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Special events liability risk management materials. Special event insurance planning and risk assessment.

19 Resources
A Risk Management Primer for Event Planners [36473] ?

Things to consider when planning a special event

Equestrian Liability Limitation Laws [37787] ?

Laws by state

Event & Risk Management Plan Guide [doc] [36481] ?

A sample pre-event guide tool

Event Planning Risk Management Tips [37788] ?

A risk management primer for event planners

Event Risk Assessment Checklist [pdf] [36475] ?

To assist with an event management plan

Managing High-Risk Social Activities [18325] ?

The risk of sponsoring activities as skiing, rappelling, rock climbing, or white-water rafting

Managing Special Event Risks [36469] ?

Steps to prepare for and run a safe event

Parade Safety [pdf] [38833] ?

Risk control strategy and key issues related to parades

Risk Management for Special Events [38831] ?

Some guidelines to assist with your festival or event

Risk Management Guidelines for Special Events [doc] [36474] ?

A sample special events risk management policy

Risk Management Guidelines for Special Events [36472] ?

Includes checklists

Risk Management Guidelines for Special Events [doc] [36479] ?

Example of a cuniversitys special event requirements

Serving Alcohol at Special Events [36468] ?

Items to consider in California

Special Event Planning Guide [pdf] [38832] ?

Key risk control issues

Special Event Risk Management [38830] ?

Guidance to help control the perils of special events

Special Event Risk Management Guidelines [pdf] [36467] ?

To help reduce insurance claims related to special events

Special Events Contract Scrutiny [pdf] [36477] ?

Exam contracts to help ease risks

Use of Golf Carts - University Policy [36470] ?

Example of a policy in use by a university

Winery Special Events [36478] ?

Wineries risks rise when events move beyond tastings

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