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Resources related to insurance risk management finance. Derivatives. Retention levels. Cost of risk.

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FREE ICM Resource by: Libraries and Directories, Inc. Risk Management Cost Allocation [35362] ?

Steps to consider when creating a cost allocation system for your company

FREE ICM Resource by Libraries and Directories, Inc. Home

Captive Insurance Asset Investments Warrant Conservative Approach [28695] ?

Strategy must reflect payout timetable for underlying claims

Captives and Investment Strategies [pdf] [28696] ?

Investment Strategies for Captive Insurance Company Funds

Contingent Capital vs. Contingent Reverse Convertibles for Banks and Insurance Companies [pdf] [31685] ?

Used more by the insurance industry than by banks

Finite Risk - Beyond the Scandals [29069] ?

Finite coverage can help finance executives to manage hard-to-quantify risk

Finite Risk Reinsurance: A Definitive Explanation [28665] ?

Outlines the characteristics of this form of reinsurance

ILS - Insurance Linked Securities [17343] ?

What they are such as cat bonds, the sidecar, life insurance securitization

Infinite Risk? [29066] ?

The abuse of finite insurance may be the tip of the iceberg

Insurance Fronting [2017] ?

Business considerations, regulatory concerns, related case law

Insurance Professional's Guide to Bankruptcy [pdf] [28006] ?

The top ten issues on Chapter 11

Insurance Securitization [pdf] [9947] ?

Characteristics of life insurance and P&C insurance securitization

NAIC Finite Reinsurance [28408] ?

Archived articles

NAIC Statutory Accounting Principles Working Group [15669] ?

Has the responsibility of developing and proposing new Statements of Statutory Accounting principles (SSAPs)

NCCI Webinars on Data Reporting [29076] ?

Web-based training designed to enhance your knowledge of workers compensation

Non-Life Electronic Accounting [pdf] [17329] ?

Guidance on how to render the process more efficient

Optimal Funding of a Liability [pdf] [21710] ?

Develop an optimal premium structure to fund any existing liability structure

P&C Insurance: Basic Ratemaking [pdf] [37219] ?

Outlines basic property/casualty insurance ratemaking concepts and techniques

Risk Pooling and Insurance [37224] ?

What insurance risk pooling is

Total Cost of Risk Insights [14620] ?

Using TCOR to improve profitability

Why Investing Money for Captive Insurance Companies is Different [pdf] [14610] ?

The implementation of tax efficient investment strategies

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International insurance issues and requirements throughout the world

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Online publications, headline news related to finance

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Actuarial reports, tools, guidance for risk managers

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Alternative risk solutions, RRG/RPG, captive insurance

Risk Mgt / Captive Domiciles
Foreign and domestic captive domiciles and associations

Risk Mgt / Credit Risk
Trade credit insurance (domestic -export), letters of credit, insure receivables

Risk Mgt / Insurance
Commercial property and casualty insurance industry issues

Risk Mgt / Reinsurance
Resources related to property casualty reinsurance

Workers Comp / Self Insurance
State requirements for self insurance of WC

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