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Working papers & case studies related to risk management & insurance. Benchmarking in the risk management process. Risk management principles and strategies. Reengineering. Catastrophe exposures.

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FREE ICM Resource by: Libraries and Directories, Inc. Plant Closings and Workers Compensation Action Plan [35364] ?

Brief overview of recommended steps to be considered prior, during and after a plant closing

FREE ICM Resource by Libraries and Directories, Inc. Home

101 Rules of Risk Management [19558] ?

Tips for risk managers

12 Common Mistakes Risk Managers Make [19559] ?

Examines common mistakes made by risk managers and ways to avoid them

Updated A Primer on Health Risk Communication Principles and Practices [3088] ?

Outlines the principles and practices to be followed when communicating health risks

Accident Precursor Analysis and Management [26707] ?

A cross-industry perspective to the use of prior indicators or signals to improve safety

Updated An Evaluation Primer on Health Risk Communication Programs and Outcomes [3010] ?

Primer for the principles and techniques of evaluating and communicating health risks

An Increase in Background Risk and Demand for Loss Reduction [22102] ?

Research about the impact of an increase in background risk to those with two decision variables

An Insurance Broker's Value [27017] ?

Beyond pricing, risk managers need to focus on materiality of risk impact and the key types of risk

Audit - Historic Insurance Audit [15980] ?

Investigating internal and external sources

Basics: Risk Management [pdf] [38742] ?

An introduction to risk management for business executives

Updated Business Insurance Risk Management News [4871] ?

Cyber risks, disaster management, reinsurance, etc

CA-California Insurance Broker-Agent Fees [pdf] [30021] ?

When insurance brokers and agents can charge fees in the State of California

Cost of Risk - Tracking [36836] ?

Understanding how to track the cost of risk

Cost of Risk Premium Allocation [21953] ?

Example of how one state determines the cost of risk and allocates the insurance premium

Council on Litigationl Management - Insurance Industry Legal [27012] ?

A nonpartisan alliance of corporations, insurance companies, law firms and service providers

Dealing with the Media During a Crisis [18334] ?

What to do and say

Determining the Optimal Combination of Risk Retention and Risk Transfer [30159] ?

Provides a financial metric for comparing any combination of retention and transfer

Due diligence Risk Evaluation for Mergers and Acquisitions [pdf] [27976] ?

Covers property, casualy, workers compensation, benefits and pension

Effective Leadership Throughout the Claims Process [21974] ?

Complex Claims Require Complex Planning

Effective Project Management [34022] ?

How to be an effective project manager

Embedding Risk Management [24415] ?

What does “embedding” really mean, how do you do it, and does it work?

Hidden Risks of Outsourcing [40937] ?

Understand the vulnerabilities and risks of outsourcing

How to Successfully Survive a Deposition [24616] ?

The following guidelines are intended to assist you in more effectively rendering deposition testimony

How to Write Instructions [34023] ?

Steps to ensure you have included all the necessary information

Innovating in the Face of Internal Control Regulations [24956] ?

Ways for risk managers to uncover the hidden flexibility in official documents

Insurance Archaeology [13457] ?

The need to reconstruct past insurance coverage

Integrated Risk Management [30119] ?

Describes the core drivers of losses and the basic shortfalls of traditional safety management

Management of Risk and Uncertainty [30136] ?

Getting new procedures, policies, and tools implemented without direct authority is a main problem

Managing the Risk Manager [29065] ?

Many risk managers fail to have their brokers disclose contingency-fee arrangements with insurers

Mergers & Acquisitions: Insurance Archaeology [17224] ?

Due Diligence Before and After Closing

Operational Risk Management Manual [pdf] [26818] ?

Organizes information about the possibility for one or more unwanted outcomes into a broad, orderly structure

Opportunity Management [pdf] [40173] ?

A critical evaluation of OM

Practical Word Choices for Risk Managers [30117] ?

Research shows the importance of stressing

Project Risk Management [pdf] [40172] ?

Focused on core project risk management knowledge areas

Project Risk Management [28477] ?

A summary of the most effective risk management practices used in project risk management in the public/private sectors

Quantitative Scoring System [34021] ?

How to make a decision using a quantitative scoring system

Reining in Outsourcing Risk [26374] ?

What companies can do to control risks from exporting business processes

Risk and Diversification: Different Types of Risk [24634] ?

A brief discussion of the various types of financial risk

Risk and Insurance Requirements in Contracts [22956] ?

A risk assessment tool, insurance contract language, etc

Risk Assessment Process [19022] ?

To maximize audit efforts

Risk Communication Primer [35582] ?

A guide for conveying controversial environmental, health and safety information to a concerned audience

Risk Glossary [25611] ?

An online glossary of Risk Management Terms

Risk Management - Sample Position Description [20768] ?

Outlines the responsibilities of a chief risk officer and more

Risk Management Guide for DoD Acquisition [pdf] [40171] ?

A comprehensive introductory document on project risk management

Risk Management Manual [pdf] [20492] ?

And guidelines

Risk Management Plan Development [34020] ?

How to develop and risk management plan

Risk Management Reporting Structure [27357] ?

Comments from risk managers as to whom they should report to

Risk Management Tactics, Techniques & Procedures [19024] ?

Manual used by the US military for risk management planning procedures

Risk Manager Core Competency Model [pdf] [34573] ?

Core competency skills, technical skills and conceptual skills

Risk Mangement vs Internal Control [26583] ?

There are big differences in emphasis, with many practical implications

Risk-Based Internal Audit Policy Instruments [5633] ?

Internal audit policy, directives, guidelines and standards used by the Treasury Board of Canada

Sample Risk Management Position Descriptions [34572] ?

Sample job descriptions related to risk management and risk control

Systems Engineering Fundamentals [pdf] [40175] ?

An introduction to systems engineering management

Test Your Risk IQ [21746] ?

10 question quiz related to business risk

The Cost of Accidents [31150] ?

How to cost accidents

The Essentials of Good Management [19560] ?

Management tips for risk managers

Understanding Insurance Coverages [pdf] [31153] ?

A chart of property and casualy insurance coverages

Understanding Insurance Terms [31152] ?

What different business insurance terms mean

Volume I: Risk Management Administration [9431] ?

Full text of the risk management program guidelines for state agencies in Texas - plus checklists

What are Special Perils? [28732] ?

In property insurance

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