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Articles and references related to political risk in countries other than the USA.

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A.M. Best's Country Risk Profiles [15990] ?

Explanation of the country risk analysis process - insurer financial & political risk assessment

Achieving Security in the Global Supply Chain [28715] ?

The ability to keep the Global Supply Chain (GSC) moving efficiently and safely is of paramount importance

Country Risk - AM Best [24644] ?

The risk that country-specific factors could adversely affect an insurer's ability to meet its financial obligations

Country Risk Management [25696] ?

US Treasury's OCC model used to conduct a country risk analysis

Country Risk Ratings [24643] ?

Country profiles for political and economic risks

Defining Political Risk [24419] ?

Risk management and political risk

Expatriates - Managing Security Risks [24645] ?

Security risks for travelers and expatriates

Export-Import Bank of the United States [17646] ?

Assume credit and country risks that the private sector is unable or unwilling to accept

How to Bungle Political Risks [29063] ?

Most senior executives consider overseas perils a low priority

Investment Guarantees and Political Risk Insurance [pdf] [727] ?

Institutions, Incentives and Development

K&R Insurance [40694] ?

An overview of the state of kidnap and ransom insurance

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance - 2014 [40588] ?

Latin America, Africa and the Middle East continue to present incidents with no signs of abating

Political Kidnapping Facts [24646] ?

Fact sheet about the riskiest countries, the number of kidnappings reported and more

Political Risk - Countering the Impact to Your Business [17644] ?

Business decision-makers must understand the political dynamics within the countries in which they operate

Political Risk Insurance [24941] ?

Companies stripped of terrorism protection by property insurers might have another place to go for coverage

The Impact of Terrorism on Foreign Direct Investment [28716] ?

A survey of the literature on the effect of terrorism on FDI

What To Do If You Become a Hostage [24642] ?

The following guidelines should be followed

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