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Insurance for equipment breakdown. Issues, strategies and solutions related to six major power issues.

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Equipment Breakdown Insurance - Basics [pdf] [36062] ?

Covers the damage that stems from an insured equipment failure

How Surge Protectors Work [24688] ?

Understanding how power surge protection work

Inland Marine Insurance Basics [22489] ?

The following coverages represent a wide range of the types of coverages typically called inland marine

Is Computer Data Tangible Property [20104] ?

Article traces the evolution of court decisions dealing with this subject

NC-North Carolina Communication Tower Standards [pdf] [26282] ?

The text of rules for safe work practices when working on communication towers

Property Insurance Claims for Damage to Computer Systems [28680] ?

Having the right coverage is not enough if you don't handle the claim properly

Protecting Business Computer Systems [pdf] [36061] ?

Protective measures for hardware, software and data

Protecting Your Business Computer Systems [pdf] [23849] ?

Steps to prevent an insurance loss

Protecting Yourself from Equipment Theft [pdf] [28679] ?

A theft prevention document

Protection for Precious Goods [22497] ?

10 Tips For Proper Appraisals

Tangibility of Computer Data [24690] ?

The question of computer data as tangible or intangible property under insurance law

Tower Manual [pdf] [25470] ?

Manual on management of permanent elevated structures over 20 feet in height

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Computer disaster recovery plan

Disasters / Power Outages
Safety tips for a blackout

Security / Computer Crime
Computer security, cyberterrorism, etc.

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