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Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and construction wrap up risk management materials. Sample forms and programs. Basic benefits of OCIPs and wrap-ups. Full text of an OCIP manual in use by a state agency.

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Assure That Wrap-up Program Limits Are Adequate [27361] ?

Sponsors of wrap-up programs need to be cognizant of these issues when planning their programs

Construction Wrap-Ups - Basic Information [pdf] [19529] ?

Explains the advantages of OCIP programs

Contractor Controlled Insurance Program [27020] ?

The basics of contractor controlled programs

Contractor's Guide to OCIP [28760] ?

Provides guidance for contractors on what to look for and how to handle OCIPs

Guide to FHWA Funded Wrap-Up Projects [pdf] [25170] ?

OCIP manual for the US Federal Highway Administration

OCIP Forms [19519] ?

OCIP/Wrap-up forms

OCIP Overview [20508] ?

Wrap-up programs provide some unique advantages

OCIPs - Contractors [25370] ?

What contractors should consider when involved in Owner Controlled Insurance Programs

OCIPs and CCIPs [28758] ?

Discussion of wrap-up insurance

OCIPs: Managed Contractor's Insurance Programs [19053] ?

Guidance for contractors preparing to work under Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs)

Owner Controlled Insurance Program - Transportation [pdf] [25369] ?

A synthesis of highway practice from the Transportation Research Board

Owner Controlled Insurance Program Root Folder [25171] ?

Manual and forms in use by Los Angeles schools

Owner Controlled Insurance Programs - Understanding the Basics [pdf] [19536] ?

Advantages, disadvantages, risks of OCIP

Owner Controlled Wrap-Up Insurance Program Manual [pdf] [25166] ?

Example of an OCWIP manual in use by an airport authority

Pitfalls in an OCIP [19542] ?

Highlights shortcomings experienced by subcontractors

Rolling Wrap-Up Programs [27353] ?

With the popularity for rolling programs come misnomers, innuendos, and general misinformation

Sample Owner Controlled Insurance Program [pdf] [25368] ?

Sample of an OCIP insurance manual used by a school district

School District OCIP Program Manuals [28761] ?

Example of a school district's insurance program manual, safety program manual, etc for construction projects

State Transportation Department OCIP Manual [pdf] [26059] ?

Text of the manual

University OCIP Manual [19522] ?

In use by a major US university

What is a Wrap-Up? [30098] ?

Basic benefits of a wrap-up

Wrap-Up FAQ [30124] ?

Answers to favorite questions related to wrap-ups

Wrap-Ups - Critical Mass and the Savings Impact [15984] ?

Understanding the financial impact of critical mass

Wrap-Ups and Agent E&O Exposures [40102] ?

Insight into some of the issues to consider when dealing with a wrap-up

Wrap-Ups and the Balance Sheet Effect [27019] ?

Wrap-ups can be looked at as one big balance sheet

Wrap-Ups and the Issue of Collateral [31682] ?

Answers to typical questions posed by insureds relating to this subject

Wrap-Ups and the Issue of Critical Mass [14607] ?

How to determine when to consider a wrap-up

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