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Full text of a product assurance manual. FTC's Bureau of Consumer Information on product safety in the United States.

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Blame U.S. Companies for Bad Chinese Goods [31786] ?

U.S. companies need to monitor overseas factories more closely to prevent product safety lapses

Broker Selection Key to Managing Product Liability Insurance [21742] ?

Advice for product liability insurance broker selection

CE Mark [30251] ?

An explanation of European Union requirements - plus an explanation on its impact on product liability in the US

Checklist - Product Liability for Manufacturers [36755] ?

A series of yes/no questions to evaluate elements of a product liability risk control program for manufacturers

Checklist - Product Recall Planning [36759] ?

To evaluate elements of a product liability risk control program related to product recall planning

Checklist - Product Recall Preparedness [36757] ?

To evaluate elements of a product liability risk control program related to the product recall process

Common Defenses in Product Liability [36756] ?

Defenses in a product liability claim

Complaint Management and Product Liability [pdf] [30245] ?

Reducing product liability exposure through effective response to customer complaints

Consumer Product Safety Laws [35530] ?

Text of the laws such as the Codsumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

Controlling Product Liability Loss [30248] ?

Consider these components in controlling product liability loss exposures

CPSC - Products Not Under CPSC Jurisdiction [17087] ?

Types of products not under CPSC jurisdiction and where to get information on those products

CPSC Product Recall Handbook [36754] ?

For those that manufacture, import, distribute, retail or sell consumer products

CPSC Recall Handbook [pdf] [10094] ?

A Guide for Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Retailers on CPSC Procedures

CPSC Recall Handbook [pdf] [10470] ?

A Guide for Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Retailers on Product Recall Requirements

CPSC Recalled Products by Product Type [17085] ?

Database of recalled products in the USA by product type or by year

CPSC Regulations and Standards [10468] ?

Consumer Product Saftey Commission product safety standards

CPSC Sample General Certification of Conformity [35529] ?

GCC Elements, Sample, Instructions, and Frequently Asked Questions

Defective Products [18511] ?

Legal advice to assist small business and individuals understand their rights

Enhancing Food Defense [31696] ?

Risk-assessment tools for food processors to protect food products from deliberate contamination

FDA Field Management of Recall Operations [16059] ?

Provides guidance to FDA field units in the management of recall operations

FDA Inspection Guides [16064] ?

Guidance documents written to assist FDA personnel in applying FDA's regulations

FDA Investigations Operations Manual [16061] ?

Primary procedure manual for FDA personnel performing inspections and special investigations

FDA Radiation-Emitting Products Guidelines [3817] ?

FDA documents on safety requirements of medical devices

FDA Recall Procedures [pdf] [40420] ?

FDA procedures for a recall

FDA Regulatory Procedures Manual [16057] ?

A reference document for FDA enforcement procedures, practices & policy guidance - recalls, etc

FDA/ORA Compliance Policy Guidance Manual [16058] ?

Contains FDA compliance policy and regulatory action guidance for FDA staff

Food and Products Liability [pdf] [27226] ?

An introduction to products liability law as it relates to food

Food Recall - Sample Plan [pdf] [25420] ?

Guidance on food product recalls

Food Recall Manual [pdf] [40421] ?

To assist food businesses in the United States

Food Recall Resources [40422] ?

From the State of California

Food Recall Response [pdf] [40419] ?

Guidance on how to respond to a food recall

Foreign Products Liability - Wholesalers and Distributors [pdf] [36762] ?

Elements of a product liability risk control program for wholesalers and distributors

Global Recalls [31782] ?

A portal on product recalls for countries around the globe

Gun Industry & Product Liability [15192] ?

Studies, fact sheets, litigation against the gun industry

How to get the most out of Product Recall Insurance [19217] ?

Policyholders should be aware of certain issues both at point of sale and at point of claim

Inside Products Liability [30249] ?

A legal explanation of products liability

Judicial Need to Continue to Reallocate Fault in Product Liability Litigation [31783] ?

Years after products are recalled or safety warnings are issued, those same products continue to injure

Lax Oversight, Globalization Erode Product Safety [31787] ?

Advocates say not enough being done to prevent unsafe products from reaching store shelves in the US

Medical Product Design Risk Control [28969] ?

Risk management for medical devices

Medical Products Liability in Missouri [5256] ?

Overview of significant case law for hospitals as product sellers and general cases

Mergers and Product Liability [pdf] [30247] ?

Hidden loss exposures from mergers and acquisitions

Packaging Law [19386] ?

Articles on US packaging law requirements

Product Liability and Innovation: Managing Risk in an Uncertain Environment [8943] ?

The engineering community's perspectives on the effects of products liability on innovation

Product Liability and Risk Control [22396] ?

Product liability risk management tips

Product Liability Controls [40810] ?

Steps to the beginning of comprehensive product liability protection

Product Liability Insurance - Basics [pdf] [17342] ?

As sold in the United States

Product Liability Management [pdf] [27953] ?

Practices to consider to defend against the damage of lawsuits

Product Liability Risk Reduction [pdf] [35299] ?

How to reduce producty liability risk exposure

Product Liability Sales and Advertising [36758] ?

Evaluate elements of a product liability risk control program related to sales and advertising

Product Liability: Creation of an Adequate Warning [26058] ?

The criteria for an effective product warning are outlined here

Product Liability: The Role of Product Steward [27954] ?

It is the duty of every product steward to do the following

Product Liabilty Case Evaluation [29004] ?

Trial strategy considerations

Product Manual Fundamentals [22087] ?

Some central issues to look for when reviewing a manual

Product Recall Guide [pdf] [30246] ?

Advice on creating a product recall plan

Product Recall Insurance [29173] ?

Why purchase

Product Recall Risk Management [pdf] [29174] ?

Tips for risk managers

Product Recall Risk Management - Food Processors [30250] ?

Advice on creating a product recall plan for food processing industry

Product Recalls and the Insurance That Covers Them [16684] ?

Reasons to purchase product recall insurance

Product Vendors Coverage [36840] ?

How vendors coverage applies

Proving Fault in a Product Liability Case [36753] ?

Elements of a product liability case

Public Citizen: Products Liability [13745] ?

Organization founded by Ralph Nader's web page on product liability

Spoliation of Evidence [17219] ?

What it is

Top 7 Defenses in Product Liability Lawsuits in North Carolina [36761] ?

Many common affirmative defenses for North Carolina product liability claims are outlined

TX-Texas Protection for the Innocent Seller [16547] ?

Addresses the liability of non-manufacturing sellers in products liability lawsuits

Types of Defective Products [31784] ?

Examples of products that can cause safety hazards

Warning Labels [28935] ?

Warning labels are a sign of our lawsuit-plagued times

Warning Labels [pdf] [30244] ?

Reducing product liability exposure related to warnings and precautionary labels

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