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Definitions. Industry reports. Contract language. Tutorial on the fundamentals of reinsurance. Reinsurance industry information. Pricing and financial modeling. Insurance fraud and reinsurance.

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Are Punitive Damage Awards Recoverable under Reinsurance Agreements? [14614] ?

Does the reinsurer have to reimburse the insurer for the punitive damages judgment the insurer paid?

Basic Reinsurance Contracts [20874] ?

Standard risk transfer reinsurance mechanisms and the terms used for these contracts

Basics of Reinsurance Pricing [pdf] [20780] ?

The basics of reinsurance

Bordereau Defined [40083] ?

A detailed report of reinsurance premiums or reinsurance losses furnished by the reinsured

BRMA Contract Wording Documents [21187] ?

A compilation of the various clauses in use in the industry

BRMA White Papers [21186] ?

Cover topics such as claims reviews, confidentiality agreements, punitive damages and more

Commercial Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage [pdf] [17347] ?

Understanding the middleman in reinsurance

Commutation [23859] ?

The reasons for commutations differ from company to company and from line of business to line of business

Continuous Reinsurance Contract [27010] ?

Discussion of provisional notices of cancellation in continuous reinsurance contracts

Credit Risk in the Reinsurance Relationship [35402] ?

The pendulum of concern has now started to swing toward the reinsured's credit risk

Cut-Through Provisions in Reinsurance Agreements [17888] ?

Learn how cut-through endorsements are attached, triggered, and employed

Follow-the-Fortunes Defined [40084] ?

A doctrine in reinsurance that exemplifies the unique business partnership between the reinsured and reinsurer

Fundamentals of Property Casualty Reinsurance [20772] ?

Explanation of the reinsurance contract, reinsurance risk and regulation of the reinsurance industry

Global Reinsurance Magazine [3857] ?

News stories related to global reinsurance

How Government Reinsurance Affects the Market [31648] ?

From the reinsurance perspective, displacing capacity from one of the largest catastrophe risk markets in the world

How Much Reinsurance Do You Really Need? [20927] ?

Advice on retention limits, etc

Insurance & Reinsurance Disputes Blog [30141] ?

Discussions on issues impacting insurance and reinsurance disputes

Late Notice in Reinsurance Claims [22086] ?

Explores the late notice defense to payment under a reinsurance contract

Reinsurance and Contract Finality [28713] ?

The reinsurance industry is unique among business ventures for its history of handshake agreements

Reinsurance Basics for Captives [23967] ?

Learn the basics

Reinsurance Glossary [20771] ?

Definitions to common reinsurance terms

Reinsurance Matters [14631] ?

Why reinsurance is important to the risk manager

Reinsurance Terms [29351] ?

A reinsurance glossary

Reinsurance: A Basic Guide [986] ?

Introduces the concepts of reinsurance

Retention Provisions in Reinsurance Contracts [30104] ?

Enforcing net retention clauses in reinsurance contracts

Role of the Reinsurance Intermediary [30099] ?

A reinsured's access to the broker reinsurance market is through a reinsurance broker called a reinsurance intermediary

The Honorable Engagement Clause [30321] ?

This phraseology results in varying interpretations and myriad arbitration results

Understanding Reinsurance [pdf] [28015] ?

How reinsurers create value and manage risk

US ReViews [382] ?

How US RE sees the reinsurance market

Worldwide Reinsurance News [17919] ?

Latest news stories on the global reinsurance industry

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