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Full text of a risk management program manual. Information and examples of establishing a written risk management policy statement. Outline of a generic risk management manual.

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AL-Alabama Risk Management Program Handbook [pdf] [5694] ?

Full text of a handbook for a risk management program

Canada: Risk Management Policy [22374] ?

Text of the Canadian federal government's risk management policy

City Loss Control Policy Manual [28735] ?

Example of policies addressing specific Loss Control topics for a small city in Nevada

Example of a Risk Management Policy Statement [4750] ?

Example of a risk management policy statement in use at major university

GA-Georgia Comprehensive Loss Control Program [35941] ?

This program helps state agencies develop a Risk Management culture to increase safety awareness and reduce claims

ID-Idaho Safety and Loss Control Program Model [pdf] [16734] ?

Recommended elements of a safety and loss control program for state agencies - forms, checklists

Insurance Requirements in Contracts [pdf] [36735] ?

Example of a procedure manual

Insurance Requirements in Contracts [pdf] [36704] ?

A procedure manual

Loss Control Implementation Guide Checklist [pdf] [22233] ?

A checklist to loss control program measures for your business

MN-Minnesota Municipality Risk Management [28670] ?

A series of risk management memos and guides related to city loss control

ND-North Dakota Risk Management Division Manual [pdf] [6281] ?

Text of the state of North Dakota's risk management manual

OR-Oregon Loss Allocation Plan [pdf] [29795] ?

Outlines the charge-back plan for WC, tort liability and property losses

OR-Oregon Self-Insurance Policies [11780] ?

Policy manuals used by the state of Oregon for their state agencies

Property & Liability Manual [pdf] [14524] ?

Full text of a manual in use by a state government

Risk Management and Insurance Administrative Procedures [5882] ?

A university's risk management and insurance procedures for a university

RMTSA- Risk Management for Texas State Agencies [9426] ?

Full text of a four volume risk management program for state agencies in Texas - plus checklists

Sample Risk Management Policies & Procedures [pdf] [21982] ?

Sample policies for loss control, risk management, workers compensation

The Recognition Program [15574] ?

Criteria for safety and loss control awards

US Army Risk Management [30181] ?

Text of the Army's manual on risk management - over 100 pages

WC Cost Allocation - County Government [36706] ?

Example of a workers compensation premium allocation method in use by a California county government

WC Cost Allocation - County Government [36707] ?

Example of a workers compensation premium allocation method in use by a California county government

WC Cost Allocation Methods [pdf] [36708] ?

A white paper on cost allocation for workers compensation

WI-Wisconsin Risk Management Policy and Procedure Manual [3251] ?

Online text of a risk management policy and procedure manual

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