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News and applications of technology for insurance agencies, brokers and insurers. Claims data standards. PRDP: Public Risk Database Project. Insurance data management.

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ACORD Standards [17037] ?

AL3, Forms, Life and XML standards for the insurance industry

ACORD Weekly Newsletter [4868] ?

News about standards and technology in the insurance, reinsurance industries

ACT: Agents Council for Technology [26795] ?

Group that promotes agency automation

Calculating Aggregate Loss Distributions [pdf] [6315] ?

This paper presents an algorithm for computing aggregate loss distributions

Evaluating ASPs [pdf] [26800] ?

Checklist of what to look for in an Application Service Provider

Insurance & Technology [2284] ?

Monthly magazine focused on information technology for the insurance industry

Insurance Agency Cost Savings Evaluator [xls] [29355] ?

Determine the cost savings your agency can accrue if you implement real-time inquiries/ transactions or commercial lines

Insurance Industry Automation Capabilities Center [26796] ?

Information about insurance agency automation

Insurance Networking [733] ?

Headline news bulletins on insurance technology

NAIC Uniform Data Standards [20628] ?

Creates a common reporting standard for Receivers and Funds

Secure Your E-Mail and IM Communications [20103] ?

Securing email and instant messages

Very Large Calculation Systems for Advanced Knowledge Workers [pdf] [37217] ?

Use this design to give actuaries high power, localized control, and optimal efficiency

Workers Compensation Data Specifications Manual [20460] ?

WCIO standards for electronic transmission of information between insurers & rating/advisory organizations

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State EDI requirements

Disasters / Computers
Computer disaster recovery plan

Legal / E-Privacy
Sample internet privacy policies and statements, COPPA requirements

Legal / Internet Law
Case developments, articles, resources related to internet technology

Risk Mgt / Cyberliability
Insurance coverage issues for internet liability

Risk Mgt / RMIS
Information on risk management information systems (RMIS)

Safety Mgt / Injury Codes
Sample injury code tables and related information

Security / Computer Crime
Computer security, cyberterrorism, etc.

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