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Articles and resources related to risk management, property insurance, property risk control, etc.

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All Risks in Property Insurance [pdf] [28008] ?

An attempt to remove ambiguities

Analytic System for the Measurement of Relative Fire Hazard [13759] ?

A system for measuring exposure

Annual Property Reevaluation and Renewal [16679] ?

Property valuation forms and procedures

Coastal Hazards [16410] ?

Natural hazards such as erosion, harmful algal blooms, big storms, flooding, tsunamis, and sea level rise

Coinsurance Definition [13755] ?

The coinsurance formula for sharing the risk between the insurer and the insured

Equipment Loss Prevention [6448] ?

Logs, checklists, severe weather, etc

Exclusions in Property Insurance Policies [30156] ?

Six Reasons the Loss is Excluded

Fire Insurance [pdf] [28011] ?

Pure fire insurance in the original sense is hardly used any more

Fires in Vacant Buildings [19314] ?

Outlines the fire problem in vacant buildings in the USA

Insuring Buildings To Value - Tips [pdf] [40189] ?

Some tips to help determine the value of a building

Inventory Tips [18335] ?

Advice on making an inventory of your belongings

ISO's Community Grading [24351] ?

Used by insurers to establish fire insurance premiums - FSRS schedule, BCEGS classifications, Public Protection Classes

ISO's Public Protection Classification [24352] ?

Information about the 2014 changes

MS-Mississippi Rating Bureau Public Protection Information [17885] ?

Information for cities and fire districts concerning the Public Protection Classification

Property Control System [8426] ?

Full text of a university's policies and procedures manual for property control

Property Insurance Coverage - All Risk [30137] ?

All risk insurance coverage issues

Property Insurance Terms [13757] ?

Definitions to common terms used in property and business insurance policies

Property Insurance Values [pdf] [32328] ?

To charge adequate premiums, insurers must receive accurate insurance-to-value calculations

Property Loss Preparedness Checklist [pdf] [19358] ?

The following is a checklist that should help determine your loss preparedness

Property Ratemaking [pdf] [17346] ?

The basics

Property Reinsurance Exposure Rating [pdf] [28009] ?

An exposure rating approach to pricing property excess of loss reinsurance

Property Self-Insurance Policy Manual [pdf] [15787] ?

A risk management policy in use by state agencies in Oregon

Property Valuation Basics [31650] ?

For property insurance policies

Residential Property Claims Guide [25681] ?

What homeowners should do after a property loss

Section One: Property Conservation Program [9429] ?

Full text of a property risk management program for state agencies in Texas - plus checklist

Standard Home Insurance Exclusions [24615] ?

A primer on typical homeowner insurance policy exclusions

Take a Personal Property Inventory [18332] ?

How to conduct and record an inventory

The Limitation for Wind-Driven Rain [21977] ?

Most insurance policies contain limitations of coverage for "wind driven rain"

Underwriting Against Arson [13309] ?

Advice for property underwriters

Utility Services - Additional Coverage Endorsement [36830] ?

Coverage will depend on the strength of your endorsements

Vacant Buildings - Copper Theft [15751] ?

Vacant buildings attract destructive scavengers in search of copper

What is All-Risks Coverage? [13753] ?

Explains property insurance all risk coverages

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Claims Management / Property Claims
Property insurance claims management materials

Disasters / Disasters
US federally declared disasters, catastrophe information

Disasters / Emergency Plans
Examples of emergency management and action plans

Disasters / Floods
Flood hazard mitigation materials

Financial Risk / Cost Estimating
Online models for estimating the cost of a project, building valuation data, etc

Legal / Real Estate Law
Case developments, articles, resources related to real estate law

Property / Facilities Management
Topics in facilities and property management

Property / Lessons Learned
Lessons learned from property losses - fires, etc.

Property / Restoration
Cleaning and restoration of interiors & furnishings due to smoke & water damage

Property / Safety Programs
Full text fire safety programs, checklists and support materials

Risk Mgt / Business Interruption
Contingency planning and business interruption materials

Risk Mgt / Cargo
Transit cargo risk management and audit techniques

Risk Mgt / Catastrophes
Insurance claims data related to natural catastrophic occurrences in the USA

Risk Mgt / Environmental
Risk management resources related to environmental issues & coverages

Risk Mgt / Inland Marine
Equipment breakdown insurance

Security / Arson
Arson prevention, statistics, training programs, investigations, etc.

Security / Business Security
Crime-free workplace, corporate security, business protection from burglary

Statistics / Crime
Government and industry sources of statistical data on crime

Statistics / Fire
Government and industry sources of statistical data on fire incidents

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