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Additional Insureds

Issues related to additional insured status

CGL Additional Insured Issues [pdf] [10098] ?

Key issues related to additional insureds and CGL insurance policies

Auto Liability

Insurance guides related to auto insurance

Auto Insurance Glossary [5133] ?

Provides definitions for auto policy terminology

GAP Insurance - what it is [28712] ?

GAP is an acronym for Guaranteed Auto Protection

Managing Your Corporate Fleet Loss Exposures [13448] ?

Oftentimes automobiles are a business’s largest loss exposure

Rental Car Insurance Coverage [22330] ?

To buy or not to buy?

State Auto Law Compendium [pdf] [27355] ?

Overview of auto laws by state

Company Communications

Press releases, investor relations, financials from insurers and reinsurers

Liberty Mutual Investor Relations [20803] ?

Company profile, financial ratings and reports

Sirius America [24327] ?

A multi-line reinsurer serving the U.S., Canadian, Latin American, and Caribbean markets


Risk management and insurance related issues in the construction industry

Canada: Contractor Safety [17004] ?

Safety alerts and guidelines for construction hazards

Hiring an Environmental Site Assement Contractor [13438] ?

10 Questions You Should Ask a Phase 1 ESA Contractor

Consumer Insurance

Insurance bulletins & alerts designed for consumers

Guide to Business Insurance [26811] ?

Guidance for small business owners

Coverage Issues

Commercial P&C insurance coverage issues

CGL and D&O Coverage Issues [35403] ?

Other Insurance: D&O Policy Is Excess of CGL Policy

Top 10 Employment Liability Concerns [4065] ?

Which liabilities are covered by which policies

Credit Risk

Trade credit insurance (domestic -export), letters of credit, insure receivables

Updated Corporate Credit Basics [17705] ?

Information to understanding the basics of business credit


Insurance coverage issues for internet liability

Analyzing Cyber Risk Coverage [15992] ?

Unlike other types of insurance, there is no standard form on which the insurance industry as a whole underwrites cyber

Avoiding Cyber Liability Exposures [14615] ?

What Insureds Should Know About Avoiding Cyber Liability Exposures

Cyber Insurance 101 [28672] ?

The basics of cyber liability insurance

Cyber Loss Exposures [pdf] [20886] ?

A Cyber Liability policy can be designed to include one or more of the following coverages

Cyber Loss Exposures [26591] ?

No longer breaching the CGL

Cyber Risk Management [25660] ?

Discussion of cybersecurity, cyber risk management, cyber liability insurance

Cyber Risks [30092] ?

A series of articles on cyber risks and cyber liability

hat Does Cyber Liability Cover [22088] ?

6 coverages you should know about


Employers Professional Liability (EPL) insurance

A Primer on Employment Practices Liability Insurance [13449] ?

EPL policies are fairly standardized and cover common employment-related risks


Enterprise Risk Management resources

Co-Creating Strategic Risk-Return Management [pdf] [16683] ?

Co-create wealth by consistently executing the strategic activities in the Return Driven Strategy framework

Embracing Enterprise Risk Management [pdf] [24421] ?

Practical approaches for getting started

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) vs Traditional Risk Management Best Practice [21971] ?

Enterprise risk management is an extension of traditional risk management, and differs in the following way

Enterprise Risk Management Process [13437] ?

An overview of the ERM process

Guide to Enterprise Risk Management [21967] ?

A practical guide to ERM

Updated Risk Management Strategies Articles [15983] ?

A risk manager's role in strategic leadership

Sharpening Strategic Risk Management [32170] ?

A series of questions to help you judge how effectively risk considerations are integrated into strategic objectives

Strategic Implication of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) [pdf] [19214] ?

The business case for implementing ERM

Strategic Risk Assessment [pdf] [24411] ?

A first step for improving risk management and governance

Strategic Risk Management: A Primer for Directors [24413] ?

The Advent of Strategic Risk Management

What is Strategic Risk Management? [pdf] [22085] ?

Guiding principles

When Enterprise Risk Management Gets Strategic [15975] ?

What’s the difference between the two processes?


Professional liability insurance - errors & omissions for professionals

Professional Liability Exposures of Construction Contractors [16687] ?

Professional liability coverage is just as essential to a contractor as it is to architect/engineers

Fiduciary Liability

Fiduciary Liability and Employee Benefits Liability Insurance

Fiduciary Liability Basics [19212] ?

Briefly examines fiduciary liability and possible ways to handle the exposure

Green Insurance

Information related to green insurance products, services

Green Certification and Ecolabeling [35518] ?

US and international bodies who certify green products


Commercial property and casualty insurance industry issues

Insurance Audit Preparation [14605] ?

Outlines how to prepare for your premium audit


Real estate liability, slip & fall exposures, non-profts, volunteers, , etc.

Contractor's Professional Liability and the CGL [31680] ?

To understand why you need professional liability insurance, you really need to understand what your CGL does not cover

Excess vs Umbrella Limits [17221] ?

Recently these once sharp distinctions have become blurred

Medical Liability

Medical malpractice, risk management in medicine, insurance, etc.

Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication in the Healthcare Setting [35581] ?

Principles used by public health professionals and public information officers

How to Identify a Frivolous Medical Case [25661] ?

o avoid filing a frivolous medical negligence case, the following questions may be helpful

Informed Consent - what you need to know [26577] ?

Advice for physicians

Medical Malpractice Claims - Your Next Move [30160] ?

Planning your next move when wrongly accused of medical malpractice

Updated Physican's Guide to Medical Malpractice [25663] ?

This guide is designed to give physicians a context for understanding the impact of a legal claim and of insurance


Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act requirements, etc.

Product Liability

Product assurance manual, consumer product safety, etc.

Inside Products Liability [30249] ?

A legal explanation of products liability

Product Recall Guide [pdf] [30246] ?

Advice on creating a product recall plan

Product Recalls and the Insurance That Covers Them [16684] ?

Reasons to purchase product recall insurance

Spoliation of Evidence [17219] ?

What it is


Property insurance and risk management

Exclusions in Property Insurance Policies [30156] ?

Six Reasons the Loss is Excluded

Fires in Vacant Buildings [19314] ?

Outlines the fire problem in vacant buildings in the USA

Property Insurance Coverage - All Risk [30137] ?

All risk insurance coverage issues

Residential Property Claims Guide [25681] ?

What homeowners should do after a property loss

The Limitation for Wind-Driven Rain [21977] ?

Most insurance policies contain limitations of coverage for "wind driven rain"

Risk Management Dept

Home pages of risk management departments

MN-Minnesota Risk Management Division [19673] ?

Serves as the state's own insurance company


Information on risk management information systems (RMIS)

Risk Management Information Systems - Basics [35413] ?

A backgrounder on RMIS systems

Special Event Risk

Risk management for special events

Risk Management Guidelines for Special Events [36472] ?

Includes checklists


Surety bonding information

SBA Office of Surety Guarantees [14643] ?

Provides small/minority contractors with contracting opportunities by guaranteeing bonds

Surety Bond - Overview [8053] ?

Understanding surety bonds

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