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Articles from risk management and insurance industry leaders on industry trends and topics such as banks selling insurance, the effect of the internet on distribution methods (e.g., the effect on middlemen), electronic commerce and more.

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Broker Contingent Commissions and the Antitrust Laws [pdf] [26602] ?

A review of the In re Insurance Brokerage opinion

Broker Insurance Contingent Commissions [26106] ?

Payments to insurance brokers draw lawsuits

Business Insurance Perspectives [3722] ?

Editorials on insurance industry & risk management-related issues

Claim Service Plays an Important Role In Making Insurance Purchase Decision [21031] ?

Survey Uncovers No Correlation Between Financial Stability and Quality of Claim Service

Emerging Risks for Liability Insurance [pdf] [17328] ?

Challenges for the liability underwriter

GC Captial Ideas [29350] ?

Guy Carpenter specialists assess key issues

How Regulation Drives up Insurance Costs [29060] ?

State-by-state regulation causes paperwork to soar, complicates taxes, increases legal risk, and costs

Insurance Cycles [29175] ?

An explanation of property/casualty insurance cycles

Insurance Industry Issues [9199] ?

Key facts, current developments and background of approx. 20 insurance issues

Insurance Industry Issues and Trends [3532] ?

From the experts at PwC

Insurance Industry Trends [14618] ?

Research and trends news

Insurance Stock [19635] ?

Financial tables of the insurance industry - info by company

Insurers Seek Freedom from States [29062] ?

Having a single federal regulator, or at least the option of one, could result in lower premiums

Journal of Insurance Issues [21712] ?

Technical article abstracts of interest to the insurance industry

Lloyd's of London - The Market [20233] ?

Specialist information for and about market participants

Marsh Insights [982] ?

Insights and perspectives from Marsh

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Insurance Industry [pdf] [31641] ?

Mergers and acquisitions have positive valuation effects on acquiring firms

NAMIC Regulatory Affairs Key Issues [21739] ?

Issue briefs by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

Nanotechnology Insurance Risks [17924] ?

Insurance coverage of nanotechnology and emerging liability risks

NCCI Research and Outlook [40023] ?

Latest workers compensation market information

Offshore Moves [30322] ?

It is possible that our marketplace as we know it, may be reduced to underwriting basic lines of business

OneBeacon Insurance Broker Compensation Disclosure [26962] ?

OneBeacon's Producer Compensation Practices

P&C Insurance Industry Issues [16916] ?

PIA position statements on insurance industry issues

Partner Research [19261] ?

Expertise and research from PartnerRe

Pervasive Computing [pdf] [32330] ?

The risks from the use of technology to link up the physical and digital worlds

Property Casualty 360 eNewsletters [34116] ?

Receive daily news highlights and breaking news focusing on the insurance industry

Risk Managers Say Contingent Commission Practice is Conflict of Interest [26105] ?

2004 survey of risk managers found that majority of risk managers feel they receive inadequate disclosure

S&P's Insurer Capital Adequacy Model [30158] ?

A look at what to expect

State Insurance Affairs [13627] ?

News and information about state insurance agencies

Supplemental Insurance Broker Commissions - Yes or No? [31684] ?

From the risk manager's perspective, what value is derived from these transactional payments?

The Betterley Blog on Specialty Insurance Products [1252] ?

How individual products differ from one another

Updated Videos - Business Insurance [38503] ?

Online videos on issues in risk management and business insurance

Viewpoint [19471] ?

AAIS views on issues affecting the property/casualty insurance industry

Windstorm Captives [31691] ?

Windstorm coverage is a hot topic and will get hotter

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