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Agriculture safety and health databases, fact sheets, guidelines, safety bulletins, guides, farm occupational safety information, and other technical resources.

77 Resources
Agricultural Fire Safety Fact Sheets [17351] ?

Series of safety bulletins related to farm safety

Updated Agricultural Labor Housing [12652] ?

State or Oregon requirements

Agricultural Machinery Safety [20564] ?

Safety practices when dealing with farm machinery

Updated Agricultural Safety Fact Sheets [11890] ?

Safety brochures for agricultural workers

Agricultural Safety in the USA [23328] ?

Statistics, NIOSH alerts, etc related to farmworkers

Agricultural Safety Materials [16873] ?

Information on agricultural accidents, chemicals, safety and children, commercial food safety and more

Updated Agricultural Safety Procedures [22606] ?

Series of fact sheets and information related to agricultural safet

Agriculture & OSHA [20558] ?

Outlines basic OSHA requirements as relate to agriculture

Agriculture Safety and Health [23326] ?

Includes ergonomics guidelines, grain handling safety, tractor safety and more

Agriculture Safety Manual [pdf] [40799] ?

Includes safety rules

Agriculture Safety Program [pdf] [26452] ?

A university safety program relating to agriculture safety

ASABE Technical Library [17354] ?

Access abstracts of American Society of Agricultural Engineer (ASAE) technical papers

Basic Riding Lawn Mower Safety [20555] ?

While using a lawn tractor or other type of riding lawnmower

CAL-OSHA 9 Rules for Tractor Operators [pdf] [39529] ?

General Industry Safety Order Title 8 Section 3664

CAL-OSHA Model Injury & Illness Prevention Program for Intermittent Agriculture [8133] ?

Full text of a model safety program for agricultural workers

Updated Canada: Farm Safety Factsheets [18962] ?

Rural health and farm safety materials

Climbing and Working in Trees [29143] ?

Tree climbing safety tips

Driving Farm Machinery Safely [8198] ?

Driving Farm Machinery Safely on Public Roads

Farm Employers of Migrant Workers Must Follow Specific Safety Rules [14843] ?

Overview of OSHA rules for migrant workers and the MSPA

Farm Equipment Safety [20550] ?

Safety guidance

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids [14765] ?

Provide a series of online fact sheets on important farm safety issues for kids

Farm Safety Articles [36417] ?

Cover a wide variety of agricultural safety topics

Farm Safety Brochures [36419] ?

Cover a variety of topics

Farm Safety Fact Sheets [3089] ?

Fact sheets related to agriculture with many relating to safety and the environment

Farm Safety Guide [22231] ?

Steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of damage or injury

Farm Safety Posters [36418] ?

All related to agriculture

FARM-HAT [4244] ?

The Farm/Agriculture/Rural Management – Hazard Analysis Tool

Fatalities: Suffocations in Grain Bins [19945] ?

Measures to prevent suffocations associated with grain bin

Grain Auger Safety [pdf] [25947] ?

Safety precautions to reduce injuries when using the grain auger

Grain Bin Safety Precautions [27475] ?

People can become caught or trapped in grain in three different ways

Grain Handling Safety [pdf] [25946] ?

Reducing hazards when working in gran handling facilities

Grounds Maintenance [pdf] [22290] ?

Landscaping maintenance safety

Health Hazards of Tree Marking Paint [22366] ?

Tipf for handling and using

Holding Pond Safety [pdf] [26658] ?

Potential safety hazards related with detention ponds

Ignition Hazard From Drilling Into Sealed Frames of Agricultural Equipment [16566] ?

Do not drill, cut, weld, or otherwise penetrate sealed frames of agricultural equipment

Injuries Among Youth on Farms [14490] ?

NIOSH analysis

Landscape Safety - New Employees [14841] ?

Checklists to train new employees

Lawn Equipment Safety [pdf] [16019] ?

Safety tips for lawn equipment operations

Updated Lawn Mower Safety [11441] ?

Safety tips

Livestock Handler Safety [26402] ?

Preventing animal-related accidents is an important part of agricultural safety.

Updated Livestock Handling [23594] ?

Avoid injury when handling livestock

Manure Pit Hazards [2142] ?

Safety guidance

Manure Storage Entering Procedures [22532] ?

The following entry procedures will help to minimize the risks

MN-Minnesota Farm Safety & Health Information Clearinghouse [14771] ?

A comprehensive source for farm safety and health information

National Center for Farmworker Health [15934] ?

Occupational safety and health concerns for farmworkers

National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program (NSTMOP) [26395] ?

A series of farm safety modules for 14 and 15 year olds to be employed in agriculture

NIOSH Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention Initiative [20912] ?

Addressing the childhood agricultural injury problem - data and reports on the issue

North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks [3196] ?

Guidelines for matching agricultural jobs to children’s development

On-Farm Food Safety [575] ?

Farm Worker Toilet and Handwashing Facilities and more

On-Farm Food Safety Questionnaire [9453] ?

On-farm food safety practices questions to ask when purchasing fresh produce directly from farms

Operation of Tractors on Public Highways [pdf] [26659] ?

How to avoid accidents when driving tractors and farm implements on public roads

OR-OSHA Agriculture [7964] ?

Oregon OSHA's administrative rules, safety bulletins, etc.

Pesticide Safety Fact Sheets & Bulletins [10433] ?

Tailgate training tip sheets on pesticide safety training for agricultural workers

Prevent Disease Transmission from Farm Animals to Humans [18061] ?

Strategies to prevent diseases transmitted to humans from farm animals

Preventing Scalping and Other Severe Injuries from Farm Machinery [6717] ?

Describes five cases of persons who were injured

PTO Shafts and Shields [27473] ?

Safety guidance for farm equipment operators

Rollover Protection for Farm Tractor Operators [20556] ?

A fact sheet explains why you should use ROPS with farm tractors

Safe Livestock Handling [pdf] [25907] ?

Suggestions for reducing accidents when working with livestock (pdf)

Safety for Agricultural Educators [36420] ?

Kids Corner

Safety Hazards to Outdoor Workers [22288] ?

Advice on physical and biological hazards

Safety/Operations for the Grain, Milling, Feed & Seed Industries [6272] ?

Series of articles provide safety information

Selected Topics: Agricultural Safety and Health [5371] ?

A database of materials devoted to increased safety, health and injury prevention in agriculture

Surgeon Generals Conference on Agricultural Safety and Health [6216] ?

1991 papers and proceedings on agricultural safety

TRAC-SAFE: Tractor Risk Abatement and Control [11783] ?

Program for reducing injuries and deaths due to tractor overturns

Tractor Operation Safety [pdf] [20552] ?

A training module

Tractor Road Safety [pdf] [25908] ?

Information for safe operation of tractors while on public roads

Tractor Rollover Prevention [pdf] [25910] ?

Information on tractor safety and Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS)

Tractor Safety Guidelines [27472] ?

Safety guidance for farm tractor operators

Tractor Safety Topics [35983] ?

Safety tips for tractor loading and towing, ROPS, safety checklist, lighting and marking equipment for travel and more

Tractors - Hazard Alerts [20493] ?

Useful for safety training purposes

Types of Tractor Injury-Incidents [10435] ?

Understanding common tractor safety mishaps

United Kingdom: Agricultural Industry Hazards at Work [11935] ?

Safety information sheets cover the hazards of working in the agricultural industry

United Kingdom: Agriculture Safety Bulletins [23883] ?

Technical safety bulletins for agriculture

Use of the Slow Moving Vehicle Sign [2655] ?

How to increase agriculture equipment visibility on highways

Work Efficiency & Safety Tips [19756] ?

Information for berry growers, dairy farmers and vegetable growers

Workers Exposed to Class B Biosolids During and After Field Application [pdf] [16562] ?

NIOSH recommendations in this document apply to workers at Class B biosolids land application

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Information on controlling the hazards of pesticides

Disasters / Agriculture
Disaster and drought advice for farmers

Industrial Hygiene / Dusts
Hantavirus, histoplasmosis, silicosis and more

OSHA / Agriculture
OSHA technical resources on agriculture and farm safety

Regulations / Pesticides
Full text of EPA & FDA regulations relating to pesticides

Safety / Animals
Safety guidance when handling animals

Safety / Construction
Workplace safety and health resources for construction hazards

Safety / Food Safety
Guidance on food safety from production to consumption

Safety / HACCP
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plans - food safety

Safety / Tools
Safety fact sheets and tips on the safe use of hand and power tools

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