercopithecine herpesvirus 1 (B Virus) Infection from Ocular Exposure [16571] ?

Mucocutaneous exposure to biological fluid from macaque monkeys can result in infection

Cleaning up Excrement of Wildlife, Birds, Bats, Raccoons, Rodents [3600] ?

Describes procedures for management of health hazards associated with bird and bat droppings

Controlling Occupational Hazards in Animal Rendering Processes [14840] ?

NIOSH criteria document outlines the hazards and health & safety guidelines

Dog Bite Prevention [pdf] [23782] ?

Strategies that communities can undertake for the prevention of dog bites

Dog Bite Prevention [7830] ?

Dog bite facts and safety tips

Dog Bite Prevention [17971] ?

Safety tips related to dog bites

Dog Bites - Facts and Prevention [pdf] [36059] ?

How to protect yourself

Dog-Bite - Legal [18015] ?

Legal advice to claimants regarding dog-bite cases

Dogs and the Law [2597] ?

Overview of types of laws that affect dog ownership

Dogs Bite [8192] ?

A national dog bite victims' group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks

Dogs: How to Handle a Dog Attack [19625] ?

Advice on what to do if a dog begins barking, growling or charges you

Guidelines for Experiments with Wild Rodents [pdf] [23304] ?

Fieldwork involving wild animals requires adapting the basic animal infection control guidelines

Influenza in Pigs [36282] ?

What pork producers and workers need to know about influenza in pigs and people

Livestock Animal Welfare [26721] ?

The single most important factor which affects animal welfare is the attitude of management

Livestock Handling Safety Considerations [23984] ?

Livestock safety advice

Livestock Handling Systems [26716] ?

Design of stockyards, lairages, corrals, races, chutes, and loading ramps

Livestock Research Articles [26722] ?

Research Articles on Animal Behavior, Welfare, and Reducing Stress - cattle, horses, pigs, sheep

Updated Livestock Safety [17364] ?

Safely Working Around Farm Animals

Merck Veterinary Manual [24543] ?

Includes over 12,000 indexed topics and over 1200 illustrations

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds [16015] ?

A list of the top 19

Occupational Hazards on Swine Farms [14839] ?

Paper on health and safety topics involving working on swine farms

Off-Leash Areas and Dog Parks [14306] ?

Planning for off leash policy at community parks

Updated Pest Control [9996] ?

Resources on pest management

Preventing Asthma in Animal Handlers [4387] ?

Guidelines to preventing asthma in animal handlers

Updated Procedures for Working with MPTP or MPTP-Treated Animals [pdf] [28880] ?

MPTP is 1-methyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine

Questions and Answers About Rabies [20239] ?

Measures for preventing rabies infection

Recommended Ritual Slaughter Practices (Kosher & Halal) [26718] ?

Plants which conduct ritual slaughter should install modern upright restraining equipment

Recommended Stunning Practices [26719] ?

Advice for safe and humane slaughter of animals

Restraint of Livestock [26717] ?

Improvements in the design of restraining devices enhances animal welfare and will reduce stress and injuries

Safety with Farm Animals [pdf] [14836] ?

Some tips on working safely around livestock

Shared Human-Animal Diseases [14838] ?

Understanding zoonoses, or zoonotic diseases

Starting a Dog Park [22298] ?

The following ideas and features are important for success in creating off-leash dog park

Surveys of Stunning and Handling in Slaughter Plants [26720] ?

Audits of stunning and handling in Federally Inspected Beef and Pork Plants

Working Safely with Livestock [14847] ?

Safety when handling cattle, horses, sheep, swine

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