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Surety bonding information and resources.

27 Resources
A Construction Project Owners Guide to Surety Bond Claims [14648] ?

Helps you understand the process, the participants, and the complexities of bond claims

About the Surety Industry [14636] ?

Explains surety, fidelity, government relations, bond authenticity and more

Basic Underwriting Considerations for Contract Surety Bonds [14634] ?

Bond underwriters talk about the “Four C’s”

Bonding Tips and Tactics: Contractor Default Insurance [13456] ?

Examines default insurance - designed as a substitute for traditional surety performance guarantee

Contract Surety Bonds [14647] ?

Understanding surety bonds - a series of articles

Glossary of Surety Terms [14642] ?

Definitions of terms commonly used in the surety industry

How a Surety Bond Differs from Insurance [40779] ?

Surety bonds differ from insurance policies in a number of ways

How to Obtain Surety Bonds [14645] ?

Information about bid, performance and payment bonds

Introduction to Surety Bonding [26754] ?

What are contract surety bonds? When do I need to get one? Who issues contract surety bonds?

Letters of Credit vs Surety Bonds [14649] ?

Compares surety bonds with letters of credit

Penal Sum Increases with Change Orders [31639] ?

Discusses the surety problem of penal sum increases with change orders

Points to Consider for Surety Bonding [26755] ?

What should I consider when choosing a surety bonding company?

Rewrites of Bond Forms Onerous for Surety Industry [31640] ?

Discusses the surety problem of penal sum increases with change orders

Sales and Use Tax Bonds [27350] ?

Issues with statute of limitations

SBA Office of Surety Guarantees [14643] ?

Provides small/minority contractors with contracting opportunities by guaranteeing bonds

Subcontractor Default Insurance for the General Contractor [19544] ?

Advantages and disadvantages as an alternative to performance bonds

Surety Bond - Overview [8053] ?

Understanding surety bonds

Surety Bond Penalty Waivers in Takeover Situations [19211] ?

Can an obligee recover from the surety all of its excess costs incurred due to a takeover?

Surety Bonds in Plain English [19056] ?

Some Surety Bond Basics

Surety Library of Articles [14650] ?

Cover a wide variety of surety topics including contractor failure

Surety Overview [8111] ?

Surety is not written the same as insurance

Surety Resources [14639] ?

Articles, white papers, news related to surety

Surety Underwriting, Sales, and Service - A Delicate Balance [30120] ?

Explains the need for a better understanding of the respective responsibilities of sureties and agents

To Risk or Not To Risk? [17891] ?

Principal reason for considering a performance guarantee is to assure their compliance/performance

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