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Miscellaneous liability-related information, such as, managing hired contractors. Fiduciary liability. Liability of a predecessor company. Umbrella vs excess liability. White papers on liability issues. Police Liability Assessment Guide. Liability insurance and benefit plans.

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Advertising Injury Liability [20954] ?

Insurance coverage under advertising injury provisions of the Commercial General Liability policy

Aircraft & Pilot Standards [pdf] [15782] ?

A policy manual in use by state agencies in Oregon

CA-California Hazardous Recreational Activities [11476] ?

California code 831.7 - immunity for hazardous recreational activities

Camp Management Liability [pdf] [14986] ?

Evolving risks

Care, Custody & Control in Portable Self-Storage Warehouses [12915] ?

Legal considerations for the portable self-storage, storage-to-go, pickup & delivery services

Care, Custody and Control in the CGL Policy [pdf] [24953] ?

What is meant by care, custody, or control?

CGL Care, Custody & Control [pdf] [22323] ?

Meaning of Care, Custody or Control in insurance

CGL Coverage of Faulty Work [pdf] [27847] ?

Faulty work can be covered by the CGL policy

CGL Informative Articles [25697] ?

A series of articles related to Commercial General Liability insurance policies

CGL Limits [pdf] [26592] ?

How the limits of liability apply in the commercial general liability policy

CGL: Care, Custody & Control [12916] ?

Suggests ways to protect against care, custody and control loss exposure without using a commercial general liability co

Claims-Made Policies [pdf] [26846] ?

The in's and out's of claims-made policies

Claims-Made Policies: The Basics [35273] ?

A comparison of claims-made and reported form

Commercial Liability Insurance - Key Issues [pdf] [16542] ?

What insurers can do to keep liability risk insurable

Commercial Umbrellas [14627] ?

What you need to understand

Commercial Umbrellas [4064] ?

The loss situations presented here can be compared with the umbrella(s) you use

Contractor's Professional Liability and the CGL [31680] ?

To understand why you need professional liability insurance, you really need to understand what your CGL does not cover

Contractual Liability and the CGL Policy [pdf] [21955] ?

Contractual liability is a very important concept in the world of risk management and insurance

Covered Locations & CGL [pdf] [27021] ?

An unendorsed commercial general liability policy is neither location nor state specific

Discontinued Operations [22315] ?

Article about the often misunderstood exposure of discontinued operations

Dog Bite Law [2069] ?

Procedures followed in dog bite claims, information about preventing and dealing with dog bites

Duty To Defend in the CGL Policy [pdf] [21956] ?

Duty To Defend - CGL Requirements

Employment-Related Claims under the CGL Policy [17942] ?

How to Deal with the Denial of Coverage

Event Risk Management [37292] ?

Some hazards to consider when insuring events

Excess vs Umbrella Limits [17221] ?

Recently these once sharp distinctions have become blurred

Fire Legal & the CGL [pdf] [27339] ?

As buried within the commercial general liability (CGL) policy

Insurance & the Liability System [21769] ?

Covers key insurance liability topics such as asbestos, nursing home liability and more

Is the Occurrence Bodily Injury or Property Damage? [pdf] [26593] ?

As related to excess liability insurance

ISO CGL Classifications [pdf] [24951] ?

The ISO Classification System and the CGL Policy

Known Injury or Damage [pdf] [24952] ?

Does coverage cease for all subsequent CGL policies once the policyholder learns of the continuing injury or damage?

Managing Law Enforcement Liability Risk [8212] ?

How to avoid the majority of police liability claims

Managing Risks: Liability for the Criminal Acts of Others [40503] ?

Negligence if the criminal act was forseeable

Materials for Dam Owners [22031] ?

Technical manuals and guidelines on dam safety

Montrose Endorsements [12917] ?

Examines the background, coverage changes and implications of the Montrose decision

Personal Umbrella Insurance 101 [39828] ?

Understanding personal umbrella insurance

Products-Completed Operations and the Pollution Exclusion [pdf] [24950] ?

In most instances, the standard ISO CGL Absolute Pollution Exclusion does not eliminate coverage for BI or PD

Rating Casualty Business [pdf] [17340] ?

An example of a casualty underwriting review process

Representations and Warranties Insurance [pdf] [26765] ?

How this insurance can be used to consumate mergers and acquisitions

Scaring up Haunted House Insurance [9185] ?

Advice to organizations sponsoring haunted houses at Halloween

Site Pollution Liability Insurance [pdf] [31369] ?

Understanding Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) insurance

The Contractual Liability Exclusion [31679] ?

It is possible for the exclusion to apply to other types of contracts or agreements than hold harmless and indemnity

The Economics of Liability Losses [pdf] [16546] ?

Insuring a moving target

Umbrella/Excess Coverage Tips [pdf] [40194] ?

Tips on commercial umbrella insurance

Volume IV: Liability Exposures [9430] ?

Full text of a liability risk management program for state agencies in Texas - plus checklists

Volunteer Risk Management [17038] ?

Risk management as it relates to volunteers

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Management of nonprofits, risk management, insurance, issues

Human Resources / Volunteers
Articles, sample policies and agreements related to volunteer management

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Case developments, articles, resources related to corporate law

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Trends, state laws related to punitive damages and insurability, etc.

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Case developments, articles, resources related to real estate law

Risk Mgt / Cyberliability
Insurance coverage issues for internet liability

Risk Mgt / D-O Insurance
Directors & Officers coverage and loss prevention

Risk Mgt / ErrorsOmissions
Professional liability insurance - errors & omissions for professionals

Risk Mgt / Product Liability
Product assurance manual, consumer product safety, etc.

Risk Mgt / Public Liability
Public visitor liability, dog bites, premises security liability

Safety / Slips and Falls
Technical safety materials on falls from walking and working surfaces

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