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Amusement ride safety. Field inspection and test guide. Safety and service bulletins. Safety statistics in the carnival industry.

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Accessible Amusement Rides [39668] ?

Access Board accessibility guidelines for newly constructed and altered recreation facilities

AIMS International Safety Seminar [701] ?

Amusement industry safety

AK-Alaska Mechanical Inspection Section [10185] ?

Responsible for public safety related to amusement rides

Amusement Industry Certified Inspectors Directory [1026] ?

A list of inspectors certified by AIMS International

Amusement Park Physics [4234] ?

How physics laws affect amusement park ride design

Amusement Ride Accidents [5459] ?

Provides links to news stories, articles, fact sheets, statistics, etc. on amusement ride accidents

Amusement Ride Bulletins [554] ?

Manufacturers' amusement ride safety bulletins and industry news

Amusement Ride Restraints [4421] ?

Some basic information

Amusement Ride Safety [2310] ?

Statistics, safety tips, etc

Amusement Ride Safety Inspector Certification Program [522] ?

Outlines Level I, II and III certification requirements for amusement ride safety inspectors

Amusement Rides - Non-Destructive Testing Requirements [pdf] [39671] ?

A Reminder of Non-Routine Periodic Action, Including NDT

Amusement Rides Technical Bulletins [39670] ?

Technical information about amusement rides and device

Updated AR-Arkansas Amusement Ride Inspection [10184] ?

Guidance on the laws and regulations

ASTM Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices [33163] ?

Creates the best practices and safety standards for the industry

CA-California Amusement Ride Safety Inspection [16634] ?

California requirements for amusement ride safety

Carnival Rides Standards and Regulations [1075] ?

Amusement Park Rides Are NOT Federally Regulated

CO-Colorado Amusement Rides and Devices [18007] ?

Safety responsibilities for amusement rides and devices

CO-Colorado Amusement Rides and Devices Regulations [20450] ?

The amusement industry regulations for the state of Colorado

Concessions [pdf] [15650] ?

Operating a Temporary Food Service Concession

Council for Amusement and Recreational Equipment Safety [20522] ?

For officials responsible for amusement ride safety

Directory of State Amusement Ride Safety Officials [pdf] [17319] ?

Contact information for state agencies responsible for regulating amusement rides

Updated FL-Florida Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection [10189] ?

Responsible for inspecting all amusement rides in the State of Florida

GA-Georgia Amusement & Carnival Ride Rules [1003] ?

Full text of the Georgia regulations related to amusement and carnival ride safety

Go-Kart Related Injuries & Deaths to Children [pdf] [25584] ?

Results of the 2000 study conducted by the Hazards Analysis Division of the CPSC (pdf)

IA-Iowa Amusement Ride Inspections [33162] ?

The rules and regulations for amusement ride operations in the State of Iowa

IA-Iowa Chapter 88A Safety Inspection of Amusement Rides [27409] ?

Text of the laws regarding safety ride inspections in Iowa

Updated IL-Ilinois Amusement Ride and Attraction Safety Division Laws and Rules [35382] ?

Amusement rides must be inspected prior to initial operation and annually thereafter

IL-Illinois Admin Code Title 56 Chapter XIII Part 6000 Carnival & Amusement Ride Inspection [24110] ?

Text of the rules and regulations for the State of Illinois

Updated IL-Illinois Carnival & Amusement Rides Safety Division [8670] ?

All amusement rides and amusement attractions used by the public are subject to regulation

IN-Indiana Amusement Device Code [19909] ?

Full text of the Indiana Administrative Code

International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions [919] ?

Dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the amusement industry

International Association of Fairs and Expositions [12311] ?

Serving the fair industry

KS-Kansas Amusement Park Ride Inspection [38373] ?

Kansas requirements

KY-Kentucky Amusement Rides Program [1153] ?

Inspection of all amusement rides and attractions to ensure the safety of the equipment

LA-Louisiana Amusement Rides [17289] ?

Requirements for operation of amusement rides or attractions in Louisiana

MA-Massachusetts Public Safety Amusement and Entertainment [3705] ?

Responsible for amusement ride safety in the state - includes the text of the laws

MD-Maryland Amusement Ride Safety Inspections [10072] ?

Rides or attractions in the State of Maryland must have a certificate of inspection

MI-Michigan Carnival-Amusement Safety Board [10144] ?

Responsible for ride inspection

National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials [220] ?

Amusement Ride Inspectors representing jurisidictional agencies, insurers, consultants, government

NC-North Carolina Amusement Device Safety Act [1473] ?

Full text of North Carolina laws related to amusement device safety

NC-North Carolina Height Restrictions [xls] [39672] ?

A list of height restrictions for mass-produced amusement rides.

ND-North Dakota Admin Code 10-09 Amusement Games or Devices [22161] ?

General provisions of the amusement game regulations for the State of North Dakota

ND-North Dakota Amusement Games [18192] ?

Amusement games are licensed here

NE-Nebraska Amusement Ride Inspections Program [19948] ?

Rules for safe installation, repair, maintenance, use, operation & inspection of amusement rides

NJ-New Jersey Bureau of Code Services Carnival & Amusement Ride Safety Program [23284] ?

Requirements for manufacturers, owners and operators of carnival and amusement rides and devices

NJ-New Jersey Office of Compliance Safety [5020] ?

Registers all rides, ski lifts and LPG facilities and performs maintenance inspections annually

NY-New York Labor Law Subpart 45 Amusement Safety [20436] ?

Amusement Devices, Viewing Stands & Tents at Carnivals, Fairs and Amusement Parks

OH-Ohio Amusement Ride Safety [15568] ?

Licensing requirements, forms, etc

OK-Oklahoma OAR Title 380 Chapter 55 - Amusement Ride Safety Rules [22140] ?

The amusement ride safety rules for the State of Oklahoma

OK-Oklahoma Safety Standards Division [10176] ?

Ensures the safeness of all amusement rides

Outdoor Amusement Business Association [5458] ?

North American trade association for the carnival industry

PA-Pennsylvania Amusement Rides [15563] ?

General rules for ride operators and attendants

PA-Pennsylvania Amusement Rides Requirements [5859] ?

All amusement companies are required to register their company and equipment with the Bureau annually

PA-Pennsylvania Bureau of Ride & Measurement Standards [5856] ?

Has the statutory responsibility for the administration of Pennsylvania’s statewide amusement ride safety program

RI-Rhode Island Amusement Ride Safety Act [10177] ?

Full text of statute - Chapter 23-34.1

Ride Safety Do's and Don'ts [39673] ?

Safety tips for consumers

Roller Coaster G Forces [16357] ?

Scientists find coaster G's and speeds not enough to injure the brain

SC-South Carolina Amusement Ride Requirements [7918] ?

Under the amusement ride code, rides are inspected annually

Theme Park Insider Accident Watch [20523] ?

Amusement ride accident reports at major US theme parks

TX-Texas Amusement Ride Inspection & Insurance Act [10179] ?

The following rules apply to the Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance in Texas

TX-Texas Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance Act [25583] ?

Bulletin with Feb, 2008 updates

TX-Texas Occupations Code Chapter 2151 Regulation of Amusement Rides [16317] ?

Full text of the Texas statutes for the regulation of amusement rides

U.S. Amusement Ride Inspection Fees [pdf] [39669] ?

A January, 2010 survey

United Kingdom: Entertainment and Leisure Industries Hazards at Work [2768] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom employers on safety in the entertainment and leisure industries

WA-Washington Amusement Ride Safety FAQ [13893] ?

Amusement-ride Safety Questions and Answers

Water Park Safety Tips [15564] ?

Tips to keep in mind when visiting a water park

WI-Wisconsin - Amusement Rides and Attractions [10181] ?

Safety and Buildings Division - Amusement Rides and Attractions Program

WI-Wisconsin Admin Code Chapter 34 Amusement Rides and Attractions [10180] ?

Full text of the Administrative Code related to amusement industry safety

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