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Daily headlines and weekly news articles of interest to insurance and risk management professionals.

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Best Week [4268] ?

A weekly newsletter for the insurance industry

Business Insurance News [7351] ?

Focusing on risk management and insurance news and issues

European Risk Management News [17882] ?

Dedicated global coverage of risk management in the EU

Insurance News & Views [30220] ?

News for independent insurance agents

Legislative / Regulatory Developments Affecting the Self-Insurance Industry [2874] ?

The latest legislative/regulatory news impacting self-insureds

NAIC News [13632] ?

News releases from NAIC

P&C Insurance Industry Markets [34115] ?

News and analysis related to P&C insurance

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America News Releases [17263] ?

Position statements and news on state and federal laws affecting the insurance industry

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Disasters / Alerts
National Weather Service warnings, seismic events and more

Health / Headline News
Daily updates about the health industry and medicine

Organizations / Insurance
Over 30 associations, non-profits, etc. related to the insurance profession.

Organizations / Risk Management
Associations, non-profits, institutes associated with risk management profession

Publications / Insurance
Periodicals and publications related to property and casualty insurance

Publications / Risk Management
Periodicals and publications for risk managers

Risk Mgt / Company Communications
Press releases, investor relations, financials from insurers and reinsurers

Safety Mgt / Headline News
Headline news related to workplace safety regulatory issues

Workers Comp / Publications
Periodicals and publications on workers compensation insurance

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